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    good VLAN switch for business?

    Used Aruba tons, the only odd thing about that switch is it's their "Instant On" series, which I think means requires a cloud account to manage. They are good switches, just know that's a cloud model (Unsure if you can change it to local managed).
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    VM gaming with a Grid K520

    I've done this a good amount with vmware, be warned you need enterprise + licensing for vmware to do vgpu.... Are you looking at VMWare or another hypervisor?
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    Is there a way to change selection of multi-monitor for hyper-v VM?

    Check out something like display fusion and see if it meets your needs.
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    Weird Outlook sync issues - Exchange

    Regarding the OP - at 97GB ost I would look at archiving mail for sure. Reducing per-folder item count helps performance alot. Make sure he has an SSD and rebuild his profile as well. 2GB is a very old metric from back in the ANSI days. The newer versions of exchange/outlook are just fine...
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    Help - customer got hit with ransonware, any info on this one?

    Just got called by a company that got hit by an exact looking one... didn't dig too deep just suggested reverting to backups.
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    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    If we need to limit traffic we do it at a software/setting level. Not at a legacy hardware legacy limitation. We recycle/throw a couple pallets of equipment away a month. Dealing with finding enough people to take it who will use it isn't worth the time unfortunately.
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    So now that W7 is EOL, can you still activate W10 with W7 keys?

    So while it does "work" (/Activate) it does not mean it is properly licensed per Microsoft. I was looking at upgrading a large number of workstations this way recently - so I called the microsoft licensing department to see if this would count as a legitimate install. They told me that...
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    Is file encryption necessary?

    HIPAA compliance requires encryption in your case. What MDM do you use?
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    Is file encryption necessary?

    Necessary for your files is defined by you, not us. Would it matter if your PC goes stolen and all your data was accessed? Maybe there's nothing that you would care if stolen - but you just think your files shouldn't be openly accessible. Maybe your of the mindset of "I've got nothing to hide -...
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    Philips SHP9500 Headphones (Ships) @ Amazon 59.99

    Great cans but make sure you understand what open back means and how it affects you. These do not isolate sound, they bleed a lot of sound and also let a lot of sound in. They sound excellent (And are extremely comfy as others have mentioned) but are easily affected by any other noise in the...
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    Simple app to share files over the network?

    Hello - Based on your signature I assume both machines are running windows? Are they both on the same subnet/network and not a guest WiFi? What are you trying to share - a set folder? What OS/build is the "host" computer running? Newer builds of Windows 10 block SMBv1 by default - which may...
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    start on boot

    What distro? Creating a service is probably a good way to go about it.
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    This guy has experienced what he is saying. I know because so I have I. ALL DRIVES DIE & data corruption is real. The worst server recovery I have ever have to done was from an array that was corrupting data for months before we realized. Millions of documents rarely accessed. Most of our...
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    Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

    A few of my coworkers have this chair... our work offers to buy us them if we want/need. I find the cushions to be quite firm for my taste but the chair feels solid and well built. I enjoy the full back. Personally I still stick with a mesh chair and like it... no idea on brand :D
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    Thin pc

    Depends what the goals are for "playing with it". Raspberry does not support SSE2 AFAIK which would mean it doesn't even meet minimum sys requirements for vmware blast. I'm sure it would still run - but might be a poor experience. The celeron they linked I think will give a much better...
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    Server 08 on Dell R710

    I would think bad/incorrect driver or something wrong with that raid card if switching the card fixed it.
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    What's your VDI solution at work?

    Main offices are around 4ms and 15ms to colo both on SLA'd fiber circuits of 100/100. We've tried shaping traffic in various ways as each office has multiple circuits but still get complaints.
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    What's your VDI solution at work?

    I have been working on a "VDI-in-the-cloud" project as well over the last several months. Using VMware VDIs. Also with an already existing VMware horizons VDI on-prem (However the existing VDI is only used by remote employees). We colo'd vmware servers in a datacenter and have data replicating...
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    Site-to-Site VPN Performance good enough to run quickbooks enterprise for other locations?

    100% this. While quickbooks will physically "run" it is a definite no no per quickbooks. Corruption is likely. From what I've read part of it comes down to the inefficiency of how the QB network communication was designed. Running an RDS/RemoteApp is definitely the way to go.
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    Why would my unmanaged switch only get full speed after reboot?

