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    Ikea Galant Measurements Plz

    Thank you sir. I cannot access the Ikea website, it wont resolve for some reason, and IKEA Houston is a zoo 7 days a week. From the angles i've seen it was hard to tell how much different 1 and 4 where
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    Ikea Galant Measurements Plz

    Hey, Could a galant owner chime in with the measurements labeled below? each line is to represent the nearest tables corner with number. Thanks! also image was posted by w1retap, I just flipped it and added the markings. hope you dont mind bud :)
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    help with photoshop

    You could shrink it, would look less pixelated, like if you've got a group of 4 pixels with like color and thats the only color info, you could shrink it and make it look like one pixel lol, but your going to sacrifice some color info when like colors are blended or however the algorithm you use...
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    IP address to Zip Code/Location

    All they are is huge databases that take an ip and cross reference it to a range in the databases, you have to buy a database and they are not cheap
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    Circuit Board Help

    Nevermind....Its only got 2 pins, the other 2 are structural supports...
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    Circuit Board Help

    This is a long shot... Ive got a Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector, as well as a smart cord to go with it. The smart cord has 2 Leds, and a Push button switch. One LED is power indicator, the other is an alert indicator. The push button switch muts the detector. The smart cord connects to the...
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    Could this be my PSU?

    Nope the video card doesnt, and the bios is the latest on everthing. Thanks, J Edit: Sorry, motherboard is an Asus P4P800E Deluxe. It did the exact same thing with an Asus P4S800. I originally upgrade for this very reason.
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    Could this be my PSU?

    Ite been reformated probably 10 times since this problem appeared. Its definitly hardware, and remove the graphics card definitly fixes it. I left it off overnight, and like clock work it took around 10 tries to boot. Im gonna do it again tomorrow following Sarvers sugguestions. Thanks!
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    Could this be my PSU?

    The thing is sometimes it boots back on the second try. I guess I can shut down let sit overnight, then try it and if I get the error (which im sure i will) repeat the next day with only the boot drive.
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    Could this be my PSU?

    On cold boots, I get the vocal error "System Failed CPU Test". It takes a few cycles to get the PC to start. It doesnt do it on warm reboots or boots, only after it has sat. Its definitly realated to the 9600XT somehow. It doesnt do it ever with a generic $10 card.Ive had this problem for a...
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    Something seriously wrong....

    Nope, and the files where either ripped from cd or copied from mp3 cds.
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    Something seriously wrong....

    I just did a fresh XP install on my C: drive. Everything works good. However on my D: drive, I have some music. Some songs, I click and they open up in winamp with the proper tag info and everything, however the song playing is something completly different. If I copy the song to C: drive and...
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    Simple program convert txt to html

    Search for AOLPress. I used it way back in the day.
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    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 250GB SATA $81

    Is that drive (ST3250624AS) SATA II? It says 1.5Gb/s is SATA correct, not 3Gb/s which is what I thought was SATA II. TIA, John
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    Thanks Boogalou
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    Scythe Quiet Drive HDD enclosure

    Thanks for finding the correct price, I was gonna say at $60 thats pretty steep, $30 is a little more workable
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    NTLDR is missing.. help! :)

    I had the EXACT same issue today. I ran recovery console, and ran the following: >D:\ >CD i386 >copy NTLDR c:\ and that worked for me 100% EDIT: pretty much exactly what you did. At first I accidently hit enter with copy ntldr and god access denied (i forgot to put location)
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    SATA Power connectors

    Im looking at upgrading to SATA II, getting 2 drives, upgrade to for later one. I was wondering if any retailer sells power connectors that go from drive to drive (like right angle connectors, then an inch or so of cable then another connector, another inch, another connector, like I had for...
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    Help with PHP

    <?php if (isset($_POST['url'])) { header('location:' . $_POST['url'] . '&cat=6'); } else { ?> <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="post"><input name="url" type="text" /><input name="submit" type="submit"...
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    ie7 and genuine windows

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    Need a llittle help

    I second ccCleaner, one of my fav utils
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    Website detailing information movie content

    There are tons of sites that list the content.
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    Re-copresing programs

    not really possible, as it adds registry values, and installs dlls and all sorts of other crap in other locations.
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    Looking for some constructive criticism

    The background and border is to busy IMO, I prefer a simple etched (light color) border done with css, and a lighter tile for that page.
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    need help with a forum im putting up

    Thats probably why he's broke :p
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    Remote Backup Software?

    Looks like I solved my own problem. Microsoft has a newer utility called SyncToy. From whaty I see it is exactly what I need. Pretty neat utility.
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    Remote Backup Software?

    What I want to do is have a network backup, or more correctly mirror, on another computer of a drive on my desktop. Basically just dump information their on occaison and automatically. Anyone know of a program to do this?TIA, John
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    Windows Media Player on a Network?

    Mircosoft has the 'Windows Media Encoder' that will stream from your computer.
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    IM Client solutions (IE: trilliam, gaim, etc)

    I use Gaim but on my system it uses more idle memory than AIM did, and I cant ever direct connect for some reason, but I still use it since its sans adverts and otehr AOL bs.
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    Adding more hard drives

    I have been reading, and havent found what I really am looking for. I have a P4P800-E Deluxe with a raid controller. I purchased 4 160GB ATA/100 hard drives a while back, but could only use two (one primary ide channel, as secondary is running optical drives). I do have the option to run the IDE...
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    Xbox 360s in stock at Bestbuy where I live

    Wow I live in Tomball I wish I would have caught this post earlier. I honestly havent set foot in a store in serach of a 360 figuring Id just end up waiting till January anyway, and I am definitly not paying some tool scalper $700 for one...
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    FC4 - Load Desktop?

    I ran the install and picked server, So I boot to prompt. Im learning Linux (ive had a dedicated server, so im used to the ssh, but not GUI) and id like to test the graphical version. How do I load the graphical desktop from this server installation? GNOME, GTK, etc are all installed. Is there...
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    Looking for an App

    Someone on a forum linked me too it on a driver issue I have another need for it.It was a prog that lets you view all request to the harddisk and their status wheter it was file not found or what not. I have searched for everything I though it could be anyone know what the programs are called...
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    Vantec(ish) 4 Channel Fan Controller ... $9.95

    I have had 2 Vantec Nexus go out on me one with just normal 80mm and it was RMA second one had a hum right out of the box. Will pick up one from here thanks
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    I cant play games!

    wow i had a bunch of typos. reread it now :p
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    I cant play games!

    ok I did a format, installed the newest driver, and it plays fine (albeit looks like shit) on medium settings, I cant up anything without it getting very choppy. And I notice my screen the text gets bolder in some areas (two vertical sections on the monitor, always same spot.) never did that...
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    I cant play games!

    My card is a fairly new 9600XT. Playing battlefield 2, on medium settings has things disappearing and textures appearing on and off as well as this weirdness: Any ideas?
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    How Can I Do This?

    Ok well I enabled VPN in my router and tried it it seemed to work. I just now need to fiugure out how to get all teh computers authenticating properly. Like right now I can send remote shutdown to my brothers but not dads, and neither can send them to me. What else needs to be done once the...
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    How Can I Do This?

    We have a basic workgroup type network right now buts its kinda messed like I can get files off my brothers c$ share but he cant mine and no one can get of my dads comp. But anyway, my dad is gonna be moving overseas possibly, but he would like to connect to the network liek his computer is in...
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    Website critique

    Very nice, I have visited many Texas university pages and I qouldnt have thought twice about that not being part of one, very professional looking, GJ.