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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I've had scattered Asus motherboards from the LGA775 days (I think it was a P5Q) onward to now, and they've all been pleasantly solid and reliable. I'm not a PC extremist (particularly now that I'm %#*&%*! broke), so that's really all I can ask. :)
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    ‘Lizard Squad’ Member Reveals His Face in a TV Interview

    If he's indeed part of Lizard Squad, he's a fucking idiot for going on-camera (okay, webcam) and, if not immediately, basically outing himself. If he's not, he's possibly a bigger fucking idiot for trying to leech onto LS's act and get himself flagged as a criminal in the name of getting his...
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    Notch Buys $70M Beverly Hills Mansion

    I can't help thinking he should have bought the mansion from Brian de Palma's Scarface (last I knew it was still on the market, and at about half what this place cost), but hey. The man could afford to blow three percent of his windfall on the most expensive house sold in one of the most...
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    Installed my old X-Fi Titanium HD to replace my ZXR...

    If that's what they call the Console Launcher, Creative does have a version of it for W7 up on the Titanium HD support page...albeit from 2011.
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    343 Industries Explains 20GB Day One Patch

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm interpreting this as 343 screwing up somewhere and Microsoft going "Screw you, we're making that launch date." Printing that second disc (and thus modifying the cases for two discs, let's not forget that) was an expense MS didn't want to pony up for in the face of...
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    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    I haven't done anything serious post-squish apart from the UBRS dungeon (which, as a pally healer, is just disconcerting enough that I now need to read up and refresh my knowledge--such as it is). So far, the only thing I've really noticed is that some of the Timeless Isle mobs are a bit easier...
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    New product from Creative--Soundblaster X7

    I don't want to be that guy, but: IMO, the fact that Creative insists on using the words "kickass" and "pwn" in the ad copy for this thing doesn't help its case. And that said, it also doesn't help that I'm interpreting this monstrosity as less "external DAC" and more "abstractly designed...
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    The Crew beta signup is live!

    I used the last key you posted, eloj. Thank you kindly.
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    Cities:Skylines Reveal trailer

    Colossal Order, AIUI, is the developer behind the Cities in Motion series (which may or may not bode well for this project, I'm still not sure). Cities XL was developed by a group called Monte Cristo.
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    New Sound Card: Asus or Creative Labs??

    Yeah, ^ that up there. If you have a full-blown A/V receiver you're using for audio output, a sound card would be actual overkill; go for HDMI or SPDIF output to it, save some money, and rock on.
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    Good mousepad

    I have to admit my Ratpadz XT has held up astonishingly well since I got it in 1999 (not a super hardcore gamer, to be fair), though it's finally domed up and its feet are falling off. I'm heavily inclined to simply get another one to replace it, though I'm a little tempted to snag something...
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    TotalBiscuit Takes On The Watch Dogs PC Controversy

    Kind of a backhanded bonus, though... TB is/was basically right, though: it's either malice or stupidity that led to this, and until somebody in the loop actually pops up and dishes on it we're in the dark.
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    Battlefield: Hardline

    Going off a couple of hours with the beta: I do like it, though I'm not going to dismiss its sometimes feeling like a BF4 mod (and by extension the sentiment that EA could well charge usual retail price for a mod). I'm impressed it runs as well as it does at 1080p on my contingency PC, too (at...
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta for all!

    They must have done a big old batch of folks...I got my email earlier too. Let's see how badly this runs on this thing!
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    ASUS Essence STX II

    There are a few STX II reviews floating around in the wild, it seems, but not many...KitGuru, someplace called Review Studio, and some site in Romania. Oddly, it's even harder to actually find an e-tailer that appears to stock the thing; the original STX is all over the place, but nobody seems...
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta for all!

    Me neither, though from the sound of it it's mostly waiting for/timing the request to slog through the no doubt slammed site.
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    Blowing Up A Mac Pro With 10lbs Of C4

    I'm stuck wondering how much the C4 cost versus the Mac Pro.
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    Blue Sky eXo2 2.1 The best desktop speakers in the WORLD?

    No! Bad! Okay, I can accept's still kind of a low bar for comparative purposes, but okay. On the bright side, going from onboard to something on the order of a Xonar Essence STX (II?) with speakers this good may well qualify as a religious experience...
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    Blue Sky eXo2 2.1 The best desktop speakers in the WORLD?

