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    New Problem

    The question you should be asking yourself is: "Where in my code is the data source associated with the page control(s)". Find that, and work back from there.
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    Why is 'BusyIndicator' not found?

    That space is added by the message board engine to keep long strings of text from breaking the frame formatting.
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    IIS Virtual Directory Follow directions for creating the identity.aspx file to see what identity is running under.
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    Help with some vbs script

    Looks like you have 2 IFs and 3 End Ifs.
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    Web Graphics

    That's a hand.
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    Excel- many sheets one summary auto

    You could probably do this with some VBA. I don't know about its ability to respond to events like pasting in a sheet, but you can definitely write code that works with the sheet collection.
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    Im having hard time to figure out sorting files by name and date

    Have you tried changing "SORT_DESC" to "SORT_ASC"?
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    JavaScript Concatenating getElementsByName() Calls Together

    Ok a couple of things: first, .getElementsByName() returns an array, so referring to the array's reference doesn't get you what you want. Second, I don't think that function can be applied to search children, and you don't really need it to, since it looks through the whole document...
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    regex help

    NextPage=.{1,}" will capture it, but you'll have to trim the ending quote, and the "NextPage" text. I think it's possible to make the quote not capture, but I don't remember how :confused: Or like ptnl said you could do something like...
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    Need Suggestions for a Data Structure or Style to Store my Data

    Where are you storing the user's search(database? cookie? wax blocks? :P)? How would you use a stored search to rebuild the screen state? How are you pulling search preferences from the screen to build the query?
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    SQL database question - Primary keying with an 'id' column

    You don't say what database you're using, but in SQL-Server, I would use scope identity:
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    Batch Script

    Disclaimer: I'm not a batch expert. But you might try replacing your *.jpg with something like 'dir *.jpg /b /od /s' which should give you a big list of files to for-in.
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    shot in the dark. tilde delimited database.

    I've done similar things with SQL-Server and SSIS. Import the two data sets into tables, export your desired results via a join back out to the original file format.
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    sql programming

    You probably want to take a step back and learn the basics of relational databases and data modeling first. Look into Entity Relationships, Cardinality, and Normalization. For the syntax of SQL, is a good place to start.
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    Physical Port Blockers

    This should work for VGA: and for rj45 I imagine you could just pop in one of these:
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    Building & Expanding Portfolio

    You might also build your own site, and have separate pages to demonstrate various design techniques that you can do.
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    Physical Port Blockers

    A place to start for usb maybe:
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    Virtual Cisco routers? - not dynamips
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    Oracle: Incrementing/Decrementing field

    If your site is in, you might look into the session/application objects:
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    First dip into a home server/firewall.

    Atom boards with dual intel nics built-in cost double what this board costs, and you can pick up a dually pro-100 intel nic on ebay for less than $20. Also, yeoldestonecat mentioned awhile back that he was thinking about waiting for these D525 boards to come out for his home untangle build...
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    First dip into a home server/firewall.

    well, 2. But from what I've read, realtek nics suck for untangle routers, which is what that board has on-board.
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    First dip into a home server/firewall.

    Hey I was wondering what some of our resident untangle experts think of this board: and adding a dual-port 10/100 pci intel server nic?
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    PowerShell - how to create list of files in directory

    I don't know about powershell but this might help: dir c:\windows\*.log /b > c:test.txt
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    CCNA - Changing at all and is this equiptment still relevant

    I've been doing quite a bit of research on this as well, and this site has lots of good info: Also, if you are interested in emulating the routers instead of buying them: My current plan is to snag a couple of...
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    I know nothing about XML but think this is any easy newb question, free JC2 available

    It would be hard to give you any advice without seeing the xml. Start here for a background in xml:
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    Cisco routers for home production use?

    How about the 3508G-XL?
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    Cisco routers for home production use?

    I was wondering something similar, except with gigabit switches. Are there any oldish(and somewhat affordable) gigabit switches that could both serve as a piece of a CCNA lab and the core of a gigabit home network? I don't come from a networking background, so sometime soon I'm going to...
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    Structure for an app

    Aren't you just talking about n-tier design? Your data class(es) would be designed per data store and pass store-agnostic returns back to the business logic layer. Or am I misunderstanding your question?
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    Is there a better way I can setup my network?

    The thread starter lives in an apartment, so I think it's safe to assume that there will be several other wireless networks operating in the area, as well as who knows how many cordless phones and poorly shielded microwaves.
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    MS Access Query Question

    You could try something like this: select role from test1 where name = 'A' and role not in (select role from test1 where name = 'B') select role from test1 where name = 'B' and role not in (select role from test1 where name = 'A')
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    Excel brain teaser for this morning

    Ok this will do it without vba: edit- on sheet5: Output column: (B2 refers to the current cell here, this was copied out of cell B2)...
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    Excel brain teaser for this morning

    Are you filling that forumula down the target column with incrementing row indexes? Anyway, I would probably take a different approach and use VBA to loop the source columns to copy data until it reaches the end of the data.
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    Any idea how to code a list of credits or table of contents?

    This is what I was thinking as well, but: Variable character width will give you some headaches with trying to line everything up. like: iiiiiiiiii.......... DDDDDDDDDD.......... 10 letters and 10 periods on each line.
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    Closet Datacenter Project

    Where did you get the vertical metal pieces that the units screw into?
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    Is this a bad practice?

    I don't see that you're selecting enough in the SQL you posted in the first post to be able to do anything but do a count, since you're only selecting forum_id. Plus you can accomplish the count with one query across all forums with something like this: SELECT forum_id, count(forum_id) as...
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    Is this a bad practice?

    Have you considered using select count?
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    Form Validation

    I don't develop in php, but I would assume that you can use the same model as I would in .net: Validate client-side with javascript Validate server-side with php Have punch and pie