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    iSCSI and LAGG

    My understanding of Link Aggregation is not that 4 NICs in a LAGG = 4 x the bandwidth. A single connection cannot use it all at once. However 4 connections can all achive max throughput of a single NIC. How does this work with iSCSI? I'm assuming it doesnt take advantage of the LAGG.
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    While doing a routing lab for CCNA...

    I stumbled onto something that has me scratching my head. I actually made a mistake in the lab but it still worked. SCENARIO: VLAN40 pc pings vlan 100 interface on switch and recieves reply. Notice the switch is configured with as its gw...
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    Barracuda RBL blocking all emails this morning?

    Anyone having some issues with their spam filter utilizing Barracuda's RBL? Came into the office today with some reports of email of email being blocked. Checked the logs and I was getting this for every email (not just the one pasted here): Jul 30 07:51:52 pfsense postfix/smtpd[97565]...
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    CCNA Review Material

    Hi guys. I'm looking for something thats "to the point" sort to speak. I graduated from college a few years ago and had I taken ccna right after I could have probably aced it. There were two courses directly related to (back then) CCENT 1 and 2. However its been a few years now and I sure I've...
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    pfsense tutorial mega thread!

    I'm a huge supporter of the pfsense project. I will be putting together how-to's on the various functions that pfsense has to offer. I'd also like some feedback on which how-to's you'd like to see next. Also if you would like to put some tutorials together and have them linked here let me...
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    Document Management Plugin for Wordpress

    There seems to be 100's. Anyone use one that they can suggest? Needs: Would like for it to be accessed viz the user console Limiting visability of documents to specifics users/groups Permissions to edit/upload/delete/etc to specific groups Revision history Thanks
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    How are you tracking licensing

    ....for all your various software? And operating systems for that matter too. When a license is purchased, how are you tracking where its kept and currently being used, etc...?
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    Study question...

    TL;DR: WTF are pins 4,5 and 7,8 used for? Which is TX and which is RX? So I'm working towards CCNA. Just started a study book and the first few chapters are pretty basic review stuff from college. Anyway its said pins 1,2 on your PC (and routers, etc... for that matter) is for...
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    Blacklist... lists

    Those of you using pfsense are probably familar with pfblocker and its ability to retrieve and keep up to date versions of text files with CIDR's to block. Lots of people probably use the lists over at What I'm looking to know is if these blacklists produce...
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    Disk space problem Windows is reporting that I'm out of space on one of my Server 2008 R2 machines. However WinDirStat is saying I'm only using less than 10% of the drive (25GB). Manual check of folder shows even less usage. Hidden files are shown so I'm not missing anything. wtf...
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    Email admin ethics

    We have a project manager who has for some time claimed he hasnt gotten specific emails. Important emails that contain information about current projects and such. This has happened on multiple occasions. The other internal employee confirms he was in his sent items with the PM copied. Still...
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    Completely forgot...

    Reading up in the news section someone mentioned folding. Then I remembered I installed F@H on some servers down in the DC a year and a half ago for some stress tests for some labs. I forgot all about them. I've been chugging out a quarter million points per month for quite a long time. I...
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    SIP Protocol Question

    As I mentioned in the past I work in the phone call recording business for call centers, trading floors, public safety, etc... One thing we can do is also record the PC screen while on a call. Without getting too detailed into how that actually works the screen recording session starts and...
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    How to handle updates on workstations

    We're a small shop. But even being small I don't have time to run around to everyones PC's every time their Adobe Reader, QuickBooks, or whatever other piece of software they're using needs updating. How do you guys handle it?
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    Crysis 1 - so easy to forget this game was made in 2007

    My quick run through the first level with graphics and AI mods Screens:
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    Always on VPN

    ....that isnt OpenVPN? What do you guys have for recommendations?
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    Anti spam

    We're getting slammed with spam with attachments that contain variants of the Cryptolocker. Somebody somewhere must have clicked something in an email and now its a constant onslaught. Users have been briefed not to open these attachments, but at this point we need it to stop. Cant have...
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    DHCP/DNS question

    I have a domain controller that is also handing out DHCP addresses. I'm finding that non-domain joined devices... pc's, tablets, printers, etc... are not showing in DNS. Its been quite some time since I've configured DHCP, but I swore I remember an option to automatically create a DNS record...
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    Smallest case that will fit full size video card Buddy of mine has that. Looking for something comparable in size or even smaller. I have a GTX770 which is measuring at 10.5 inches. Any recommendations?
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    Two pfsense on same switch limited to ISP transfer speed.

