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  1. Unabomber

    Weird notification

    Not sure what happened here, but it popped up as I was typing a response in a thread.
  2. Unabomber

    AMD Radeon RE1600 quality?

    Morning to all... I was looking to get 16 GB of DDR3 1600 memory, and wondered what the crowd here thinks of AMD's Radeon RE1600 series of memory? Thanks in advance!
  3. Unabomber

    How are today's 2 TB drives?

    I've been using my 1 TB Hitachi 7200 RPM drive for a couple years now, and am about to build me a new system. My question is this: How are today's 2 TB drives holding up? Are they as plagued as the earlier generation ones, regarding errors, firmware mishaps, etc? I'm looking at...
  4. Unabomber

    Best Buy Outlet

    Anyone ever use them on eBay? If so, have there been any stinkers from them? I bought one of their used Insignia (rebadged Samsung) Blu Ray players for $40, shipped, using their eBay shop, and hope that I'm not entering hostile territory here...
  5. Unabomber

    Blu Ray player deals?

    Just wondering if there were any really good deals on Blu Ray players, such as the 79 dollar player from Black Friday? I'm not really looking for one that has all of the bells and whistles (e.g. the 200+ dollar ones).
  6. Unabomber

    Projector question

    I'm looking at buying a projector, and was looking to save a few $$$ on the purchase. My question is this, that if I only use it in a mostly dark room, will a 50-80 lumen projector be sufficiently bright? I was thinking about something like a Dell M109S...
  7. Unabomber

    nv4_disp error

    Has anyone else encountered the nv4_disp error? I'm coming close to the end of things to keep trying. Basically, in some games, such as Rainbow Six Vegas 2, or Bioshock, my friend tries to load up the game. It gets to the menu, and then the system crashes with a BSOD, and a message of...
  8. Unabomber

    XP Service Pack 3 error...

    Anyone else get this error? Error Code: 0x8007F070 I've installed SP3 on several XP systems, and haven't had any problems, until today, when I have tried to update my work PC. The installation gets to the point of almost finishing, but then stops at the end, claiming that there was...
  9. Unabomber

    Need 8 bit color mode

    Howdy to y'all... Quick question: I'm running Fedora 8 on my workstation PC, and have everything installed, but ran into a SNAFU. Once in a while, I need to run my system using 8 bit (256 colors) color mode, and it seems that this version does not allow me to select 8 bit color using the...
  10. Unabomber

    A trip down memory lane

    Worth a good read, regarding the classic Pentium, and the 486. In this day of where we consider 45 watts of power to be "cool" for a CPU, this little bit got me chuckling:
  11. Unabomber

    Camcorder recommendations?

    Howdy folks, I have a bunch of Mini DV cassettes, and wanted to stick with a camcorder that uses these cassettes. In all honesty, my needs for quality aren't that great, that I'm not looking to spend more than about $250 for a decent Mini DV-based camcorder, but was hoping that someone...
  12. Unabomber

    Antec Neopower 550 watt PS: $55 AR

    45 dollar rebate, free shipping.
  13. Unabomber

    Source of internal Crossfire cables?

    I just placed an order for an extra Crossfire cable (internal) from, since I'm more than willing to pay the 15 bucks or so, to get my twin x1950GT setup going. However, I was wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper source for the internal cables?
  14. Unabomber

    Geforce4 Ti4200 supports 1440x900?

    I just made the mistake of buying a widescreen LCD monitor (19" widescreen Westinghouse). Nice picture, but of course, the integrated video on this old computer (S3 Unichrome) doesn't support this resolution, and Biostar hasn't released any BIOS that supports a resolution of 1440x900...
  15. Unabomber

    Athlon X2 BE CPU experiences?

    Just wondering if anyone here has gotten a chance to play around with the 45 watt CPU's? What kind of OC's are you getting?
  16. Unabomber

    Die shrinks and such...

    It's interesting how AMD has recently started transitioning over to the 65 nm SOI process, and planning to go to 45 nm when the time is right. While many have been complaining, saying that Intel already has their 45 nm CMOS process ready, we should all take a look back into recent history...
  17. Unabomber

    What's with ZipZoomFly?

    I haven't ordered from them in a long time, since Newegg has a distribution hub one state away from me these days (overnight shipping at ground costs...). I do, however, remember that this company was once named and that they were also a top notch company, being up front with all...
  18. Unabomber

    Mushkin HP-550W Power Supply: $59 AR + ship

    From, a reputable company. $78.99, $20.00 rebate. Rebate form
  19. Unabomber

    EPS12V power supply + Socket 939 board?

    Would such a power supply work with my Asus A8R32-MVP Socket 939 board, since it also has the 4 pin 12V connector? Specifically, this one: Thanks in advance...
  20. Unabomber

    My story of XClio Goodpower problems

    A while ago, I was experiencing video freezing problems with my system. Basically, whenever using any fairly intensive Direct 3D or OpenGL application, the system would occasionally hang, resulting in the screen freezing, and the same sound playing over and over, for about 15 seconds...
  21. Unabomber

    Freezes with 7900GS OC

    Howdy to y'all... My Opteron 146-based system has been acting up a lot lately. These are the stats: Gigabyte K8N SLI (nForce4 SLI chipset) 2 pieces of 1 GB PC3200 Crucial DDR SDRAM Western Digital 250 GB SATA drive (7200 RPM, 16 MB cache) Soundblaster X-Fi Gamer D-Link DWL-G510...
  22. Unabomber

    Athlon64 1.0 GHZ?

    Picked up a CPU at a sale. It's a Socket 754 CPU, and actually works in my Asrock K8U-nForce3 motherboard for the brief time that I tested it. I didn't get much of a chance to test anything else, other than a bootup. The label on it says ADC1500B2X4BX, and apparently runs at 1.0 GHz...
  23. Unabomber

    Video capture card recommendations

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but it looked like the closest choice. Anyways, I'm in the market for a video capture card, so that I can transfer some home movies from my video camera, to my PC, and burn to DVD afterwards. Also, I'd be taking individual images from the videos, to...
  24. Unabomber

    Netgear WG311T wireless connects to router, but no internet

    Interesting situation... I was hoping someone could shed some light. Old network card was a D-Link DWL-G510 "g" card. It connects to my Netgear WGT624 v3 (108 mbps) router just fine. In fact, I've had to resort to using it right now to type this message... New network card is a...
  25. Unabomber

    No more single sided Crucial 512 MB PC3200 modules

    Boo!! Hiss!! It seems that Newegg doesn't have my favorite 512 MB PC3200 module anymore, the CT6464Z40B.8T single sided ones that overclock quite well, and were a match made in heaven when it came to systems that had problems with double sided memory. I haven't looked at other...
  26. Unabomber

    A call to eVGA's tech support

    Bought an eVGA GeForce 6800 AGP, and it finally arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, the card didn't work, so I called eVGA's tech support last night at about 11 PM EST, expecting to get some voice mail. Instead, I got a live person, who was knowledgeable, pleasant, and quite helpful. Even...
  27. Unabomber

    Motherboard with both Socket 754 and 939: Opinions?

    Just curious to see what the crowd here thinks about the Jetway board that can use either Socket 754 or Socket 939 CPU's? I don't intend on using one for myself, since I prefer other brands, but there are some who are looking for something cost-effective so they can upgrade their older...