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    NZXT H1 case recalled due to fire hazard

    I recently got this case, honestly it's a really good case. Now I'm not defending NZXT, but this sort of supply issue could have happened to any company sourcing parts in china. Also I got the "GOOD" cable with hole through plating, to me it checks out they needed 2 suppliers to fulfill the...
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    1TB Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 SSD for $99.99 via ebay

    I'll take that bet.
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    1TB Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 SSD for $99.99 via ebay

    Without going into it, I'm wiling to bet a tenner you don't get a samsung drive from this seller.
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    1TB Samsung 980 NVMe M.2 SSD for $99.99 via ebay

    Waste of time, I can't believe people still fall for these listings. The account is hacked/stolen, nothing is going to be shipped.
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    All You Can Eat Core Buffet! Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2

    They claim 100% yield due to redundancy design.
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    Does [H] need to be (yet another) avenue for scalpers to profit?

    [H] always let things sort out themself, free market and all that, and I respect that. There no need to police any of that because of some whiny babies.
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    I had the FE in my bestbuy cart, but errored out after that. Had a chance to grab a gigabyte model of newegg as soon as they dropped, but didn't want to pay over MSRP.
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    Free: Two non functioning GeForce GTX 1080 Founders

    I'm in. Thanks. :D
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    T-Mobile says it owns the color magenta

    It's pretty normal, Hershey owns the trademark for orange featured on Reese's cups. In both cases it's a pretty generic color, but at the same time not very common on packaging and branding materials.
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    CORSAIR TX-M Series TX650M $74.99 AMIR

    Pretty sure $45 wasn't even the lowest it went before. I'm surprised people are not more upset about the whole tariffs thing. The monitor I was going to buy regularly went for $240-260, now $300 is a sale... Huge regression in tech prices for no real benefit to the consumers, it's still made in...
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    PSU Problem

    Sounds like the PSU was defective, it's rare with a reputable manufacturer like seasonic, but it does happen. Hopefully your HD survived the ordeal.
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    US Websites Block Netizens in Europe Due to GDPR

    GDPR is a good thing, but I'm not sure if just having it in EU is enough, we need an equivalent here.
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    Google Upset Over India Antitrust Ruling I just want to reinforce what others have said, if you haven't given it a try you should, this small thing can make a big difference.
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    Netflix Is Focusing on Sci-Fi, Fantasy Shows to Meet Increasing Demand

    I wish, but SyFy owns that, and those guys are pricks from what I understand. And it's been years, I'm sure most of those actors moved on. The main chubby character got skinny even, lol. It would have to be restarted with new cast.
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Finalizing Merger

    Terrible news, this should have been stopped.
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    Russia Smashes Telegram

    Didn't some encrypted email service shut down, because they refused to provide decryption for NSA? So how is this any different?
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    NVIDIA's Next-Gen Will be the 11 Series

    Well, considering all the shortages, its possible it's just a rebrand/refresh with higher speed memory, or GDDR6. Current market conditions will allow Nvidia to get away with that.
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    20% off anything at Ebay, today only

    They are not hurting this is typical behavior for them, these kinda of promotions happen all the time.
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    Google Bans Crypto Ads
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    NVIDIA Claims That GPU Prices Will Continue Increasing through Q3 2018

    If or when Etherium goes Proof of Stake, which may or may not happen this year, the demand for graphics card will drop sharply. Reality is, despite there being a ton of alts coins, only few are driving a real demand for hardware, Etherium being the main one, everything else is a drop in the...
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    US Government Nowhere Close to Regulating Bitcoin

    I gotta ask is anyone who is against bitcoin not over 50? Have any of you ever considered moving to a totalitarian country? I hear North Korea is a great destination.
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    US Government Nowhere Close to Regulating Bitcoin

    Yeah, ok. Then answer my question. What basis does US government has to stop anyone from using bitcoin. Next you are going to tell me, that government can ban use of computers, because it suits them?
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    US Government Nowhere Close to Regulating Bitcoin

    Answer me this, if two people are using bitcoin to buy and sell baseball cards, what basis does US government have to tell them to stop?
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    US Government Nowhere Close to Regulating Bitcoin

    That's nonsense, transparency is important for commerce, and Bitcoin is a public ledger. A very secure public ledger, Bitcoin cannot be banned in the US as that would infringe on basic rights of Americans. It's also cannot be banned fundamentally because it is decentralized.
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    Bitcoin Plummets Below $7,500

    Don't get ahead of yourself, mining is still profitable. This is just a correction.
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    Bitcoin Plummets Below $7,500

    20k would have been fine, even more than that, if they had a scaling solution, but they failed to provide a reasonable one fast enough.
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    it's amazing with everything, that happened in crypto space, even mainstream institution involvement, people are still willing to believe crypto is going away. Bitcoin came out 9 years ago, time to wake up boys. least have a read or watch some youtube vids, and have someone else chew it...
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    Sorry but my spelling is not an argument in favor of Ripple. Ripple is something no one needs or wants. Clearly banks asked for this tech, because they can't move money? Or wait they can do that already...
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    Ripple is not even a cryptocurrency, hopefully it fails, because ripple is def a bubble. I wish people stop taking about it in the same sentence as Bitcoin and Etherium.
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    Bitcoin - What Goes Up Must Come Down

    No, that's not happening for a while. Demand from miners will fall as ROI if far longer now, but still mining is profitable.
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    Nvidia Cards unavailable for the next three months - as fabs switch over to manufacturing Volta?!?

    Honestly I hope this event kills a bunch of shit coins, but everything that matters will rebound.
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    Nvidia Cards unavailable for the next three months - as fabs switch over to manufacturing Volta?!?

    What are you talking about the cards are still very low on stock, and high demand. Besides crypto is only down because of speculation regarding Asian markets, it happened before and crypto rebounded every time.
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    T-Mobile, Sprint Close to Agreeing on Deal Terms for Merger

    Completely agree, Tmobiles old (no longer offered) plans had better features and offered more value, then the new plans that replaced them. I can only see this merger as a long term negative, the only reason it should be allowed to go trough, is if Sprint will fail without it, otherwise they...
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    Today only: Gigabyte Z270X Designare $133.74AR

    You are mistaken, this board doesn't have a PLX chip.
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    $20 off $100 with Newegg Preferred Account

    Where did you get the info, that they don't do credit pulls (and billmelater for that matter)? That would seem to be too risky for them.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Some games are actually more expensive, then they have been on past Steam sales, that's kind of absurd. I expected this sale to suck as much as the last one, but not more so.
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    Newegg is finally price matching!

    You won't respond ? You just did... I don't associate those words with newegg, world excellent comes to mind. I will in fact keep shopping there. Newegg won't keep [H] free ? Why in the world are they obligated to ? Why anyone would ever pay for visiting [H] ? There are dozens of forums...