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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    So I got my XFX 5870 from the egg and this thing sounds like its gona fry itself. My rig is a week or two old and has been rock stable running the 8800gtx. I can deal with fan noise but this thing is louder then my Thermaltake 120 screamer. I know there is talk of forcing vsync but it makes no...
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    Trying to find specific tutorial (Doom Text),help,please

    I’ve been bashing my head against the wall with this one. Awhile ago I came across a PhotoShop tutorial that explained how to do text like on the Doom box/splash page etc. Said neat, bookmarked it and haven’t thought of it since. Now I need it and I cant find it again. Google is of...
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    Gateway FPD2185W 21" $427.49

    Circuit City has it on sale with an in cart price of $474.99, run a quick Google search and get 10% off (first result will work /momsview\ but be quick, it expires tomorrow 8/19). And the end price before tax is $427.49 if free shipping or pick up is selected. YMMV depending on location...