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    PC power and cooling 80+ silver cert 750w PSU for 69.99 marked down to 104.99 add in the 15% rebate promo code and that knocks it to 89.24 and then 20 mail in rebate leaves it at 69 bucks. good deal? Sorry i forgot to put after code and rebate in title.
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    what board to get with a 5000+?

    Going to get a 5000+ black edition and do some overclocking. I'm out of the loop on motherboards and have no idea what's hot nowadays. Any suggestions?
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    Asking a Favor of some 6800gt users

    I need to ask a favor of you guys. There is someone on some other forums I'm on that has numbers in this farcry benchmark: Resolution: 1280×1024 Maximum quality option, Direct3D renderer Level: Pier, demo: 1.tmd Pixel shader: default model Antialising: 8× Anisotrophic filtering...