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    Looking for PC Repair Tools

    I'm looking for a decent repair tool for computer work that I'm planning to do on the side. I need it to run diagnostics and virus removals. I'd also like it to have a few side tools for generic repairs. I've looked into: PC doctor (But it doesn't have virus removal from what I've seen). EasyRE...
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    H100i water cooler and 4790k

    Corsair H100i Water Cooler Intel Core i7 4790k With this cooling setup I have idle temperatures of about 33 Celsius and 55-60 Celsius while gaming. Now, while these temps are decent, I had hoped for a little better. None the less my concern comes from when I performed a Prime 95 Torture...
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    Intel i7 4790K running too hot?

    I recently built my new system and I'm currently having issues with my Core i7 4790k running too hot on idle and gaming tasks. I'm using a Corsair H100i Water cooling (Intake fans according to the MFG recommendations) with arctic silver 5 thermal paste and these are the temps I'm reaching: At...
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    Brand new PSU making slight crackling sound

    Hey guys, I recently built a new computer (1 day ago) and I was running a small test to verify all the components powered on properly and noticed my Corsair was making an odd crackling noise. Did some research and it may be something called Coil whine. I thought it odd but perhaps it's just a...