    A common reason I see switch performance drop over time fixed by a reboot is some kind of loopback or broadcast storm happening. Once the switch cache/buffers fill it starts to perform terribly and they clear on a reboot.
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    HP RGS + VMWare vGPU add a second monitor "head"

    Unfortunately no Horizons on this server.
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    HP RGS + VMWare vGPU add a second monitor "head"

    So the issue here is that the GRID vGPU control panel is limited - it doesn't have the same options to load an EDID.
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    Need to backup towers in a 24x7 MOC

    Maybe check out a Unitrends backup appliance? It can run on a VM. One neat feature is it could replicate your backups over to another machine (Called a replica) that is ready to spin up as soon as needed. It can do image snapshots using an agent running on the machines without interrupting the...
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    Backup Software Recomendation

    What you didn't state is... images or file level backup? If you did image-level with something such as StorageCraft ShadowProtect for desktop - you could do say weekly full images with daily incremental. Then if you ever had to restore it would not included deleted files. The images can be...
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    Veeam/VMware VSAN backup issue

    I had a weird snapshot cleanup issue with Veeam and after working with support oddly enough removing the attached virtual CD/DVD drive resolved the issue on the VMs - I just ran a final consolidation and has been good since. It was a template I was seeing the same failures with across VMs.
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    VMware Horizon concurrent user/instant clone question (VDI)

    Agreed... maybe try just redirecting the browser profile folders and see what happens? A short google gave me this 2 paths - Firefox %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ Chrome %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ The option from VMWare might be looking into VMWare Persona...
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    HP RGS + VMWare vGPU add a second monitor "head"

    Hello - Wondering if anyone has any insight or ideas here... essentially we want to use HP Remote Graphics Software to connect to virtual desktops running on ESXi with a shared virtual GPU being passed through to the guests for AutoCAD. Overall this works - however when we set the VDI...
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    Is gig worth it at home?

    Agreed. Heavy user here overall and I usually hit about 800-900GB on 75Mbps. I'm a full time IT guy and dont see the need personally for anything higher except for faster ISO downloads occasionally lol..
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    Windows 10 network sharing settings

    What build are the Windows 10 machines? Win 10 Build 1709 (Fall Creators update) and later - do not include SMBv1.
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    Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB = $399.99 + 3 Free Games

    Also jumped on this awhile back at $399. No noticeable noise that I've seen with my Noctua NH-D15. PC is under my desk.
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    USB hubs in VMs

    Yes luckily small enough with dedicated VMs.
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    USB hubs in VMs

    I've just ordered one of the Digi 5 port Anywhere USB... hoping to plug in digital certificate USB tokens in so our VDI users can sign documents anywhere without having to bring to PC with USB token. Hope it works.
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    $279 27" 1440P 155hz Freesync Not Grainy Dell Monitor @ BB

    I just grabbed one of these for the same price, free 2 day shipping (But + tax) $269.99 - Monoprice MP 27in Zero-G Gaming Monitor - 1440p, 144Hz, 1ms, FreeSync I have a 27'' 1440p Monoprice IPS and love it. Going to run the new one as my gaming monitor and my IPS as my secondary.
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    ESXI 6.5u2 Network speed between VMs

    Would also like to know the CPU resource usage during large contiguous transfers. Also have you benchmarked the array? What cache mode is it running in?
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    MSN email listed on the darkweb. Attempts to sync have been made.

    Long password first. Is 2 factor authentication an option? I'm not sure on MSN mail but it looks to redirect to an outlook/microsoft login portal.
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    iDrive backup problems

    I wish you luck Waster. Sorry I don't have a solution. I've had a ton of issues with iDrive and a few that they've spun wheels on for days with no results. I can't recommend them to anyone.
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    AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer

    3.5 stars seems meh. Anyone actually own this? Was looking for a soundbar for my bedroom in the ~$100 range. Not really caring for much bass but a little wouldn't hurt. I rarely use the TV but would be nice for movies and when I have the AC blasting or windows open the built in speakers just...
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    Which company makes the best servers?

    My 2 cents here.. Used to work for an HP/SuperMicro/Dell reseller. Now work for a HP/Dell (almost all Dell) reseller. I have to say overall I like Dell the most right now. I like the physical design of the HPs/think hardwares built a little better- but Dell's support is always quicker for me...
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    Logitech G-Pro Mouse $29

    Agreed. Can't use right side buttons. *looks down at MX518 lovingly* - I think I'm good still :)
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    Cheap Hyper-V backup solution to USB on host?

    I have several Windows Server 2012 - 2016 hypervisors in different locations with a USB backup device connected directly to the host. I would like to find a new backup software solution that would run a software agent to run images on the servers. Currently using Windows Server Backup on the...