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    Transfer data/apps from one droid phone to another?

    GF's had her batter die so she got a new galaxy s II. I need to move all her apps, data, and contacts to her new phone. ideas? 1) old phone no longer has service. 2)I can use the battery from my evo to get her old phone to work 3)old phone can be rooted if needed, new phone can not.
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    Bag to carry a LIAN LI PC-V351B

    Looking for a small bag to carry a LIAN LI PC-V351B on trips. Most of the trips are by car, so maybe something big enough to fit the unit and a few extras? Doubt this will ever be used for any flights. is the case.
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    Out of options: Trying to restore a inspiron 1546

    I had a friend drop off their inspiron 1546 laptop to fix after it got infected with a virus. Laptop boots up to "a disk read error occurred". First thought is hosed MBR or something similar. Grabbed a linux boot cd and backup all the personal data and then go to preform a factory restore...
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    BF: BC2 odd issue. starting screen doesnt work?

    I picked up BF:BC2 during the last steam sale and I'm having an issue which I'm having a hard time searching for. When I start the game and get to the "starting" screen where you can choose "main" singlepayer" "mulitiplayer" "options" etc nothing happens. The mouse moves and the program does...
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    getting 6 ram sticks stable on a x58

    picked up an extra 3 sticks to push my current rig to 12gb of ram. With all sticks in I was able to get my overclock to pass 5 runs of intel burn in. I assumed it was stable, but now I'm seeing random blue screens and other odd issues. taking the 3 sticks back out seems to get rid of the...
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    dedicated card still means large fps hit?

    how much of a hit should I expect when using a dedicated card? Currently playing mafia II (though I have metro 2033 and batman to test with) and I get ~50 fps with max settings @ 5760x1080. Installed at 9600gt to try out physx and dropped to ~35. little reading showed the card may not be...
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    I7 920 OC. I have to be missing something.

    Specs: I7 920 EVG SLI LE 3x2 Corsair XMS 1600 when i first built the system 6m ago, I was still on the stock HS. In a "lets just see" moment, I set the BCLK to 166 and everything else to auto/stock. ran at 3.4 with no issues. I picked up a corsair A70 recently and figured it was time to see...
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    New SLI/surround setup: Issues and Questions.

    Get the easy questions out of the way. Which GPU is "gpu1"? I assumed the top one was, but the nvidia control panel calls the top one number 2. Temps and load on the cards while playing games indicate the top one is 1. Issues below assume afterburner is calling the top card gpu1. Is...
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    wireless headphones

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    WoW under vista

    x2 4400+ 2gig of ram 7900gt nforce 6100 1280x1024 just about everything at max So i grab my copy off MSDN to give a try. Install Ultimate (sp?) 64bit version. Using most of the default drivers that shipped with it, but I did grab the latest video driversoff of nvidia's site (they dont...
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    catalyst 3.2 and windows MC edition

    Wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. Trying to install the latest version of the ati drivers on my WMC box. After the install and reboot, windows tells me that the drivers are for an older version of windows and isnt support. The display now defaults to 640x480 and 4bit (give or take)...
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    DVI -> component or DVI -> hdmi?

    card is a radeon 9800 pro with dvi out. TV is a Sony Wega with both HDMI and component....both are not being used.
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    Price Check (for my "old" system) - dual xeon

    asus pc-dl delux retail 2 x 1.6 lv Xeon 2 x intel windtunnel heatsinks enermax 500w eps power supply I was thinking around the 550 range. Thank thats about right?
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    Fuji Plus 19" LCD 12ms: 250 AMIR

    Newegg Price: $299.99 Mail-In Rebate: -$50.00 Final Price: $249.99 Shipping is 11 bucks.
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    Getting a "Kit" for my Xeons. Any opinions?

    I have dual xeon setup on a pc-dl deluxe. IIRC there are only a few water blocks that will fit that board. I was going to piece my own together, but this seems a bit cheaper. I dont need extream cooling, just need it to be as least as good as stock cooling. I just want to get rid of the...
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    Any pagemaker "masters" here? (printing Q)

    Using adobe pagemaker 7 I have a booklet that that is 17 x 11 double sided. When I print this, it prints double sided, but it will not flip the back page the way I need it to. It flips on the log edge and not on the short edge. The printer defualts and current settings tell it to...
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    Best Place to buy mp3's thats not Itunes

    I want to give my sister a "gift card" so she can download music legally. First and formost ITunes is not an optoin I want her to be able to burn them to cd I want her to be able to transfer them to her mp3 player Lastly, this needs to be an easy process.
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    Will Wright Presents Spore... and a New Way to Think About Games 5 pages but well worth it. Looks like a really cool concept. Here are some pics.
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    300 on card/speakers for movies/mp3 then gaming

    I'm using logitec z-560's and a SB live value (dont laugh) which has been more than enough for me for a while. The speakers are now starting to give me more issues than I care to deal with. If I'm going to get new speakers, migh as well get a new sound card. If I can get it, I would like...
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    I preloaded to my server: best way to get to main system

    The server doesnt have a burner in it right now. I know you can back up to disk and use that to install it. I want to buy and play the game tonight, so what would be the best way to do it. Counldnt i just point the install to a network drive? Or can i copy the hole thing over and then unlock...
  21. E to tell what people are looking at

    running IIS on a 2k server sp4 box. I host a few images and website here and there. I want to know if there is a way to tell what people are looking at. Allmost a way to watch out for people who link to my images, etc. Any way to do this. I would prefer to stay with IIS if all possible.
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    of all things....aim conection problem..

