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    S2600WTTR not booting right

    Hello I have a S2600WTTR / PBAG92187-372, which I am trying to run a regular pc check on but it will not boot to it. 1. I have tried to reset the bios by removing the recovery jumper. Did not work 2. I used a flash drive with a biod update on it. That also did not resolve the issue. 3. Im...
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    Hello, I have a S2600WT intel motherboard but when i plug it in and start it up the video is not showing on the monitor. 1. The processor i am using is an intel xeon SR203 3.20GHZ 2. the memory i am using is DDR4 MTA9ADF1G72PZ 8GB If anyone has a solution to why the video is not displaying id...
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    I have a Motorola MC659B-PB0BAA00100 barcode scanner. 1. Every time I power it on, it says (os boot!) 2. After that the screen says,(battery too low, shutdown device). Even though I have a fully charged battery in the scanner. 3. I will attach photos below to show what I'm seeing. 4. If anyone...
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    D865GBF BIOS

    I have an intel D865GBF that i need to update the bios for but the intel website does not have the software anymore. If anyone knows a safe website where i can download the bios from for this board id really appreciate it. thanks
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    PX-716A not reading

    Hello I have a brand new plextor PX-716A and its not reading the cd or dvd. 1. I have updated the firmware but this did not fix the issue. 2. When i put the cd or dvd in, The logo that shows the cd loading pops up then disapears. 3. The TLA number is 0306 If anyone has any resolution to this...
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    X5DP8-G2 Bios update

    Hello I have an interl X5DP8-G2 board and i am trying to update bios but intel website does not have the software anymore. If anyone can help me find a safe place to downlaod the bios update for this board I would appreciate it.
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    MC659B-PB0BAA00100 Firmware update

    I have a motorola MC659B-PB0BAA00100 scanner and I am trying to update the firmware on it. If anyone knows how to update this scanner i would appreciate it.
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    DX79TO benchmark test

    I have an intel DX79TO motherboard and im trying to run the benchmark test on it. If anyone knows how to run the benchmark test on this and where i can download the benchmark test software or program, id appreciate it.