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    Anyone hear about NZFS (from flexraid guy[s]) from what I can see, it seems to be a user friendly ZFS alternative.
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    HL(ep)3 voice acting allegedly done To be quite honest, if this is on the same old source engine that we've been seeing since 2003, it will be extremely disappointing. I hope that they've decided to wait until the next generation of consoles since...
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    HP to release memristor flash alternative in 2013, DRAM in 2014 Seems to be a pretty big leap if true. They claim that wherever flash is at the time, they'll be 2x better. Whether that means throughput or density I don't know. Memristors offer...
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    Got a pre-wired ethernet wall jack with nonstandard wire colors

    So I've got some ethernet wall jacks that are pre-wired to where all you need to do is take the twisted pairs from the ethernet and lay them under the screws. The only problem is that the wires on the wall jack are not the standard ethernet colors so I'm not sure how to wire it up. On my...
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    Anyone know if John Carmack's keynote was recorded?

    Does anyone know if his quakecon keynote was recorded and is up anywhere?
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    So what is the point of LTE?

    I'm seriously wondering what the point of LTE is? What can I do with that amount of speed that I can't do on 3G that won't have me blow through my 2GB cap in a few days? HD, hell even SD streaming would eat through you data in less than a week with light viewing. I just don't see the point...
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    Is there any software to perform certain actions on downloads based on extension?

    For some file types, I always want to do the same thing. So for example, for torrents or nzbs, they always go into a watch folder for auto import. Saved pictures always go into pictures for sorting. Rar and 7zip always get extracted. Seems like there should be some software that can set these...
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    Google fiber city announced: Kansas City, KS Hopefully they'll eventually expand it to other areas if it becomes a hit.
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    WHS machine failed, ? about putting drives in another machine

    My WHS machine failed, so until I can get a new machine up and running, I am putting my drives in my main desktop. On each drive there is a 'DE' folder and inside that folder is a folder called shares and one called folders. The shares folder has all of my files, but the 'folders' folder has...
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    Crysis 2 leaked for PC

    Seems as though Crysis 2 has been leaked for PC. From what I've read, it seems to be missing a few things and thus is labeled as a beta, but I don't think it is anything too major. From the screens posted, the PC version is extremely underwhelming on high. Crap textures, especially in what...
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    John Carmack to reveal unannounced project and quakecon today Any guesses? Probably something for iphone. Title should say "at".
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    Is all digital out equivalent?

    I'm looking for a soundcard to get optical out from my HTPC because I didn't realize that the mobo didn't have it integrated. I'm looking to get something cheap and I just wanted to ask since it's coming from optical and going into a receiver that the sound will pretty much be the same despite...
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    So when we transistion to IPv6, will every device have a static IP?

    From what I've read there would seem to be enough IPs available for every person on earth to have trillions upon trillions of IPs each. So it would make sense for every network capable device to have a static IP. Then again, I don't pretend to know much about it. Has there been any plans or...
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    Just an FYI Astaro Home edition now support 50 IPs

    One of the thing that has kept me from trying Astaro is that it used to only support 10 IPs for the home edition. Just went to their website and apparently they've upped it to 50 IPs. I'm not sure when they changed it, but their package for home users looks pretty nice...
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    Galaxy-level scale game engine demo

    I posted this in the open world thread, but thought it would get more exposure in it's own thread. It starts out slow, but continue watching as he actually flys onto that planet in the distance.
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    Anybody else get terrible latency in BC2

    I don't know what it is, but I don't think I've ever been in a game that has had under 100 ping for me. The server browser will say 1 or 15, then in game it'll be 100+ always. These servers are in dallas and in source games I'm pulling 10-15 ping. I'm not sure if BC2 is reporting incorrect...
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    Can you believe CSS is older than CS was when CSS was released?

    CS was ~5 years old when CSS came out, and CSS is approaching it's 6th year. Can't believe it's been that long. Valve needs to shake a leg with ep3 so they can build a new engine that rapes my pc and make hl3 and cs2.
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    So, unlike movies, would you like to see classic games remade?

    I would personally love it. Don't get me wrong, there are awesome games that are coming up, but I can't imagine any of them being better than playing the some of the classics with updated visuals,online etc. I'd kill to have an updated version of roadrash with online or say an updated version...
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    Two processes with same name, how to close one that start most recent?

