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    Listen/watch to competitive Team chats....

    So, I'm working on a research project and trying to find if there's discord channels/recordings or youtube videos that show people raiding in WoW or playing CS:GO or League of legends? I'm trying to see if theres a way to transform what they say in game to a text file for my research..... Kind...
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    New Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge) gets only 200 MHz boost according to a leak

    They'll continue to offer high end CPU's without the IGP...they know that high end users simply don't want it and won't waste the very valuable silicone on something that's not used!
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    amd will loan you chip

    huh....the more I think about it....why wouldn't they let the chip just throttle itself to a few hundred mhz...I thought they had that under control (I think back to when installing the HSF slightly wrong cost you a CPU!) *EDIT* Or just have it already crippled to operate incredibly slow...
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    Entry VR equipment

    So you think rift has the most "universal" appeal? That's kind of my apprehension to getting involved is everything seems proprietary to me....I've never been an xobx or PS guy just for that reason!
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    amd will loan you chip

    Yeah probably have to turn em back in, but that's pretty cool they do that to get 3XX compatibility!
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    Am I killing my SSD?

    Why would you defrag an SSD? can you not turn the option off?
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    If you were getting a new PC today would you pick SSD or Optane?

    Optane is nice, and incredibly fast no doubt....but do you really have a workload to justify the massive cost of regular NVMe SSD's like the 960 pro?
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    Samsung 960 Evo add-on cooling fins

    I guess one caveat could be if you just have really bad case airflow...but then if that's the case spend the money on better fans!
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    How safe is it to use the paper clip trick?

    The paper clip method is fine...if you're really concerned you can ebay "PSU tester" plugs which are 20 pin ATX form with the 2 pins shorted.
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    I can pull 6.4A peak from a single 6-pin peripheral channel on a PSU right?

    Well looking at the specs, I'd assume the 5v rail feeds the CPU and also 4/6 pin it wouldn't matter which port. If it's the 5vsb rail that runs all the periphals (which I doubt because 12w is too low) then you'd be in trouble.
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    W10 isn't recognizing partition it should be recognizing

    Yeah, data is still tehre, just need a recovery tool to find it
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    Big storage recommendation

    You have a lot of options from 4TB on up to 10...mght even be 12...plot the price vs capacity and see where you start get less gb/$ and that's where I'd buy.
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    Holy mother of....

    lol, I thought i was crazy spending 750 on a 65" TV 3 years ago,,,
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    Decent inexpensive 5.1 system

    I'm stuck having to use bluetooth out for my shield...
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    Marked correction....good in general for the crypto market IMO
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    Taxes on Cryptocurrency

    If you're a big miner (10k+) I'd start to claim the income....the IRS is pretty short staffed to do audits and such for everyone, but you can sure as heck bet they'll go after the big fish when they start to cash out for USD.
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    Too late to start mining?

    I wouldn't start with the prices GPU's are right now...
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    Post your mining rigs!

    Lol, I think cjcox has the most expensive rig for sure
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    Sound card or onboard sound for gaming?

    very few people can tell the difference between basic audio output and high end sound cards (and then you also need incredibly expensive headphones/speakers). Personally it's not even worth considering an add on card and if you have to ask you probably don't have the hardware to go along with a...
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    Help me build a gaming PC to last some years

    Bang for the buck I'd go with the 1700X...the intel CPU's just aren't worth it IMO for the extra cost. 650watt PSU is strong enough as long as it's a quality one and youre not overclocking crazy amounts (drastically increase voltage) You said old HDD....if you mean SSD, then yes no issue, but...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    The monitor is 30"....I went from 20"/24"/20" (non wide)-(wide)-(non-wide) to this. Might be time for a 43"!
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    LG G4 bootloop class action settlement $425 or $700 credit towards LG phone

    Agree with reason to buy pretty much any phone on launch unless you have to have it or need the financing
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    I'd just craigslist it
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    Looking for a good atmoic wall clock

    I'd just get any internet probably can't afford a real atomic one
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    Need Ultrabook Recommendations - Specifications Inside.

    X1 Yoga....but it's not cheap
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    New Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge) gets only 200 MHz boost according to a leak

    I'd like to see what, if any IPC gains cmoe from zen2
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    Entry VR equipment

    Hmmm thanks for all the input....seems like rift vs vibe, I'm gonna check out the game list!
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    i7 8700k +1080ti on silverstone 500w sfx-l?

    500 watts is cutting it too close IMO. It might work and we can do all the math to show, but when stability problems start to occur and threaten your system you're gonna wish you went to a more reasonable 600-650 PSU
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    Thermaltake X71 top radiator space. 420mm with modification?

    It goes into where the PSU sits...or will hang down beneath the case..
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    Looking for a new case..

    I'll second the P3....such an awesome case!
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    Once you goes Open Frame, do you ever go back to a regular tower case?

    I had a benching station type case....after about 5 years I moved to a thermaltake it's kind of both, but I call it more open than close.
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    Steam Hardware Survey updated with GPUs

    Theres a lot of cool things you could do if we could have all this raw data!
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    So Frustrating

    I agree with Nenu, the board probably doesn't have enough power for all those peripherals...maybe time for some drive consolidation to reduce the number of ports?
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    I felt compelled to post this

    lol, nice! I had an old ISA VGA card too from a while back. I remember when AGP first came out!
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    Which Board?

    Is that a joke?
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    Need Some NAS advice

    What is the NAS being used for...that would likely determine if caching/better CPU could potentially be beneficial. I doubt power draw difference between the two is more than a couple of even 24/7 for the year is negligible....figure $1 per year per watt difference.
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    500GB 860 Evo M.2 SSD SAMSUNG

    True E4g1e! good catch, that's pretty a pretty important caveat for the OP
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    500GB 860 Evo M.2 SSD SAMSUNG

    That being said if your just trying to move up from a 128gb SSD or mechanical then it's not a bad option.
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    500GB 860 Evo M.2 SSD SAMSUNG

    Depends on what you have now....I'd say hold off because I believe this doesn't support NVMe, the 960 is the one that does....
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    Samsung 960 Evo add-on cooling fins

    If your SSD is constantly under load...not sure why it would be for a normal client load, then maybe you need a cooler. But if that's the case you should've bought an enterprise drive.