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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    25% off Axim Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout: B8C8TNQLJ0SF2M
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    Holy Moly Dell 2007WFP for $160!

    if i could stick up my middle finger right now for making me green eith envy, so help me God will I do it! :D
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    Holy Moly Dell 2007WFP for $160!

    someone shoot me... why o why did i miss out on this deal
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    ThermalTake Mambo Case $9.99 AR @ New Egg

    thought it was a great buy. then shipping costs come into view. i guess im heading to frys fro that super lanboy case instead
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    Prefered laptop manufacturers

    asus for the best all rounder if i wanted something for portable, the neweer dell xp120 something i forgot. supposed to be only 3 pounds with an x1400 in it if i read correctly and 12 inch screen
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    Got infected with spyware, adaware keeps crashing

    if its a major infection my rule of thumb is that if there is a huge difference in performance, im just going to reformat everything. i take a minimalist approach in my programs so there is very little installation of programs in my pc
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    Looking for a Big Case

    giosh, thats a close copy. i wonder what ever happend to copyright infringement? but yes, the stacker is your daddy
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    Join The Dark Side, Build An Intel Rig! (Intel Owners Post Your Rig Here!)

    FIne I'll bite too P4 3.4 EE ES with xp-120 and a panaflo 120 mm 4 x 512 mb OCZ pc3700 EB MSI NEO2 -PFISR Cooler master stacker Audigy 2 ZS plat 2 200 gb seagate 7200 rpm drives 2 74gb raptors in raid 0 array 2 nec 2500 dvd burners bfg 6800 ultra Logitech Z-680 Antec Tru 550
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    A free video card!!!

    lucky... if it were me, my conscience would bug the crap out of me and force me to at least call the guy
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    Windows Game advisor!

    2% with an EE. hmmm i wonder how. oh well
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    eluminx keyboard - new is better

    you do realize that having a wireless keyboard with all leds running full zip would drain the betteries in... say a day or two if run for 48 hours?
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    which case i should get? CM Stacker or Antec 180?

    stacker. mainly because it has so much potential for modding. disadvtage is the HUGE size and weight
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    I had the pleasure of using a 3.2EE today

    im using a 3.4 ee es right now. not as fast for gaming as the amd chips but for multi tasking and encoding, im not disappointed in this.
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    Unstable 3.3v - How do i fix?

    seriously... if i were you, id get another psu. i wouldnt depend on a cheap psu if my rig depended on it. correct me if im wrong but ive never heard of levicom and it could be that this psu is server class stable
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    Need about 10 machines for a small business - go OEM or build them?

    ill just say this, going oem is probably going to be more cheaper in light of the dell deals. you can get a pretty decent pc for 300-400 with a 17" lcd already. m not sure if you can order 10 at the same time. you might want to try it though
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    Delete Please.

    not good. i was thinking of putting up my p4 ee es on ebay because i was thinking of getting dual core... please do keep me updated on this. worst case scenario is that i may be stuck with a 100 gram paper weight
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    Arctic Silver - Ceremique any good?

    you cant beat free besides ceramique avoids shortcircuiting and is easier removed than silver
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    GeForce FX 5950 Ultra or GeForce 6800 Ultra

    love the way you had 3 "sucks" in a post. i have the 5950 U and i wished it gave better performance but i was happy with it. it was my first high ed vid card
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    Amd n00b...I Need help!!!!

    true true. but PCIO has very little advantages over agp unless you take sli and dual cores into consideration. agp is not a bad choice especially with falling prices for an 6800 ultra agp.
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    Easy to work with case

    i kinda upgraded from a dragon to stacker. big difference in space. but prepaare to lift the stacker. the dragon weighs only 2-3 pounds when empty. stacker weighs about 15 lbs empty...
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    7800 GTX...highest in the food chain...? HELP..?

    xgi volante forever!
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    Lighting dilemma: A Purple Haze

    razor, teh blue leds on the power console of the stacker is hella bright. but everyone is using blue. ive been using a red black theme in all my cases and want to poke out the blue elds on the power since it contrasts with red so much.
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    Lighting dilemma: A Purple Haze

    ^^^. id like to know the answer regarding the leds on the cooler,master thing
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    Source for inexpensive 120m fans?

    svc has a clearance sale on some. they had some 120mm blue leds for 5 bucks each. shipping is pretty low too. i just bought 3 sets of thermaltakes 120 mm red leds yesterday. 7 bucks each + 5 $ shipping
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    Exos Al failed catastrophically - Fumigation Warning!!

    whoa! that sucks! im assuming the fumigant reacted with the pvc plastic in the hosing of your system man. nything salvageable?
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    SWEET - Geforce FX 6800 GT 256 MB for $190 shipped

    My XGI volari hands down slaps Ati and stomps NVIDIA. Top that :D (that should shut the wars again)
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    NV Silencer 5....yey or ney.

    evga has an aftermarket cooler that is similar to the stock sink of the ultra but is made of copper. my temps are comparable to the aftermarket nvsilencer
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    Samsung 915n (19'' 8ms) $229

    noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! damm i was looking for a deal on these things
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    It's time for a [H]ard Guild Wars Guild!

    damm you guys. i brought this up! im def in! as officer! whahaha
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    Guild Wars ftw?

    anybody interested in making a guild? also is anybody picking up the limited ed version of it?
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    upgrading a laptop, specifically a t30

    hey, especially to t30 owners, can you upgrade the proc of the t30? to a higher p4-m chip? what else can you upgrade aside from ram, hd and the vid card?
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    Free Yahoo 360 Invites

    i stand corrected. You guys are dolls
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    Free Yahoo 360 Invites

    leslie, you are a doll! thanks a lot. boy was that quick.
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    Free Yahoo 360 Invites

    me! ironic
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    PC RPG suggestions

    recommend fallout series. Thats the number one game in my all time list. Never enjoyed it so much. the gore, the splatter of the ribs and intestines when you nuke a jackhammer into them.
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    Whats teh next big game your waiting for?

    GUILD WARS baby!!!
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    (video!!!) Automatic Frontdoor ( for how long???)

    swesome swesome mod. dang now thats what i call ingenuity
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    Dumpster Diving!

    me and a friend a forming a local socal dumpster diving group. im trying to look for people to join or people to join us. PM me if you're interested.