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  1. P 20% everything, max $50 discount

    There are lots of deals on JET right now, I picked up a WD 4TB Black for $151 last night. You can use the coupon code SURPRISE20 for 20% off anything and up to a $50 discount. It also appears the coupon code can be used only additional orders with the same account.
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    PNY GTX 980 $419.99 AR

    TigerDirect has the PNY GTX 980 for $419.99 AR.
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    XFX Double Dissipation Radeon R9 290X $249.99 AR

    Newegg has the XFX Double Dissipiation R9 290x 4GB for $249.99 AR (Free shoprunner shipping)
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare $35 (Consoles only)

    Rakuten ( is selling Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for $35 (Xbox one, PS4, and Xbox 360), $36 for PS3 version shipped with the THANKS15 new customer promo code.
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    Dell T20 server $199 + tax

    I found this on SD this morning, Dell has the T20 for $199 after using coupon VM2V8L3TTMZPLD It has four internal 3.5" bays and apparently comes with the necessary drive caddies. It also has a C226 chipset, G3220 Haswell CPU, and 4GB of unbufferred ECC memory. I plan to make a NAS out of the...
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    Best Buy - 39" Insignia 1080P LED TV $249.99 + WoW Mists of Pandaria for $14.99

    Insignia™ - 39" Class (38-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - HDTV...
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    15% off Newegg Business Purchases

    Use code MTMK15 Galaxy 57NKH3HS4GXK GeForce GTX 570 $220 after rebate + shipping SAPPHIRE 21197-00-40G Radeon...
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    GTX 580 $340 AR Newegg has the Galaxy GTX 580 for $340 after rebate and applying the coupon code HARDOCPX3X7C
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    Neweggbusiness $50 off $250

    I found this on Slickdeals and thought I'd post here. ALl orders over $250 are $50 off, you can get a Dell U2412M for $298.99 shipped and 7970s for $510. Promo code: MEMKTPSR50
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    Dell U2412M $299 Use coupon, LPNPN0Z?03WHLM
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    HP N40L Microserver $199.99

    Macmall has an HP Microserver for $199.99, no rebates.
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    MSI Big Bang Xpower X58 for $69.99 AR $50 rebate, unlisted on NCIX has the MSI Big Bang Xpower X58 motherboard for $69.99 after rebate. Rebate is unlisted but I confirmed with...
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    Galaxy GTX 570 GC 219.99 Use promo code MIMKB2BACYB25 and submit rebate It's a GTX 570 with a non-reference cooling design. Only a handful in stock.
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    [GMG] Dead Island $33.96 (Activates on Steam) has Dead island for $33.96 after applying the promo code READY-UPDEA-ISLAN
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    [HOT]Newegg Business I7 2600k 249.99 HP Microserver $229 + Asus A53 $329.99

    Newegg Business is running a promotion where orders over $250 can get $50 off using the code Ent50. Promo code :FBFAN50 expires 7/29/11 HP ProLiant AMD Athlon II NEO N36L 1.3 GHz 1GB DDR3 MicroServer $229 after $20...
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    Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition 49.99

    Best Buy has StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition-Mac/Windows for $49.99. This is normally sold for $99.99, so it's a steal, especially if you don't have the original Starcraft as it is included...
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    Upcoming AMD Retail Access Deals

    It looks like the AMD Retail access deals and dates have been posted. Remember, this is only open to current employees of certain retailers. AMD Q2 2011 EPP #1 Phenom II X6 1090T Processor Available May 2nd 119.99 (USD) – U.S. 119.99...
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    MSI GTX570 $275 AC @ Newegg Use promo code MSI334 Deal gotten from slickdeals. Seems like a good price, personally I'd go with unlocked 6950s for a bit less but maybe someone here wants a second 570 for SLI.
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    SSD or new case and CPU cooler

    My current rig is in my sig. I am debating picking up a Crucial C400 as a boot drive next month or getting a CM HAF922 and a Thermaltake Frio for my I7 970. I am presently using a VSK-2000 with two scythe fans that I added myself for intake near my GTX 470s but the case itself is rather cheap...
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    GA-X58-USB3 + I7 970

    I just went ahead and ordered a GA-X58-USB3 and it has shipped from Newegg. Gigabyte advertises it works with the 32nm hexacore processors. However, their cpu compatibility list only shows the 980x and not the 970. Are gulftown CPUs compatible with all x58 motherboards? I found a hexus review...
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    GTX 470 bottleneck?

    I have an i5 750 @ 3.00 ghz and was curious as to whether or not this will bottleneck a GTX 470. I took advantage of the $220 GTX 470 deal today as my 4850 is really starting to show it's age now that I've had it for over two years. Right now I'm gaming at 1280x1024 but will most likely be...