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    i5-7600k to Ryzen 5 5600x worth the upgrade?

    In today's market that gpu is more than acceptable for 1080/120hz. In Control the game that I was playing when I upgraded from the 7700k to a Ryzen 2600. The frame rate normalized during heavy action sequences, even though I had my backup 970 instead of the 1070 attached to my previous build.
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    Need opinions on motherboard for a 5900x

    That Tuf board was such a low price that I had to bite. I've resisted picking up the 5900 several times in the last few months, because use case or terms like overkill aren't as loud a message as technically able to to run.
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    8 states to allow iphone and apple watch to be used as drivers license/state i.d.

    I would go as far as stating that it's the opposite of a good idea.
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    The future is here: Meet Tesla Bot

    No fair. If I can't walk around looking like I'm wearing a skin suit, then I'll be damned if some robot can.
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    EA Frostbite engine and FIFA 2021 source code allegedly stolen in hack

    That's one way to farm out tech support...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Nerfs Not Only Ethereum Hash Rate But Also Other Coin Algorithms

    So to sum this all up. Low Hash-rate chips are an infuriating exercise in futility because Nvidia is trying to convince it's gamer segment not to worry about their crypto segment. But alienating everyone else instead? I can get behind this all being Marketing BS, I just can't figure out what...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    It seems like the shuffle is adding new items. An Asus 3070 just snuck in. And there were some laptops as well.
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    Ok, NOW the RTX 3060 eth hash limiter has been hacked.

    Yeah I'm sure it'll work itself out in the end. Meanwhile my friends and I need to get better computer hardware at reasonable prices for the LAN party we have planned in about two thousand years...
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    Ok, NOW the RTX 3060 eth hash limiter has been hacked.

    I didn't barely graduate High-School not go to College and peruse this site between customers at a dead end minimum wage job. you guys are flaunting your economics majors and it should go with out saying that I can barely follow this discussion, but I sincerely hope that was intended to be a...
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    PSU problem or Video Card problem

    Considering the amount of information absent from the original post and the wind swept wasteland of a GPU market right now? How could they not want it to be something other than that?
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    National Day of Unplugging March 5th 6th

    What if I placed an unused cellphone underneath a small garbage pail?
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    PSU problem or Video Card problem

    Okay fine the hard off state is what I mean. Regardless, those symptoms are awfully similar to what I have been experiencing lately.
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    PSU problem or Video Card problem

    No I think what they're saying is the opposite. Cold booting is the only way to run with out rampant errors.
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    The GPU Sadness Index: aka the Shadenfreude Pricing Index

    Fuck IRQ conflicts. Err Um so what you are saying is that nothing has really changed except maybe our knees were in better shape?
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    Memory pricing expected to increase

    Welp, time to go spend the birthday money
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    Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs

    If they have money then they're a customer Regardless of whether they passed an arbitrary litmus test to get access to the product. They should just increase the MSRP across the board because at this point it will be cheaper to be ripped off for good broadband and use a cloud service for my...
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    Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs

    Jesus. I remember when the MSRP was an expensive punch line. Now excuse me I need to pay $800 for a ten year old Sony camera at Best buy
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    I'm no expert but, if you want to be that reductive than you could disqualify most of the cards in this thread thinking that.
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    NVIDIA quietly introduces the GeForce GT 1010 — A Pascal GP108 GPU with 256 CUDA cores, 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, and 55 W TDP

    At work I do, on breaks. Why, thinking of using one of these to power a TV in card like back in the day?
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    The [H]ardforum video card all time power ranking poll nomination thread.

    Ditto except I was still using a Tseng Labs card up until I could convince my parents that a Geforce 256 32MB SDR would help my school work. The 8800GTX was just out of my price range so I settled on the 640 MB GTS. And how else would I be able to afford Vista Ultimate for playing Crysis on a...
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    NVIDIA quietly introduces the GeForce GT 1010 — A Pascal GP108 GPU with 256 CUDA cores, 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, and 55 W TDP

    Yeah but it's much more fun than just providing basic video out. At least to me. I get they're just cleaning in between the proverbial sofa seats. And it certainly looks better than billing them as kinda broken 1030's. Unless the iGPU and APU market really is that bad right now...
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    Beyond FPS - Finding non-GPU bottlenecks? (MSFS performance diagnostics)

    I know you're trying to bask in the new hardware glow. But I can't help but wonder how the game looks and performs at your old settings.
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    THG: Nvidia Mulls Restarting Cryptomining GPU Production

    I don't know what's worse all the time that I have spent bewildered by crypto mining or the potential money lost for not jumping in sooner (at all).
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    Creative's Sound Blaster Z SE promises an even better audio experience

    Finally something other than an oversized second GPU to sit under utilized attached to the motherboard. At least I can recycle the X-Fi card that keeps popping up in my computer room.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Official Gameplay Trailer Released

    Considering the state a performance level of each of the previous Witcher games at launch. And the amount of different versions to support at once. Cyberpunk 2077 might be their best launch yet. They're no Ubisoft or Take Two.
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    I'm still paying off the 2070s I bought this summer. And I've only recently upgraded to a 1440p monitor.
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    Pixel 4a thoughts?

    Well, coming from the refurbished pixel 2 that I had been previously using the 4a certainly holds it's charge better. I don't know if it's the phone or Android 11's "aww fuck it." Attitude towards camera apps but something's not working right.
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I just bought a 2070 super. So I'm sure that in two and a half years, when I can rationalize spending as much money again.
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    Crysis Remastered System Requirements Published - New "Can it Run Crysis? Mode Announced

    I think expecting anything more than basic windows 10 support would be highly delusional
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    Quantum paradox points to shaky foundations of reality

    Shouldn't we be glad that solutions are being found for these thought expirements? Sure it's less fun for layman like myself to misunderstand here on the internet. But I've digressed. My takeaway was that the more observers the less reality can be considered objective? Hell I'm still mourning...
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    Pixel 4a thoughts?

    I've been looking for an upgrade from the pixel 2. I figured I could wait until the 3/3XL would've dropped further in price but it seems I missed the cut off
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    Worth upgrading from a 4770k at this point?

    Yeah I followed that logic pretty much to a T, coming from a 7700k. I tell you it was almost like going from a q6600 to an i7 920 and almost hitting 20 fps in crysis at 1680x1050 for the first time.
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    Fox Sports will use virtual fans created in Unreal Engine to fill empty stadiums in MLB broadcasts

    Does fox sports know that tencent has a stake in epic?
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    Elon Musk Claims His Neuralink Microprocessing Chip Will Allow You To Stream Music Directly To Your Brain

    Ghost hacked humans are so pathetic... Can't most people with functional hearing stream music directly into their brain?
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    8K Modes for Canon EOS R5 Leaked: No Crop, No Overheating Issues

    Product releases like this seem to me like the opposite of a healthy market.
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    Death Stranding bundled with RTX

    Isn't that literally the spread with walking simulators? If the game runs(ha) half as well as MGSV then we should be good. I wonder about the control scheme though. Death Stranding didn't seem to look keyboard and mouse friendly.
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    8K Modes for Canon EOS R5 Leaked: No Crop, No Overheating Issues

    Funny I just checked EOSHD and the first thing I see is a big post detailing the the over heating issues this camera has.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    Okay fine. 😀