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    Unable to Attach Virtual Disk - Server 2k12r2 Storage Spaces

    After a rather brutal storm here in Central Florida, I had my primary data server/media server shutdown rather ungracefully due to power loss after the UPS battery dwindled. When I got home, I powered everything up as per the usual and noticed that my storage pool virtual disk did not mount...
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    Cost Effective Liquid Cooling Advice

    My buddy is putting together a PC with an socket 1150 i7 and 2 280x graphics cards. He's wanting to water cool, as keeping his GPUs cool has always been a problem. I put together a few systems in my day but it's been a long time since Ive done one and am not familiar with what's out...
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    PopCon Exchange Pop Connector

    We are currently in the proposal stage of a new environment that is going from SBS 2003 to DC-RDS-App-Exchange server setup. The client needs pop-connectors for their Exchange as they are a franchised partner and need to have their emails come in from their home office. I've found multiple...
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    Exchange Environment Recommendation

    We have a client that is currently running an Exchange 2003 environment with 150+ users. They are looking to moving to Server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010 environment. I'm not sure how to even approach this one in regards to specing out the server, as I've never dealt with anything this big...
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    2008 Std to SBS2011 migration, how?

    Currently in my office we're running Server 2008 Std, running DNS/DHCP/File/Print roles. We want to make the move to SBS2011 but are unsure of the path we should take. Has anyone here done this migration path, or similar that could lend some hints, tips or advice? =)
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    Can't access Win7 shares from XP

    Okay, I feel like a real 'tard right now but here goes. I have a customer who has 2 Windows7 Pro boxes (POS Systems) and a box in the back office running Windows XP Pro. I can access shares from Backoffice and POS2, on POS1. I can access shares from Backoffice and POS1, on POS2 I can...
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    Google Apps; Viable replacement for Exchange?

    I have a family friend who has drastically downsized his business from 30 people/3 offices to 4 people one office and he's thinking of selling some equipment and going very basic. They rely on email, calendar etc so they have SBS03 but he's thinking of ditching it all for Google Apps. Is this a...
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    QR Code on Business Card

    I know we have quite a few professional designers on these boards, I was just wondering, if any of you have had a request for QR codes on business cards yet? I've been toying with the idea, but I'm just not sure how often they'll be used, and to be quite honest, the QR codes arent exactly the...
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    Hardwire Power to Macbook.

    Okay I'm sure this sounds kind of weird, but I'm looking for a way to hardwire power to my Santa Rosa Macbook. I've gone through enough Magsafes to the point that I'm over spending $80 on it. I have the topcase off the Macbook and it appears that the Magsafe harness is just that a...
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    Play music sitewide, WordPress

    Okay so I'm putting together a website for a friend for her photography ventures. I'm designing this around WordPress for ease of use as a CMS. Now she asked me if I could implement a way to play music while on the site. Now I know I could always embed audio on to a page, but when a visitor...
  11. S like capabilities?

    I'm putting together a website for a friend who happens to be a photographer. I was going to throw this all together in WordPress and be done with it, as I do with most friends that want me to do a website for them. But.. she just informed me that she'd like be able to have a customer portal...
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    3rd Party Magsafe?

    Alright, well I'm on Magsafe #2 for my Santa Rosa Blackbook, and I'm over the $80 for a new one. (Granted, the chargers taking a shit are purely my fault) and I want to pick up something cheap to hold me over. Does anyone have any experience with the knockoffs? Can anyone recommend one...
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    Add 'SuperBar' features to OSX?

    Never in a million years, did I think I would ever ask this, but are there any ways to add some of the features that the SuperBar has, mainly preview windows on hover? I went 4 months without my MacBook, and I was using Windows7 the whole time. Now when I have multiple windows of Firefox or...
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    Mount Acronis .tib images, OSX

    I do a lot of data retention jobs for clients, and I like to keep backups of the work I do, just in case a customer misplaces a disk, or needs more copies, etc etc. Now I know there is no Acronis client for OSX, but is there a way to mount the image files? Or am I stuck toting my Windows...
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    What to charge for Data Recovery?

    I know this isnt really the correct sub-forum, and if it really bothers the Mods, I apologize. I know a lot of the consultants and such hang around these forums, so I was wondering what do you guys charge for data recovery? I have a client who needs some pictures recovered off his PC...
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    Yet Another Data Recovery Thread...

    Okay so I had a client call me up asking about data recovery. Apparently he's going through a divorce and needs some pictures recovered that his wife deleted. According to him the laptop has not been touched since the incident... Anyway, I've run full scans with GetDataBack and Recover...
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    Concerned with CSS validation?

    I've been using Wordpress for quite some time, but really never dappled into the plugins. I'm starting to implement them into my site, but I've noticed a lot of the CSS for the plugins doesnt validate. All the CSS/xHTML I coded myself does, and I pride myself on having my sites validate...
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    Motorcycle "steering wheel" for Xbox 360?

    I've been playing a lot of MotoGP lately and it always feels like something is missing. I have a steering wheel for my racing games, but does anyone have a controller the emulates the feel and function of a bike, for the 360? Just wondering if anyone knows anything, that even comes close...
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    What wireless card is in Macbooks?

    I love the range of my Plastic Blackbook's wireless and I was hoping to pop in the wireless card the Macbook uses into my friend's HP Laptop, but Im not willing to take my Macbook apart to find out the Part Number on the wireless card. Would anyone here happen to know what model the wireless...
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    Internal Dual-band WirelessNIC for Laptop?

