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  1. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    I ended up with an Ender3 max the other week during an Amazon lightning deal. After my rollercoaster experience with my Ender 3 v2, this one has been in "fire and forget" mode for over a week, churning out boardgame tiles. I'm really pleased so far. Hard lessons learned with the first setup...
  2. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    So, after your last suggestions, I indeed tried them and got similar results. Today, something changed. I was printing an ammo insert for a pelican case when I decided to change the profile to Cura's "Low Quality .28mm" setting, because that took 90+ mins off the print job. A week earlier...
  3. Bullitt

    [Origin + Amazon Prime] Battlefield V

    I already have the game, here's a code. Just say who used it so I can strikethrough when claimed EU55-KXKG-U9AE-5K9E-BKN9 Claimed
  4. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    I'll give that a shot. I need to take a break from mine for a day, and come back with a fresh mindset. I'll try those settings. What temp are you finding that works?
  5. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    This is off an Ender 3 v2. Purchased new @ Amazon. This was chosen based upon the /r/3dprinting, based off of widespread community support and going into it, I knew that this wasn't going to be a turn-key experience. Retraction Distance: 3mm Retraction speed (both Retract and Prime) is 25mm...
  6. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    Welp, Today I calibrated my E-steps using Tomb of 3d Printed Horrors guide and I came up with a value that was slightly off. The machine was default to 93, I came up with a 97 value. I saved and validated with another run; it matched up to the 100mm. I also used the flow rate calibration...
  7. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    So, I would calibrate the E-steps, and input that value into the Ender's control panel. I presume it saves over a power cycle? I would then run the calibration cube, measure the width of the cube walls, and then adjust my slicer flow rate variable based upon the printer's output -- Change...
  8. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    Negative. I have not. Dumb question, but I'll ask anyway: Would/Should I calibrate per filament brand ?
  9. Bullitt

    Checking in with my Ender3 pro

    I'm a novice with 3d printing, having only owned my Ender for almost 2 weeks. My issue is that I have a stringing issue, seemingly caused by retraction. What I've done: Changed nozzle, installed (several) new nozzles using the video guides from Tomb of 3d Printed Horrors". I'm fairly...
  10. Bullitt

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Not Steam, but Amazon Prime had Battlefield 1 for free. I've already got the game, so if anyone wants it, it redeems on your Origin account (Unsure if it'll activate via Steam). 1x Battlefield 1 - 4GEN-HEYN-WUFD-9KU2-HKYQ
  11. Bullitt

    Cheap Air Coolers at Newegg - RAIJINTEK $20-$40

    I got the linked ARESGAME cooler, is about 158mm tall. Might be good for most cases, but it may present issues with cases with questionable case clearances. It looks good for $20.
  12. Bullitt

    Amazon has the 5950x at MSRP

    I bought mine June 5. Claimed a mid July date, then June 25, and delivered June 20. I'm just waiting for the x570S boards to hit retail availability. Indeed, the bubble seems to have burst.
  13. Bullitt

    Cheap Air Coolers at Newegg - RAIJINTEK $20-$40

    That one looks good (or rather, not terrible) even at $25. I'll pick up a spare since my last tower cooler just went to a friend who is replacing a stock intel hockey-puck.
  14. Bullitt

    Cheap Air Coolers at Newegg - RAIJINTEK $20-$40

    There's some really "stellar" reviews on the big mamma-jamma, as in "wont clear memory" and "questionable fan mounting" The cheapest I've gone with was the ID-COOLING SE-224-XT which is $23 (after clippy coupon for Amazon Prime members.) The R5-3600 system I built for my dad used the stock...
  15. Bullitt

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I got shipping confirmation and tracking finally. It's scheduled for Sunday delivery. So far, so good edit: Delivered Sunday evening, about 5:30pm
  16. Bullitt

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Good point, I'll keep a careful eye on it, for any shipping shenanigans.
  17. Bullitt

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    5950x Shipped and Sold by Amazon is $799. EST delivery date for me was June 18-25. Its been available for almost 9 hours.
  18. Bullitt

    does 10 to 15 yr. old USB Joystick still works with any game under windows 10?

    well damn guys, I'll have to re-visit that. I had a bug up my ass to play the old MS Combat Flight Simulator 3 a few years ago and my sidewinder precision 2 didn't work edit: Looks like I forgot to send in my staples rebate for the game. Oh well....
  19. Bullitt

    does 10 to 15 yr. old USB Joystick still works with any game under windows 10?

    there's a distinct possibility that it won't work, because MS switched to Xinput devices vs the older DirectInput. I had a joystick that was from that era the just was simply not recognized anymore. You can try it, no harm there.
  20. Bullitt

    Subnautica: Below Zero - final release May 14th

    Wait for the summer sale and pick up the cheaper one. Both are good games, but I would recommend the 1st one.
  21. Bullitt

    Subnautica: Below Zero - final release May 14th

    Its another story in the Subnautica universe. Different character, different plot, similar gameplay. Find plot elements, move and explore to find the next plot elements. You've got your base building from the first one, similar resource collection, new monsters, new vehicles. If you played...
  22. Bullitt

