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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    I ordered from bigclothcraft on Friday night, he shipped it on Sunday and I received my monitor on Tuesday.
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    What are the best apps everyone is using for their Android phone?

    You are probably thinking of tasker.
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    Anyone drop Sero to get an Evo 4g? So basically... 1) SERO Premium plan customers - $40 per month NOTHING CHANGES. Still $40 per month. Any non-4G phone can be activated...
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    Boss IE2 - thoughts?
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    Empire and Napoleon Game of the Year Edition for £6

    Direct2Drive's UK page is currently selling Empire and Napoleon Game of the Year Edition for £7.50 Enter "VATFREE" for 20% off during checkout to bring it down to £6 The keys provided by D2D...
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    You got pm.
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    You got PM
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    Fallout New Vegas Digital Collector's Edition $34.95 at D2D

    Remember to type in the coupon code "LOAD15" to bring it down to $29.71.
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    The Civilization V Thread

    Whelp... got to play 20 mins with the Aztecs so far(just running around and exploring the UI and killing barbarians). Now I must go to work before I really do call in sick :D
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    User-based Coverage Information

    Go here to register so that you can login to the app.
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    Getting a new Verizon phone...

    Supposedly EOL at the end of next month.
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    Dawn of War II for £5.00

    "Artificer" Wargear: From the battle standard of the Blood Ravens to a mighty heavy bolter and a deadly chainsword, these five exclusive pieces of wargear give all your squads the edge against their countless enemies. Blood Ravens Battle Standard "Scourge of Xenos" Heavy Bolter "Purifier...
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    Dawn of War II for £5.00

    Plug the bonus key into the Games for Windows Live client. It gives the Artificer Wargear Set. If you get an error while trying to download the wargear set, see this post.
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    Dawn of War II for £5.00

    Where: Confirmed that the key can be activated on steam. (currently downloading myself) Credits to exitbutton on SD
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    Heroes of Newerth Beta Invites (2 to give away)

    Just received a couple more invites to give away as well. PM me with your email for a invite.
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    Heroes of Newerth - anyone have an invite?

    Hello all. I still have a couple of invites left if someone wants to give this game a try. Looks like I still have 6 invites left and 2 invites that were not activated previously(so maybe I can just give away these keys?) Please PM me your email for a invite.
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    XBOX 360 Live GOLD free trial codes

    I was cleaning out my room and found inserts from some 360 games. I have two XBOX 360 LIVE gold trial codes to give away. 48 hours: XJ2G2-MR7FG-M8HQ3-PDG86-T3WXT 1 month: BDWJ2-XFXRR-8WB7P-WWTF4-XVB6T Just reply to the thread when you've taken and used a code. Thanks
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    WOOT - EA has shipped me my Dragon Age order!

    This is the first time I've ever bothered to pay for shipping when ordering from Amazon. I got Release-Date Delivery :o
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    Dragon Age: why do we have to pay more to get all the items?

    Shale (unlockable char) comes with all new copies of the game, not just CE.
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    How Many Games Do You Have Installed?

    Only have three installed currently. World of Goo TF2 Anno 1404 Dragon Age next week will make it four! :D
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    Tell me about Dragon Age: Origins

    PC Gamer UK podcast that talks about Dragon Age.
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    Dragon Age: Origins PC, 360 or PS3?

    PC for me.
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    Dragon Age - Roughly The First 20 Minutes On Video

    BTW, for those that have not preordered the game yet, it was announced that it will be coming out on steam also. See Chris Priestly's post.
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    Which titles did you guys buy from the D2D $5 sales?

    Got Company of Heroes Gold and Drakensang. I'm thinking about buying Elven Legacy.
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    Heroes of Newerth beta

    I have a couple of invites left to share. PM me your email if you want one.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Wheee :p
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    D2D 5 Year Anniversary Sale- $5 a Game (50 Games)

    Just bought Company of Heroes Gold and Drakensang: The Dark Eye. I had problems with buying it using paypal yesterday but looks like it is working now. Maybe I should buy Supreme Commander also! :D
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    empire: total war $29 this week at target

    Verified in California Bay Area ad. Price good from 8/16 -> 8/22
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    Your CPU progression

    Apple IIe 286 (had a turbo button!) 486 DX2 66mhz P200 (tried bumping the FSB from 66-> 75? wheeee onboard jumpers) P2 Klamath 450@504mhz P3 Coppermine 650@866mhz Athlon Thunderbird 1.4ghz (I think I kept this one stock) Athlon Palomino 2100+ (don't think I overclocked this cause it was so hot)...
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    Is this laptop the best deal: Dell Studio XPS Laptop

    From what I have read, most of the people that have been complaining about the heat on the Studio XPS 13 have the SLI configuration. I'm guessing that when you switch it over to power saving mode that it disables the 9200M and just keeps the 9400M on. I currently have access to one with just...
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    Are there any cheap 13" and smaller non-netbook notebooks?

    May or may not go over your budget depending on your sales tax. I just got a Studio XPS 13 from the dell outlet for $704.51 after CA sales tax. The 15% off coupon that has been available for a while is still valid(they seem to keep on extending it) -- Studio XPS 13 (1340) Laptop: Intel Core...
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    Games you wish they'd make a sequel to?
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    World of Goo ~ 75% Off : $4.99 @ Steam

    Just got a copy since it is so cheap. I originally bought the game just to support the developer, but the game has turned out to be pretty fun now that I have started to play it.
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    Xbox 360 controller for Windows (USB version) $19.99 - Fry's B&M Only
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    Xbox 360 controller for Windows (USB version) $19.99 - Fry's B&M Only

    Off to Fry's I go in a couple hours. Thanks.
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    Most played console games

    I spent a good 60+ hours of FF6. A good portion of it was from killing those T-Rexes in the forest trying to get the brontosaurus. edit - whoops, just saw that you said this year :P Just got my xbox 360 recently. The console game I have played the most so far this year is Fable 2.
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    BenQ E2200HDA Full HD 16:9

    Can anyone that has bought anything from tell me from where does benq ship the monitor from? I am looking to buy either the E2200HD/E2400HD and I want to try to time my order so that it arrives on my days off.
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    eBay Fall 10% Coupon is here

    Yep, I combined it last night to get a xbox 360 elite. The cashback was posted to my account today.
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    gonna buy xbox 360 and im a total newb :P

    I just logged into my ebay account and found that I have a 10% off coupon from ebay/paypal. So I combined it with the MS 30% off and bought a elite :D. $400.00 $40.00(-10% paypal applied instantly) -------------- $364.98 (what I paid today) $120 (-30% MS cashback) --------- $244.98...