    So I have a gigabit switch with 3 ports in the same VLAN. Port 1 goes back to the Verizon ONT. Ports 2 and 3 goto pfsenses' WANs. Each WAN assigned a static IP from the ISP. When I transfer data through the pfsenses I'm not getting gigabit speed as I'd expect. This is pretty odd.
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    MSI GTX770 + Assassins Creed + Splinter Cell + Batman + shipping - $298 MSI GTX770 Assassins Creed Black Flag Splinter Cell Black List Batman Arkham Origins Just purchased. I was wondering if I should wait for black friday, but this is a pretty damn good deal. Checked Amazon, they dont...
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    Password policy

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted. Can you guys share your password policies? Age/complexity requirements? Different settings for different departments/groups, especially those departments/groups that handle sensitive customer and employee information? Thanks!
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    Passwords expiring in the middle of the day

    For some reason our users' passwords have been expiring i the middle of the day which causes widespread "panic". I will concede it is annoying when some of our apps that require LDAP no longer allows a user to authenticate. So how can i get the passwords to expire overnight so that a...
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    Cisco SMB Gig switch, no connectivity when connected to ONT

    ONT-----> SWITCH ----> Router (and other devices not in the scope of this thread) Connect the router to the ONT - connectivity Connect ONT to switch - no connectivity Connect Router to switch - connectivity Connect ONT to other Cisco SMB switch below it (voice vlan) - connectivity What...
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    New video gameplay project What do you guys think of my next type of game play video? Dual perspective game play! Switching back and forth to where the action is and going dual screen in some parts. This was more difficult to pull off...
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    Extremely low write speed on an onboard Intel controller Thats the board. I have two of these. First one is running 2 drives in RAID1 mirror. Good speed. 150MB/sec R/W approximately. Second one is a RAID5 strip. Read speeds are also around 150MB/sec, however the write speed is...
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    Exchange 2010 Message Tracking

    What happened to the message tracker with 2010? In 2007 I used to be able to enter a To and From address, a time frame and hit search. It would being up the message with all the details about it. No such luck with 2010. I just installed a spam filter on the firewall but some spam is still...
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    exchange spam filter

    Our secretary today told me that the Verizon rep she's been talking to for weeks has suddenly been getting bounce backs from our exchange server. In the bounceback it mentions the spam filter. This only happens when he sends email from his iphone to our secretary. It doesn't happen when he...
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    Exchange Dropping attachments........ ?

    So I have a 3rd party apps that sends reports using our exchange server. For some reason the reports only get attached maybe 60% of the time. I put in a ticket with the vendor and they're telling me that I need to adjust settings on Exchange, but of course cant tell me which. I'm highly...
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    FITES 200 August 23rd-25th

    Hey guys. My buddies over at FITES in Central PA is putting on a much requested Summer LAN. Typically they only do an annual event in Feb. However over the past couple of years they have gotten requests to hold a 2nd event in the summer. This year its happening. This LAN is sponsored by...
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    LDAP Users

    I have a couple Web Apps out there that use LDAP to authenticate. They all require a user a user for access to active directory. I'm just wondering what the best practices are for that user? Whats the bare minimum as far as rights that I can give to this user?
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    OWA Users and password changes

    I have two remote users that are contracted by a customer. They strictly use the owa or their mobile devices to acces email and NEVER log into one of our own domain pcs, thus they never get a prompt to change their passwords. I'm certainly not going to set their passwords to never expire. Do...
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    Program to monitor network traffic

    Looking for a program to report to me in real time network bandwidth based off of port and IP address. Ideally in a small desktop app type package. Any suggestions? thanks.
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    Exchange 2010 - bounce backs on some internal messages

    Some people are getting similar bounce back messages when emailing some people in our organization. I get one whenever I email the person below. However other people can email them fine. Any idears? 'Jon Smith'...
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    Netflix to move to HTML5 Good news for some. I'd like to see a good Linux/XBMC setup. However, XBMC has crappy TV Tuner integration which means I'm stuck with WMC. WMC uses Silverlight to stream Netflix...
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    Poor quality over HDMI

    Using VGA my picture looks excellent. Just like every other monitor. But when I use HDMI the picture is terrible. It looks like the color depth is much lower and theres this white outline around all text. The guy in this thread pretty much sums it up...
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    Trouble demoting domain controller

    Installed a new DC, joined it to the domain. Promoted it to DC and made it a GC and transferred the FSMO roles to it. Trying to demote the old DC but I get a prompt that no other domain controllers can be contacted. The new DC is in AD under the DC OU. Its DC Type is GC. Old DC and...
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    Demoting an Exchange Server

    Lets say... strictly for lab/testing purposes I were to install a 2nd Exchange Server (2007) into my organization. Can I simply uninstall the first one and the 2nd one will just take over? Obviously assuming I configure after installation in the same way the first one is setup? Is the process...
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    Problems converting machines using MS VMM

    I'm migrating away from our over utlized ESXi server and trying to migrate over to Server 2012 with Hyper-V. Having some issues converting those VM's on the ESXi host. I can convert VM's from a vmware server but first, you cant add an ESXi host to manage directly. You have to add a vcenter...
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    MIME types IIS

    So I'm setting up an http redirect for some game server using my IIS web server. Specifically for UT3 there are .upk, and .ut3 files that will be downloaded by the client. I added: .* .UT3, and .UPK as mime types on the site. Though I still get 404's when i enter the address. The...