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    Tablet or hybrid just to run windows Media Center

    Okay so I finally setup an HDHomeRun Prime and it is working flawlessly. The problem is that my cable company (Cox) basically has every channel as "copy once" which means that I have to use Windows Media Center to view all my channels. This is fine for my main PC and my HTPC. The issue is my...
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    RAID5 array rebuild help and R-studio help

    Okay, so my RAID5 array went out last night. Woke up this morning to this and went to check everything. No power failures, no SMART errors and drives in the array seem to be fine. No new data written to the disks at all. This is all mostly non-important data, but it is about 7TB of data so I...
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    Areca RAID headaches

    Okay, so I have an Areca 1882IX-16. I have a RAID5 array with 4x 3TB Seagate ST3000DM001 drives. This array has been running perfectly without any issues. I purchased 4x 3TB WD Red drives. Popped those drives in setup another RAID5 array and was off. Then about 5 minutes into this, the...
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    Areca "failed" drive help

    Okay so I have two arrays. One is a 5 drive RAID5 array with 2TB hard drives. One of the drives is "failed". The array is operating just fine, but for some reason I cannot get the array to rebuild. Same thing with the second array, but it is a 4 drive RAID5 array with 3TB hard drives. One...
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    Can't bitstream from 6850....HELP

    Installed catalyst 11.7 drivers, went to setup the audio and it only shows that 2 channel audio is available. WTF????? Read around a bit, tried to install realtek drivers without any help, reinstalling catalyst drivers now and we will see if this crap works. Frustrated. Running Win7-32bit...
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    Darksiders any good?

    Got a free steam key when I bought my 1090T. Should I get rid of it via ebay or actually play the game? I know I can't sell it here or I would.
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    which card for 2560x1600 gaming

    Looking mainly at 6970, 580 or 6870 CF setup. Opinions?
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    Any dummy's guide to windows and mac server setup?

    Okay, so I have been meaning to do this for a very long time and finally since I am getting a new Macbook Air I am going to jump into it. My wife has an old style macbook, I will soon have a macbook air. I have three main computers (all PC and running windows 7) at my home. One main computer...
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    Question about client bridge or repeater bridge router

    Okay, so currently I have a Linksys WRT54Gv2 with the latest dd-wrt installed. Looking to get a new wireless N router and use my Linksys in client bridged or repeater bridged mode. My question is this: should I stick with a linksys router or can I go with another brand and still be just fine...
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    RAID disaster, need help?!!!!!

    I have a Perc 5i running RAID5 with 4 Hitachi 1TB HD's. I was doing a clean install of Windows 7 and the install hung in the middle of setup. So I restarted the computer and the setup seemed to finish just fine. However, now windows could not read my RAID array. WTF!!!!!! Moved the card...
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    Global hotkey software...

    Got a question. Just bought an enermax aurora micro keyboard as a backup and I personally like it a lot better than my previous Razaer Lycosa. However, it doesn't have any media hotkeys and that is a bit annoying. I have tried autohotkey, but for some reason I can't figure out how to get it...
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    NEC 3090WQXi-BK refurb $999+tax/shipping

    Pretty decent deal since you get a year long warranty on probably the best 30" display out there. Dell 3007 doesn't count, the image quality compared to the 3090 is crap. Input lag on the 3090 is about 30ms for all you gamers out there. Still next the next cheapest price is $2000 + shipping...
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    Need some quick advice

    Should I get two NEC P221W-BK's or get 2 NEC 20WMGX2's??? Main use would be for gaming. Price difference is about $80, but I just want to know since I have never owned a non-TN panel.
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    What became of this motherboard??? The Foxconn F1 with 10 expansion slots, including four 16x PCI-e slots. Personally with the move of enthusiast video cards going to dual slot it annoys the hell out of me that I can't use all the expansion slots. I know the dual slot video card makes...
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    Perc5 or Perc6, pluls some questions

    So I am looking to setup a hardware raid array since I just bought 4x 1TB drives. I want a hardware controller and stumbled across the Perc5 and Perc6 as I was looking. I don't mind spending the extra money on the Perc6 if it is worth it. Currently I have a total of 6x 1TB drives, so the fact...
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    First real time at OC'ing Q6600

    Hey guys, A few quick questions about my Q6600 OC'ing results. Here is the basic make up of my system. Asus P5Q-E Q6600 G. Skill DDR2-800 2x2gb Thermalright Ultima-90 heatsink Thermaltake Armor+ case 6x 120mm Yate Loon medium speed fans and the 240mm Thermaltake window fan OK, so now that...
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    How much would you pay for an MX revolution???

    Just a quick thread. Title says it all. Might buy one off a guy who is selling it for $40 shipped, need to know if it is worth it. I currently am using a G9 all the time (which I love for gaming, but I am not too keen on it for everyday use). thoughts and opinions please :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Mismatched kit question on P5Q-E

    hello, So I recently upgraded to a Q6600 and began my OC'ing adventure. The ram I had in the PC was some G. Skill DD2-1000 and some OCZ SLI DD2-800 (2x2gb of each for two separate kits and a total of 8GB). Once I started OC'ing I noticed the system was never stable in Prime 95 and also...
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    ATI vs nVidia issua with monitor

    OK, so I am building a computer for my sister and I plan to use my ATI X1900 that is currently in my HTPC and get a new video card for my HTPC. This is my issue though. A couple of years ago when I built my HTPC I tried to initially install an nVidia 7600GT in the HTPC. However, the nvidia...
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    Rec's for mobo/CPU combo under $125

    So I am building my sister a computer. Nothing fancy. The only parts I need are a mobo and a CPU. AMD or Intel doesn't matter. The main use of the computer will be internet, word processing and the occasional movie. My main question is about a decent cheap motherboard that will last a...
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    Budger Speaker Review!!! TSC LCR2 and P6-PR review

    Well if you have never heard of the brand TSC, you are not the first. TSC stands for "The Speaker Company". I recently purchased the LCR2 set of speakers from their company at The LCR2 speakers are 2 bookshelf speakers and a center channel. Specifically the two...
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    HOT!!!! Sapphire HD4850 512MB $118 shipped (2 for $231) at ebay w/ CB

    I know this is another cashback deal, but this seller has a lot of these Sapphire HD4850's for a pretty decent price. They are marked at $153.99 + $9.99 shipping = $163.98 With the 30% off it comes to $117.78 for one card. If you get two cards it is $230.57 because combined shipping is only...
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    need help (did I fry my mobo or CPU???)

    Okay, so I did something stupid (I guess). After updating vista my computer hung up on the stupid "step 3 of 3 configuring updates" screen for around 5 minutes (it showed 100%). So I held down the power button to turn it off and restart it. When I go to restart it, the PC turns on for a couple...