    Going off this and the aforementioned thread that diverged about this set, these are apparently indeed really lovely monitor-grade speakers...albeit with a monitor-grade $500-ish price tag. The subwoofer not being overly boomy (my one and only nitpick with the vaunted first-gen ProMedia 2.1...
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    Xiaomi Shows Off 49-inch 3D 4K TV for Just $640

    That pesky content bugaboo rears its head, but for the size that's borderline insane pricing. OTOH, while I haven't seen that much in the way of real problems with the existing lower-end 4K displays that are out there, I do wonder how sturdy this one is/will be.
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    Happy 54th Birthday, Laser Beams

    Not beating that...good night, everybody!
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    Stephen Hawking: Robots Will Kill You

    Two words. Jurassic Park. Don't get me wrong--sooner or later somebody will indeed go there, full-tilt. And, because people are imperfect creatures, someone will screw it up or misuse it massively...
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    AT&T Mulls $40 Billion Merger with DirecTV

    Aiya...but, with the Comcast/TWC thing out there, the door was opened wide for this. Obviously, their definition of "competition" is dissimilar to ours.
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    Holy Cripes Visiontek Cryovenom R9 290x $850

    I don't know...if you're going to watercool this monstrosity, cutting out the middleman in the name of "near-halo product" makes a certain narrow sense...
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    Asus D2X upgrade question

    What he said, pretty much. The D2X is still a pretty darn good sound card, even now; to sidegrade from it pretty much means a Sound Blaster Z-series, and an upgrade would rate a $200+ bill (either the Xonar Essence STX or STX II, or the SB ZXR). If it's not broke...
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    Cambridge Soundworks getting out of the PC speaker business

    See also Logitech and Creative, though...every so often, Cambridge got it right (the Gigaworks), but most of the time... It's still a shame, though. We're pretty much down to Creative, Klipsch--somewhat---and Logitech at this point. I'm going to be pissed when my TSC 5.1 set bites it...
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    Songs for speaker comparison/testing ?

    Charles Mingus's The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, perhaps, if you have/can get a good recording of it. Or Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms.
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    Connect XL2411T to PS3 console

    Ahh. I still think it's the adapter (likely a passive one), though if you could force the PS3 to output 720P resolution it might work. The catch is that you'd likely need to connect it to another HD source to do that, and you're right back where you are now... Thankfully, HDMI cables are dirt...
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    Rumor - PS1 & PS2 Emulation Coming to PS4

    Sucker bet. There's no way in this world SCE...or the other manufacturers for that matter...wouldn't jump at the opportunity to sell (some of) us the same games we bought at least once under the auspice of "a new system with compatibility."
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    Connect XL2411T to PS3 console

    It's entirely possible it's the VGA-to-HDMI adapter, unfortunately...the PS3 is likely looking for HDCP handshaking from its intended display, not getting anything, and thus nothing appears onscreen. Assuming that monitor is a BenQ XL2411T, though, it does have an HDMI port; what happens when...
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    Facebook Use During Sex?

    It's bad enough with all the other things people insist on multitasking through, but cynically I can't help thinking "Yeah. Some people would, the flighty bastards."
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    ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

    The Xonar Essence STX is probably still considered Asus's flagship audio card--sorry, dear Phoebus--and, AIUI, strangely, one of the two of their entire line that's generally been the most supported since launch (next to the Xense). If this is its replacement, their support element preemptively...
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    Changhong 50" LED HDTV $399 @newegg

    Price, sweet. Brand...who?
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    4K Surround @ 60Hz = WIN!

    I'd love to know the specs on the system itself, but that's me...
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    ASUS DGX, DSX, & Xonar ROG Phoebus Sound Cards @ [H]

    Asus' third WHQL driverset for the Phoebus (W7 only, it appears) popped up last week. The gag is that there's no obvious clue as to what it may or may not fix...
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    Looks like Auzentech is dead.

    No warning, no nothing? Were there any faint whiffs that the company itself was in trouble?
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    New Seiki 4k displays (HDMI 2.0) 2014 Q2 (55/58/65/85 inch)

    A 65" UHDTV for $2200 USD. That's within shooting distance (if on the fringe) of 65" HDTV prices now, though that still brings us back to the content bugaboo; how many 4K nature shorts on a USB drive can you watch before you lose your mind? (Sony's media player is brand-locked, their announced...
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    Soundblaster Z is dead

    Ouch. :( You didn't have any freak power outages/surges or static electricity shocks, did you?
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    Windows 8.1 Supported Sound Cards

    Looking at Creative's driver availability chart I'm surprised that their flagship line, the Z series, is apparently going to be the last in their current product run to get official W8.1 drivers. Would've guessed those would have been the first to get some. Flip side, just to be fair, Asus...
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    Xonar DSX or Sound Blaster Z?

    ^ That. The DSX isn't bad, but if you can get an SBZ for $20 more you probably want to go for it.