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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Not able to check ingame atm but I think if you hit the "Z" key to bring up the build menu, cycle through and find it, it will be listed and I think you can pin the recipe to make a mini mission that will list what is needed.... I think..
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    Which card for my monitor?

    So this is just my experience, it might help. I have that monitors big brother, the Alienware version with Gsync, variable refresh rate, etc. Before I bought it, I had an LG that was 2560X1080 vari refresh and was able to push almost every game to their max settings with my 980ti. The LG died a...
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    Now that E3 is Over...

    Ghost of Tsushima I game on the PC, my day one fat PS3 is a Netflix/Blu-ray player. Haven't played a console game since RDR, then I found IGN had taken over the Disney XD channel for E3, so I sat and watched the Sony bit. My PS4 should be here tomorrow. My wallet hurts.
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    Guy damages rare collectible graphics card :(

    Still have mine, though I did accidentally delid it at the time cause I had no idea what I was doing when trying to mount a waterblock on it. Worked great with on the die cooling, even pulled the wb off and replaced it with a zalman hsf some time later.
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Bullet drop comes into play at range and it is funky how fast the rounds will start to drop off. I would suggest googling the ingame scope + rifle to get a correct Mils reading as many people have already done the maths. Now having said that, the next problem is the draw distance for npcs, for...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    I got my one and only Big Alejandro drop from a Hunter in the Underground. I think the drop rate for these Exotics is something like 3%.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Building a Beacon is about the only option, then bookmark the system if you leave it.
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    Just started "The Forest"

    So just a little hint unless its changed recently, but stand your ground with most cannibals, if you run, you are food and they will tell their whole clan that. The normals will false charge you and maybe hit once or twice, block or slap with a stick and most of the time they will back down and...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    I regret nothing. I am having a blast just like the open beta. I have around 13hrs into it and have only hit lvl 7. Playing with other people (pve) really makes the different aspects of the game stand out. Right now I am using a m249 bravo and the Mobile cover, that in turn lets me suppress the...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    I had wrote this game off as garbage, wanted nothing to do with it. Swore I would never pre-order a game years ago least one from Ubisoft. Then I got bored on Sunday, downloaded the open beta, had a friggin blast and promptly pre-orderd the game. And now I am sitting here trying to kill time...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Primary monitor. Put together using images from the K3LOID short movie site. Secondary monitor
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    Any [H]ard Arma2 players?

    Hit me on our TS if you need help, same goes for anyone else. Same name minus the _78.
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    Any [H]ard Arma2 players?

    If any of you folks are interested in really diving into this game I play Arma2/OA almost daily with the guys(& girls) over at United Operations. It isnt a clan but an open community that focus on the tactics, teamwork and communication this game requires. They are alot of Clans that come over...
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    Is ARMA 2 the most underrated game?

    Personally I've spent over 530hrs playing Arma2/Arrowhead. Arma2 & it's expansions are Military Simulation games. If you go into it thinking you are going to run and gun like BF2 or TF2 or really any other fps you are going to get dropped faster than you can blink. One shot can and will kill...
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets Again!!!

    Plantronics something. Probably the same set that every other Plantroinc user has.
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    Intel & iBuyPower - Gulftown Giveaway Contest

    This is my post, there are many like it, but this one is mine.
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    ARMA 2 Patch 1.05 Released, Brings Bonus Campaign

    So much bashing.. I bought Arma2 back in Oct when Steam had it on sale and have almost 160hrs invested into the mp side of it. The SP side is garbage, no denying that and yes there are still some bugs but with the release of ACE2 it’s a new game. It is not a run and gun no brain shooter, you...
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    doh, talk about rma remorse. It's already on it's way back to the egg. Oh well, thanks for the reach out though.
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    That's the thing. The recording is actually quieter then what is heard. Like I've said, I could deal with a slight whine, I was even expecting it. But this is loud enough to for me to be concerned. I just wanted to know what others thought. Boxed and rma'd back to the egg. Figure I will just...
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    kristof, copy that. It's boxed and ready to mail though and going through the nightmare of removing all traces of the nvidia stuff again makes me whine. lloydxd, I wish it was the fan.
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    kristof, I actually saw that same suggestion while googling this. My game headphones have a directional mic while the ones I used to record this are omi. I ran the directional mic all through the inside (to even make sure it wasnt the mb or cpu) and it is noticeable louder at the vid card. I...
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    Yeah, I read about coil whine but this is coil screaming. The card rocks but I dont trust it and cant really deal with the noise. For this amount of money I could except some whine/noise but not at the level it is.
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    Yeah. I can confirm without a doubt it's the gpu when under load. :( I hate to do it but I think I'm gona rma it back to the egg and play the waiting game again. I just dont trust running this thing with it making such noise. Those of you with 5870's know how loud the fan can get @100% and this...
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    Yeah, its the gpu. There is a sound-card between the gpu and psu and the mic got it better the closer I got to the gpu. Negative on a cable, thats all electrical noise except for the fan noise, and thats not even the gpu fan. Odds are if I RMA back to newegg its gona end in a refund. Anyone...
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    XFX 5870 awful noise (audio inside)