    *note* Linksys wireless router (will grab model number if it matters) 1 server static IP 3 computers DHCP 1 laptop wireless DHCP *problem* Me and my roommate have issues with aim loosing connection or even connecting at all. Internet connection is fine, just aim. both windows and...
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    SMP Software

    Looking for some good smp software. Stuff that could replace some of the software i use today. Mainly looking for Freeware, but if its good enough, i'm willing to pay for it. What are some good ripping (cd/dvd) programs? Maybe a different TV software (using dscaler now). Let see what you got.
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    2 ide raid cards, 1 system , no boot

    This is on my file server, The P3 box in my sig. I was running one card (3ware escalaid 7000) in a raid 1 set on windows 2k server. Found another two drives to set up for another raid aray, the second card is an iwill rocket raid 100. The computer boots up frine with the 3ware card with...
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    FIC VG61: Bios updates and chip support

    I order one of these through a couple days ago. more of an impulse by than anything else. Doing some searches on where to get support for and what chips it will take have come up empty. I konw its only takes 533 chips, but what i want to know if it will take the prescott ones...
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    You, me, and FTPs

    Cleaning out the rest of my pirated software, ftp is one of the last ones left. Looking for a good, free (or really cheap) ftp server. I have a comp with windows 2000 server hosting it, so i was hoping to use the built in ftp server. Well...wither i'm a dumb ass or you cant really configure...
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    Like super smash brothers? Live near cincinnati?

    Buddy and I are trying to get some smash brothers tournaments set up, so he's created a little forum site to help organize it. Please go to and sign up if you are interested.
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    lock down: what are the only parts you need open

    Locking down some laptops at work and i'm having trouble finding this info. What are the only ports you need to leave open for general windows 2000 use. I know port 80...but what else?
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    So i'm going to by a cd/dvd burning program.......which one

    I'm now officaly on my lets get rid of pirated software kick. Next up is my cd burning program. I'v been using roxio 5 for a while, though I prefer neo. They are both priced about the same. My gut tells me to get nero, but i thought i would double check. Is there anything else i should look at?
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    ports to open/close for firewall

    For a machine running office apps, no internet access, remote storage, and connecting to a sql database. What ports should i close/open on a fire wall?
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    help me with a work related problem.....IE problems with a software firewall

    I hate this program........Symantec client security 2.0 anyways.... We are usuing this as a safeguard for our laptops. If you've never used it/herd of it, you can set up different locations with different rules. I have the in office rules working perfectly. Its teh out of office ruls...
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    a7n8x-D: More volts and higher multy

    I'm working with a moble athlon right now that is letting me push my board higher than ever before. My old barton ran at 11 x 200 at 1.8v but anything over 204 fsb was never stable. I allways though it was the chip that couldnt do but now i'm starting to have my doubts. Back to the problem...
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    My Athlon XP-M OC Trials

    I got in on the recent deal at newegg for the 35 watt 2400+ xp-m. Its marked IQHYA. Poped her and went straight for what my 2500+ was running at...2.2. Handled it no problem at stock voltage, or as close to stock as my board will go, 1.55v. I just passed the 8k test on prime95. I figure...
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    2000 servr to 2003 server...someone took my book

    Working as a coop, I'm going to be helping the admin test upgradeing/migrating 2000 server to 2003. We will be doing this on three boxes. One is a DC, one runs exchange, and the other.....dont remember. the problem comes down to that we let the other admin take the 2003 book with him on...
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    So my boss has this really odd scanner request (network scanner).

    So my boss just grabed me and start asking me about sanners. He has a really odd request for a type of scanner I've never heard of. He wants to be able to scan a document to a server over ethernet. He also wants to be able to name the document what ever he wants from ever he wants from the...
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    Screen seesion recording software, Citrix based best

    Just like the title says. We are looking to use this software to make help desk a little easier and walk "users" through stuff with a video. Flash output is prefered. I am trying camtasia right now, but not eveything works in citrix. Any idea's on where else to look?
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    wireless headphones

    Do any of these things actually work? I'm on my third pair in three days. I got my first set for my birthday on saturday. My sister got me these rca's . The clarity was perfect save for a nice hum I heard in the back ground when I had full strength. Though I just had a bad set. Do an...
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    IIS on xp pro: I keep hitting the 10 user

    I've been using IIS on my xp pro box for a while now to host stuff for me every now and again. Well, I'm really starting to put it to use and I'm allways hitting the 10 connected user limit. Is there anyway to get around it? Maybe a reg hack? I've downloaded apache, but for the life of me...
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    using memtest without a floppy

    Just like the title Never used this program before. But i just got some ram off another member and now I fail prime 95 ever time. Trying to run 3-3-3-11 right now and even at 2.8v it fails. So next step is memtest. I dont have a floppy though can I toss this on a flash drive and...