    If I have 2 processes with the same name, say for example, two instances of excel open, and I want to close them with the command line (or simple vbs script or something). They both would have the same name, excel.exe, but I only want to close the one that was opened most recently and not all...
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    anybody know anything about this 700MHz wifi radio Saw this today and it says it has a range of ~50km (based on the antenna). Anybody know how accurate that is, and if it is, what kind of equipment (broadcasting antenna, receiving antenna, etc) that would be required to get that kind of range. Would be pretty...
  21. R 20% off giftcards+20% off order+25% bing cashback

    Haven't ordered yet, gonna see if family wants anything, so I don't know if these work together for sure, but I don't see why they wouldn't. coupon code for 20% off order: LKS19NJ2 from Link to order giftcard with 20% discount (says it will be...
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    Steam having any black friday deals?

    I know they usually do something around christmas, but do they ever have anything good for black friday?
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    sort massive amounts of files into folder based on name?

    I've got a bunch of files that are all different names, but they have numbers appended on them. Example: filename_page1.jpg, filename_page2.jpg, filename_page3.jpg, etc. What I would like to do is put these files that have the same name but different appending numbers into the same folder. So...
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    my god, roadrash HD (possible fake and/or cancelled, still awesome) One of my favorite games, seems it might just be the work of a talented animator, or it might actually have been in development and was cancelled. Either way, if we show that there's a market for it, EA...
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    Renegade-X mod for UT3 gets Sept. 30 release date

    One of my most anticipated mods. For those that don't know, it's a remake of CnC Renegade on the U3 engine.
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    good behind-ear earbuds for running

    The buds that come with the ipod shuffle will not stay in my ears once I begin sweating, so I need some decent behind-ear earbuds to help keep them in while running. I've been searching on amazon, but most have average reviews at best. For the record, I couldn't care less how they sound as...
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    using livecd to transfer files from ext3 hdd

    Well, i've found out that after installing clarkconnect to be my file server and transfering all of my files over to newly formatted ext3 hard drives, that it doesn't do some of the things that I want. On top of that i'm a linux bafoon so that doesn't help when trying to manage it. So i've...
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    mass move files from one dir to another

    I need to know if there is any way to move files from one folder on one hard drive to a folder on another. I've tried the move command, but it moves the folder as well, and I just want the files in the folder to be moved. EX: /mnt/500hdd/movies/(whatever files in this directory) to...
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    Hitachi claims 5TB hdd by 2010 Can't wait
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    So when and what is coming after 1TB?

    So is there any news or rumours about what size hard drive is coming out after the 1TB? 1.25TB? 1.5TB? 2TB? I ask because i'm getting close to building a nas and want the biggest drives available, so if there is something coming out in the next 6+ months i'll wait for those.
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    Mini integrated wireless, or external usb adapter

    I previously purchased a wireless usb adapter, the Linksys WUSB54, seen here, it is the Linksys WUSB54G for use with another computer seen here, but i've since sold that one and decided to buy a mac mini, the old one with...
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    Unoffical Master List of Linux Firewalls

    I've found that the vast amount of linux firewalls available can be a litte overwhelming for the beginner. So I thought I would create a master list of firewalls for all of the begginers wanting to try out an OPEN SOURCE firewall. Smoothwall Express Website:
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    Smoothwall Express 3.0 Officially out

    Haven't had a chance to try it out yet, i'm currently running SWE 2 because of my slower hardware that can't handle the more "beefier" firewalls. The one thing that caught my eye was the new QOS. Will let you guys know what its like when I get around to trying it out.
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    Which would you buy?

    I was about to order a macbook from the apple store(the white 2.16) and realized that they charged tax. F&#$ that, so I went to amazon and discovered something unique. They have the previous gen macbooks and the new ones. Now heres the kicker on the previous generation middle model that has...
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    one 750 or a 500 and 320?

    Which would you guys go for, they are both about the same price.
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    Looking for note taking/all in one planner software

    I'm considering buying a macbook for school next year, and I was just wondering if there was any software that had some of the following features: Ability to take notes(hand written or audio) Have spots to input classes and have seperate calenders or reminders for each class There are a...
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    Bad PSU?

    I have an old system running windows home server. Specs are 3200+ a64 venice, 1GB ram, 2 SATA hdd's, nvidia 6200. I don't know what the problem is, I turn it on, everything seems fine for a few hours then when I try to connect it will say "server not available". So when I go to check on...
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    Would this work...