    So I got my XFX 5870 from the egg and this thing sounds like its gona fry itself. My rig is a week or two old and has been rock stable running the 8800gtx. I can deal with fan noise but this thing is louder then my Thermaltake 120 screamer. I know there is talk of forcing vsync but it makes no...
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    I just jumped off the cliff.....

    Ouch.. I was rocking a skt 939 4200x2, the 8800 gtx and an ide hd that was from 03 till the first of this month when the mb popped a few caps and kept locking up. Built myself an i7 860 rig with sata everything and was wowed by how much the cpu unlocked my gpu...till I installed Arma2.
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    I just jumped off the cliff.....

    I jumped off right after you. Got an instock notice for the xfx 5870 from the egg today @2:25 and had it bought at 2:27. No to time to think as it was oos by 2:30. My 8800gtx has served me well but it's showing its age.
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    FRAPS Alternative

    The only one I know of is Game Cam. Never used it so I cant comment on it.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    This is my post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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    ATI 5870 review up incl. crossfire!

    So what I'm seeing is a single 5870 is just about on par with a gtx295. Aside from other details the price is what will make or break it for me, if its cheaper it just might be enough to bring me over the the red team. Less monies spent on a gpu = more for everything else.
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    Corsair 1000 Watt HX Series ATX12V Power Supply - CMPSU-1000HX for $152.39AR+ Free Sh

    So not to necro post but has anyone that ordered a psu gotten the run around regarding it? I placed an order on the 1st, got an email it was delayed on the 3rd got another email and phone call delay on the 6th with them asking for permission to continue, I gave it to them and made sure to...
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    Anyone here play Sims 3?

    @ dr.stevil: Np at all. @ Yossarian22: afaik even with the basement you are still limited to the max floors. And I've yet to find a way to add more then one usable sub-level. I had 3 floors underground at the right heights but it ends up with a steep trench on the outside that cant be...
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    Sims 3 - Stupid Fireman!!!

    I have now learned not to laugh at the misadventures of other peoples sims. Results of first try at boosting the tvs channels. Results of second try.....She didnt get back up this time:(
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    Anyone here play Sims 3?

    youtube Easiest way to do it. However adding one to an already built house can get annoying real fast.
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    Sims 3 - Stupid Fireman!!!

    ^^ sorry....but every time I look at that pic I lol :D
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    Sims 3 - Stupid Fireman!!!

    Next time use the cell phone in your inventory. :p My sim managed to catch the grill on fire 3 times back to back before I gave up and had her eat a sandwich.
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    Sims 3??

    Like you, Im mainly a fps person with a bit of rts thrown in. I picked it up for s&g’s and have found it to be a good non-stressful time waster. It was a bit wtf am I doing at first but now Ive gotten the hang of it. I will admit it can be a bit lacking in the content department but overall its...
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    L4D2 n NOLA

    I don’t know if I should be happy or mad. I love l4d but it seems a bit soon imo to basically kill pt 1. Although I must admit frying pans and chainsaws are always win.
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    Free games!!!

    The MP part of Postal2 is free. Like Fear did. Windows Mac Linux
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Add me to the list of purchased today. I've been using my Dell 1704FVP (PVA) for years now and been debating between this and the HP LP2275w. But the price of the Dell won so I hope its not a real noticeable difference between my old pva and the new e-ips. Add this to the S2309W I just bought...