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    WTB: 2xAMD 6174

    I am looking for a pair of AMD Opteron 6174's. Please let me know your asking price. Thank you,
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    FS - Set of 4 Musky-modded CM 212+

    I have four Musky-modded Cooler Master 212+ coolers for sale. They were used for less than one hour. I installed them on a 4P SM motherboard but had missing memory issues, so I had to remove them to reseat the CPU's. I just never reinstalled them because an A5 or A6 was so much quicker to pop on...
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    200 Million by Beekeeper.

    Congrats to Beekeeper for 200 Million points and an even more impressive 266,000 WU to get to this milestone. :eek: Thanks for the dedication it must have taken to get this far.
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    FS: Zyxel Powerline Router and Adapter Combo

    Remote boxen without wireless? BigBeta on Linux and wireless adapter won't work? I have a combo of a ZyXEL NBG-318S 200 Mbps Powerline HomePlug AV 802.11g Wireless Router and a ZyXEL PLA400 200 Mbps Powerline HomePlug AV Desktop Fast Ethernet Adapter for sale for $50 shipped. I was using it...
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    SMP Box Down - Diagnosis Help

    I had a -bigadv SMP box go down with a horrible acrid smell. I immediately suspected the OCZ StealthXStream OCZ700SXS PSU, but sniffing the PSU itself was not nearly as bad as the rest of the house. There was dust on the (non-folding) ATI video card and the PSU intake, but none on the case...
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    SMP clients hanging?

    In the last week I have had several SMP clients hang, still at 100% CPU usage. The hang has occurred on four separate systems, all Win7 64 on UPS, all dust free, both regular SMP and bigadv. Only two of these systems are overclocked, and only one (stock clock) has a GPU client as well. The...
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    Free Amazon AWS account

    Stupid question... If Amazon is giving away one year of usage for new accounts, including enough free hours to run 24/7, could we set up F@H on their servers? Is this worth trying or a waste of time?
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    A little newb help, please.

    I have been out of the loop for several years and am trying to catch up with F@H. Of course, I jumped in head first and started reading these forums a bit later. Anyway, I got my passkey on Oct. 1 and have returned 7 SMP units on my main rig. I am now folding my first bigadv project and...