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    Canned benchmarks....come back Kyle!

    <rant> So the new NVidia Super and AMD video cards launched but nobody put as much effort into video card reviews as HardOCP. All I see are these game scripted nonesence or in-game benches. Gone are the days when the best playable settings were tweaked out and real world human tests done. The...
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    2700X vs 8700K vx 9700K for a dedicated streaming/recording/mediasever

    So, I upgraded a dude's PC from a 6700K to i9 9900k+2080 TI +32GB 3466 RAM and he says he still can't play PUBG + stream with OBS+ record without dropping frames. He has made up his mid to build a second computer dedicated to capture, encode and stream. I am questioning between the value of AMD...
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    SCEPTRE 27 Inch IPS Ultra 4K LED Monitor U278W-4000R ??? Should I buy?

    Should I pull the trigger? What has been your personal experience with it? I live in the Caribbean, so returns are always a PITA&wallet. I got an OLD i7 860@4GHz with 16GB DDR3@2GHz and GTX970 which I plan to upgrade whenever PCIE5 hits the market. Till then, my Dell 2007FP IPS now has a 5mm...
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    FC HBA Windows 10 compatible?

    I am looking for recommendations for a cheap FC HBA that works with windows 10. Preferably 4Gib or faster.
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    Need help adding madVR to kodi.

    I've been googling in circles for the past 3 hours on how to add madVR to Kodi. madVR works in potplayer perfectly so i am sure it is installed properly but it seems that DSplayer has been stripped from kodi as i can't find any trace of it going back to version 16.1 (and up 17.2). Since all...
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    Can't get SAMSUNG un48ju640d to show any res over 1080p

    I've tried a Dell laptop (Intel HD 3000) and a Lenovo PC (AMD HD 4250) with a standard HDMI cable but resolution above 1080p are not listed. I know I'll need a HDMI 2.0 cable to get 60Hz but 4K@24Hz would be sufficient for now. What am I missing here?
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    FCLGA1366 board suggestions wanted.

    I have first dibs on some servers being retired with FCLGA1366 Xeon chips. What's a cheap motherboard with OC features that it can pair with to make some cheap gaming rigs.
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    Why does the mother board actually use?

    So the CPU and RAM runs on 2V or less. Why not use the 3.3V line? What does the 12V, 3.3V and 5V lin actually power in a modern PC? Does the USB even use the 5V line? What about the -12 or -5?
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    How does Firefox fetch pages?

    For some reason, behind a proxy, Firefox is the only browser that will load a website hosted on another network. The problem is that website needs IE to work properly (IE6 to be precise). Under IE I get the message This page can't be displayed Make sure the web address http://thissite is...
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    8800GT with defective ram asa PPU possible?

    A co-worker's 8800GT has some bad RAM. Was thinking about taking it off his hands for a cheap price if it could be used as a PPU. Can the card still be used as a PPU?
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    HTPC video card with HDCP and HDMI suggestions required fast

    as the title say. I keep reading that ATi cards are the better option but a quick scan of Newegg reviews shows a bazillion horror stories about audio over HDMI not working with driver version over Cat 8.2 and that the 8.2 video play back is choppy at best. I'm no expert here so if anyone...
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    Thermal Tape suggestions needed

    I want to replace the thermal tape that connects my NV 8800GT memory modules to its stock single slot heat sink because that was damaged the last time I removed it.
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    Help me pick a video card

    I'm looking for an NVidia based video card that would support dual monitors. A 22" via a DVI port and a 50" Samsung LCD via an HDMI port. I would also like the HDMI port to be full functional (support audio as well) in vista 64 ultimate. The card would be mostly used for watch movies and light...
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    120 mm fan suggestions need

    I've got 3 x 120mm (110cmf) in an Antec Super LANBoy sounding like its ready to taxi down a runway. Any suggestion as to what i can replace them with for a less ear aching while still have decent air flow.
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    Dual channel configuration issues.

    The parts : AMD Athlon 64 3000 Kingstone Value 2x1GB DDR400 memory kit (new). Ultra 400 watt PSU(new). MSI MS7094 motherboard The computer will reboot with in minutes of starting Vista 64. Vista 64 BSODs on trying to install it from scratch around the 50% mark of the file expansion phase...
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    Asus P5K Deluxe raid Issues.

    Using the stock Cables that came with the motherboard I setup a raid 5 with 4 Maxtor 7H500F0 500GB SATA2 HDs. Initially drive 2 would disappear on large data transfers and i would have to reboot to re- detect it and wait 22hrs for the array to rebuild. I recently changed the all the SATA cables...
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    Additional chipset cooling for ASUS P5K Deluxe

    I have a Asus P5K Deluxe with a Intel 4300 being cooled by a Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme and a Panaflow 120mm 114 cfm fan. The processor is 33 idle and 44 under load. My problem is that the chipset which is a whooping 45C idle and 60 under load. Any cool suggestion that will install neatly...
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    NIC teaming help

    My last computer had an integrated Intel 1Gb NIC and a Cheap realtek Gb NIC. I was able to load balance them (with a single IP) and it worked with a cheap DLINK switch. I have since replace my old computer with one based around an Asus P5K Deluxe which has a Realtek and Marvell integrated NIC...
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    ASUS P5K woes

    Against my better judgment I bought the ASUS P5K Deluxe board. The setup: P5K Deluxe (BIOS v311) Intel 4300 Thermalright ultra 120 eXtreme + Panaflow 120mm 114cfm fan PC Power and Cooling 750 Silencer EVGA 8800GTS 640 MB 8GB DDR2 800MHZ Patriot RAM XFI gamers Sound card Hauppauge...
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    RAID 5 Take long to rebuild

    I setup my new computer late last night. It's an Asus P5K Deluxe (BIOS ver 311) with 4 Maxtor FH500F0 populating ports 1,2,5 and 6. RAID 5 with 128k strips. About an hour or so , after installing Vista 64 Ultimate (with drivers from the ASUS CD), the drive attached to SATA port 2 appeared to...
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    Shipset fan and ram cooler suggestion need

    Ordered a Asus P5K Deluxe and from the lloks of it, the chipset is passively cooled only. I be dumping 8GB of ram on this mobo as well. Any suggestions for a fan to mount on the NB, SB and ram?
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    Intel Xeon E5310 Clovertown 1.6GHz

    Here the deal. This chip goes for $325. Thats 4 cores or $81 per core. That's a sweet deal but I have 2 problems with it. Its 1.6Ghz and all the mother boards I've seen that can use this chip don't over clock and use expensive FBDIIMs. Anyone know of a motherboard that can use this processor...
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    ASUS revies wanted

    I am currently building a new system and picking a mother board is near dammed impossible. I have never been a fan of ASUS and their products have had recurring issues that transcended model and processor types in my experience forcing me to avoid recommending them for a long time. As it turns...
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    Need help picking a mobo

    I am looking to buy a mother board to OC a QX6600, can handle 2GB memory sticks, good RAID 5 performance (rules out the NV650i chipset), 3 PCI slots and a sub 200usd price tag. SLi/Crossfire does not interest me. Any suggestions?