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  1. bluesynk

    SteamVR Motion Smoothing (ASW for Vive)

    just tried it out, seems to work very well even in Fallout
  2. bluesynk

    850 pro 256g m.2 or 860 evo 500g ssd for os?

    Have both. What would you do?
  3. bluesynk

    It's time for 4k! Samsung q7?

    About to take the plunge to 4k land. Intended use, living room, lots of video games, some movies. 444 chroma and hdr10 seem to be the big things to check for. I'm not thinking oled because of kids using it on consoles. The Samsung q7f is looking like the way I'll go. But I would like...
  4. bluesynk

    Made a [H]arder sim chair.

    About a month ago, I built a sim chair. It came out pretty well and I shared it here and around and told my friends. Most replies were kind and positive. But one guy, innocently enough, asked "what does it move or something?" I was crushed. No it did not. I started looking around and found...
  5. bluesynk

    Made a folding sim chair.

    I picked up Assetto Corsa for my Vive. Ordered a g29 wheel after playing for 45 min. It's taking forever to get here so I built this. And it folds up like this Just need a mini compressor for the air ride!
  6. bluesynk

    Deluxe Audio Strap Pre-order

    pre-order link to microsoft store $99 release date 6/5
  7. bluesynk

    locked myself out of bios please help!

    I was messing around with uefi and secure boot. I got it to work, but I can no longer get into the bios. If I do an advanced restart, I do have the uefi boot option, but all I get is a pause at a blank screen then boots to windows. Tried a cmos reset and also a full reset pulling the cmos...
  8. bluesynk

    Got a hard lesson in diskpart

    So I was trying to get myself on a full uefi fresh install on a nvme 950pro. Not the easiest thing. Im not sure my mobo gig z170-mx, even fully supports still had to enable compatibility. Anyways with bios set at full uefi the nvme didnt show. Unfortunately my thumb drive with my install was the...
  9. bluesynk

    Multiple zone htpc?

    Just moved my pc to the livingroom for an htpc tv vive setup. Have a second zone with an avr and monitor at my desk. There have been setup headaches but everything is pretty much working. However there have been a few things I haven't found good solutions for and would like some advice rather...
  10. bluesynk

    New Vive. How to Crank it up?

    So I finally got a Vive and 1080 Ti. Totally worth it. I found the steam frame time tool, GPU is a pretty solid 7-8ms and cpu is like 3-4ms in about everything. Looks like I can turn this thing up a little (y) I like Serious Sam a lot because the graphics settings work like a PC title, but...
  11. bluesynk

    Vive Overhead Cable Management

    Picked up My Vive today. Waiting on the mail on a Ti. So I set up my over head cable system. Works great but it does eventually tangle. covers the whole 14' x 10' . Keeps cable behind you at all times, never hits your arms either. it is at 8' 8" high , it could have been lower but hides...
  12. bluesynk

    Bought a ti, now i need to protect it. PS time.

    So I have a survivor corsair HX520 that has been with me through 3 systems. Being at the bottom of powerful enough and its age (10+) and spending $700 on a ti means its time to replace. Im on a z170 matx board so no fancy rgb stuff is necessary. I do run 1.35v overclocked 6600k @4.6 and over...
  13. bluesynk

    Locomotion control idea?

    So I've been waiting on the tax man to get my Vive. Spent lots of time thinking about it, even made myself an overhead cable trolley system. Been watching demos and gameplay and such. Locomotion seems to be one of those areas that could use some help. I thought about what was required and...
  14. bluesynk

    1080ti Pre-order, Retail, and AIB availability watch

    OK they said "Next Week" What does that mean? That's for a FE type card correct? Is that for pre-orders or upgraders? Any news on AIB? Links please
  15. bluesynk

    So I finally got to demo a vive

    So I finally made it to the Microsoft store to try it out. I have a gear vr and I've done my homework, so I knew what to look for. Low fov low res screen door. Yep it was all true. As soon as the game started none of it mattered. I was no longer looking through a screen door. Fov was infinite...
  16. bluesynk

    Can't decide 1070 or cf 480 for VR?

    I'm almost ready to jump into vr. I built my pc with it in mind (6600k z170mx) just needed some graphics. I was pretty sure I wanted to go with a 1070. Right price range on top of a Vive. Price on the 480s have dropped to where i can get 2 for $300 (4 gig) or $400 (8 gig). I'm thinking 8...
  17. bluesynk

    PC Audio questions, op-amp, dac, hdmi, vr

    There is at least 4 ways to get sound out of my motherboard. Realtek ALC1150 with swappable op-amp over analog, dac usb port, optical, and via hdmi which I currently use. I connect to a Yamaha AVR. I figure the dac in the avr is pretty good but I haven't looked into it since the external DAC...
  18. bluesynk

    Having trouble with 8.1 windows update.

    Fixing a laptop for a friend. It was stuffed full of speed up my pc stuff. ended up running a full restore. windows 8.1 updated drivers chipset video storage touch. no problems. cant get windows update to work. Tried the trouble shooter, ran system file check, tried offline standalone...
  19. bluesynk

    Replacement note 7 arived

    got a text from samsung saying phones were in. went to store gave them my loaner 7edge back got new note 7. super easy
  20. bluesynk

    Slow Internet connection Initialization

    so when i come out of sleep mode or a restart it takes up to 5 sec for the internet to be ready (direct lan to modem). might not seem like too long but it's just long enough to click on chrome and get the no internet message. any way to speed it up?
  21. bluesynk

    Z170 & usb 3.1

    I'm looking for some Info on this. I have a gigabyte z170mx. I updated the bios and the usb update to install thunderbolt. The fast charge stuff all seems based on iPhone stuff. As I see it usb c and usb 3.1 are different. I used the cable and adapter to connect c to c with my note 7. Only got...
  22. bluesynk

    Picked up a note 7

    Got my phone today. impressive piece of tech.
  23. bluesynk

    Gigabyte z170mx fan control

    About to move over to a Thermaltake core v21 case and want fans I can control. Between the bios and siv I should be able to. Do I need pwm fans? Can this board do voltage control? No speedfan for me. My Google fu has failed so far to help.
  24. bluesynk

    Pulled trigger on skylake!!!

    First new build since c2d
  25. bluesynk

    fallout 4 budget build

    So after the recommended specs came out, it is now time to ditch this c2d 6850 ip35 combo. Can't be a worse time. Need a very budgetable upgrade build. I have a case and power supply, keyboard mouse and monitor. Ssd will have to wait, will reuse my hdds I have a r9 285 for a video card, only...
  26. bluesynk

    fixing bent cpu pins.

    so i thought I got a good deal on an i7 920. I'm running a 6850 c2d and thought an overclocked 920 would be a nice upgrade at a price i can afford. I won the ebay auction for the chip. so i started looking for motherboards. surprise! x58 motherboards are going for way too much. there goes my...