    Subnautica: Below Zero - final release May 14th

    The first Subnautica, I played the absolute shit out of, each significant milestone, I'd start a new game and push forward from the start. Loved it. Finished the game, have nothing but praise. I purchased Below Zero, day1 of early access. I fired it up, but I could not get hooked...
  23. Bullitt

    Deep Rock Galactic - 4-player co-op mining/shooting

    No. Game is feature and content complete with the base game. DLC are hats and stuff. No gated off content.
  24. Bullitt

    Microsoft Nier: Automata port is a marked improvement over the Steam one

    I guess I got distracted with the story and gameplay to notice its deficiencies with the Steam version. I mean.... In all seriousness, until this post, I never realized it was in some bastardized 1920x1440 resolution (when the game settings were set @ 2560 × 1440) and how much tearing the...
  25. Bullitt


    Its limited to 10 players and the netcode kinda sucks (coming from an old school, amateur dedicated server admin). What I mean by that is that some player, gets assigned the physics and game in a chunk and has to replicate that info out to the rest of the server for the players in the chunk...
  26. Bullitt

    Deep Rock Galactic - 4-player co-op mining/shooting

    Wonderful game. Have a few hundred hours in it, and while not a daily staple, it's one of those games where if someone hits me up to "Let's play Dwarves" I'm all in. Fun times, decent update schedule to keep it feeling fresh, and absolutely worth the $20 (or ~ $14 when I got it on sale) you...
  27. Bullitt

    [Dead]SeaSonic Focus: 850w Platinum - $159.99 / Gold for $139.99

    Welp, my seasonic from 2012 was a 750w unit and it ran me $160. I've been out of the loop from 2012-.2019. All I know is that 1Q 2020 onward, blew chunks to source 2 non-shit PSU's for builds. Either supply was non-existent or the prices were so heavily marked up. I ended up with a refurb...
  28. Bullitt

    Crucial MX500 1TB $84.99

    Just wait a week or two, it'll probably be back at that price. Edit: wait did that listing say "expected delivery between Jan 21 and June 21st" for prime members? Hell of a spread there 🙃
  29. Bullitt

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    J-Rando Free game from Fanatical order. Doesn't look like my style, but here's to anyone who might think otherwise. AGON - The Mysterious Codex - V5HAT-NK7YF-HYHAB
  30. Bullitt

    **It's DEAD, Jim** Logitech MX518 $19.99 / G203 Lightsync $14.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    I love the form factor, but this is an experience that i have as well. The scroll wheel is terrible compared to my 502se and G500s, however, that feel of the thing is right on.
  31. Bullitt

    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    What Nvidia allegedly did is shameful. GN, HUB, and others are my go-to and this is disturbing for their bottom line as access to the product drives viewership. I was skeptical with RTX upon introduction. After hearing 2nd hand reports from an early adopter, there was no way I'm adopting a...
  32. Bullitt

    [DEAD]Steam Autumn Sale 2020 has started! runs from November 25 to December 1, 2020 10AM PST

    I don't believe so, the menu system is so fucking clunky. Mouse doesn't work in options menu, so I get incredibly frustrated with the keyboard fiddle-farting navigation around in it. I couldn't find an option. Quick google search indicates that the "reviewers" were using FRAPS along a defined...
  33. Bullitt

    [Epic store] Free Elite Dangerous & The World Next Door until November 26 8 AM

    Elite is a love hate relationship with me. Its the only game that made me want to go out and get a VR headset. Its simply amazing with that piece of tech. Otherwise, the game is more or less, Universe Sandbox with some shooty-shooty bang-bang bits. I hate the PvP because as a filthy casual...
  34. Bullitt

    Yakuza 0

    I got it a bit after the PC port came to steam. I never heard of the Yakuza series until a podcast series mentioned it and how it was "bloody brilliant." I picked it up, and was instantly hooked by it. The game goes from gritty pulp crime drama to batshit crazy so many times. It just hit a...
  35. Bullitt

    Newegg 2020 Black Friday Scanned Ad is out

    Neither is the SN750 for $116.
  36. Bullitt

    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    I havent heard of any new motherboard releases for Zen 3. I'm not overly thrilled with the current x570 lineup, so if there's anything on the horizon, I'm still looking as well.
  37. Bullitt

    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I'm waiting for AMD's showing at the table. Might be nothing, might shake things up. Realistically, I'm going to wait until the first batch goes out, see where AMD stands, watch for defects, issues, etc, then make my decision once all the players are on the field and prices stabilize...
  38. Bullitt

    Inland Professional 1TB 3D QLC NAND PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $89.99

    Each time I see this thread, I get all excited then confused for this exact reason. The premium has the good phison controller and DRAM cache, right?
  39. Bullitt

    Phanteks/Seasonic RMA turnaround time

    Thanks man, I'll give that a shot, although, I'm not all too confident in the outcome. edit: You are undoubtedly correct, the pin I shorted was #16 to ground, no dice. I had the wrong pin #, just used the incorrect common nomenclature.