    Has anyone had any luck swapping out the internal Wireless NIC on a laptop? A friend recently bought an HP laptop with no ExpressCard slot and wants 5.0Ghz 802.11N. USB dongles are bulky and just not portable, so I was thinking of swapping the internal WirelessNIC, but don't know where to...
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    So what are people going to whine about with W7?

    With Vista it was SuperFetch, UAC and Indexing. (to name a few) Over and over and over and over, bitch bitch bitch, because of misinformation or FUD. So my question to the [H]orde is, what do you think we'll be dealing with now that 7 is RTM?
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    Flush emails from users mailboxes?

    It seems like there's times where I dont post any new threads and times where I spam the hell out of the forums. One of those spamming times is now. At the moment, I'm retaining all deleted emails for 14 days, but before I do an offline defrag this weekend, I'd like to clear all my user's...
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    Folders to backup, SBS2003 R2

    Okay well when I was new to SBS and setup the NTbackup, I set it to backup both C and D drive in entirety, well now that its been over a year, these backups are getting pretty hefty and I was thinking maybe I was including things that arent really needed. So basically, what are the important...
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    Exchange share HUGE. mailboxes not?

    Please excuse my ignorance on the subject, but I recently recieved a low space alert from a server I administer. It's an SBS03 box, and exchange is on my 200GB partition. I have about 100GB worth of files and what not. and my exchange share is reaching 80GB. Now I'm serving up about 8 users...
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    Cheap Security Camera Solution.

    To give a little backstory, I live in a house with 3 other roommates. 3 of us have been here for a while but we cant seem to find a 4th that is responsible enough, or that just fits the house's life style. But anyway, one of my roommates came home today from vacation and noticed signs of...
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    iTunes sharing as Windows Service only?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a way to share out my iTunes library as a service only on a Windows machine, instead of having to have iTunes open all the time? While it's not big deal, and I have iTunes as a startup item, it rapes resources on my lowly 1GB server. I'd like to keep the...
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    Cisco 2503... w/ cable modem

    Okay well I inherited a Cisco 2503, and I'd like to incoporate this into my home network just for learning and what not. From my understanding it's looking for a WAN on the serial, I was wondering if there is some sort of Serial-to-Ethernet adapter I could buy for it, or if I'm beat on using it...
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    Electronic Access, Close Proximity Door Locks

    I'm not too sure if this technically belongs in this sub-forum, but I figured Id get the best response here. The small plumbing shop is looking at getting Close Proximity electronic door access for the 3 exterior access points. Max would be 15 users with cards, perferably Key FOBs. I'm...
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    How'd they do it?

    When you go to College Humor and click on "sign in" it launches something along the lines of a lightbox, to login. How would I go about doing this?
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    Express Card. . . Wireless N 5.0Ghz

    Well right now my house is wired throughout, but one roommate does not have a network run, due to his room being in an area of the house where attic access is near impossible. Anyway, with all the interference he's getting on G, I told him he needs to get a Wireless N card for the laptop, but...
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    Learn me something about the Security+

    Well I might have a job I can't refuse. The only requisite I don't have is Security+ Cert. Basically I'm just looking for any and all help getting the S+ out of the way. Study guides, books, things to focus on, etc. TIA -Steven
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    Mandatory time limit on FSFT?

    It's been a long, long time since I've traded on the boards, and I just noticed you guys implemented a mandatory waiting limit on bumps. Now this is impeding me communicating with potential buyers. In my thread someone bumped me, and pointed something out about my item, that's only partially...
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    Western Digital RMA... External as Internal issues

    Apparently the drive I have been using in my Macbook was once a WD Passport. It is failing multiple S.M.A.R.T checks and I need to RMA it. . . The issue is, it's ready on the WD site as a Passport, not an internal drive. The drive was given to me by a friend and was not aware that it was...
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    Windows 7RC release May 5th?

    According to this Engadget Article, Technet/MSDN has acces right now?
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    Media Center Front End for WHS?

    Well I've been trying to simplify the electronics rack in the living room, and simply the network while I'm at it. I've played with WHS, and loved it. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a way to install Media Center on it, or if there is a third-party offering that is on par with Media...
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    MS allowing Downgrade rights to XP... from Windows 7. WTF I understand allowing downgrade rights from Vista to XP... but from Windows 7 to XP? What the hell. Whats everyone else's take on this?
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    Using slmgr.vbs upgrade "Trick" failing?

    I've used Joe Average's upgrade trick numerous times, but it seems to be failing on one of my repurposed HTPCs when I type in "slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" it runs the script and then Im told to "run slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004F061" when I do this Im told that "The Software Licensing...
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    "Optical Digital / Headphone out" What adapter?

    My roommate has a new Macbook and in the specs it says What adapter would be needed to achieve the digital output? TIA
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    Legality of owning OEM's OS Disks/Copes?

    Okay well for side work I run a little consulting business out of my house. Over the past year or so I've obtained Dell x32 and x64 Vista HP disks, and HP x32 Vista Home Prem disks. What is the legality of owning these disks, considering I do not posses the COA that came with them? Also the...
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    Best Forum/Bulletin Board Software. Free?

    Title basically says it all. I've done some work with vBulletin, but never any of the free alternatives. What is the [H] opinion on the best free forum software? (This is for a MMO Guild of roughly 300 users, if that matters any)