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    Kingston 96gb SSD for $105 after rebate at Amazon Kingston Digital SSDNow V+100 96 GB Solid-State Drive SVP100S2/96G: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@ Not a bad deal considering it's $1.1 per gb.
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    Freeze at Splash Page--USB Hub

    I have a Belkin USB hub that is causing the MoBo splash page to freeze for about 5 minutes. If I unplug the hub it doesn't freeze. I'm running Win 7 x64 and my MoBo is in my sig. How can I fix this problem?
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    Help with ASUS M3A78-T, stall at Splash Screen

    When the MB splash screen appears I can't enter setup or go into safe mode. The computer appears to be frozen but after about 5 minutes it boots into windows. I've had some issues with my PSU which is over 3 years old. Do you think it's my MB or PSU? Thanks for your help
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    WD SiliconEdge Blue 64 gb for $118

    This seems like a pretty good deal.
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    Need PSU Suggestions

    My PC specs are in the sig. I currently have a 600w Ultra but it's dying on me. I'd like to find something for under $60 but I'm not sure if I need a PSU over 500w. Thanks for the help.
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    Problem with Ultra 600w, strange noise

    When I plug in my PSU, I hear a soft squeezing/buzzing sound. It goes off after 5 minutes. My computer won't turn on for about 10 minutes. This only happens when I first plug in the PSU, after the computer is on it works perfectly. Do I need a new PSU?
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    Sony 32" 320mp-2 display

    Has anyone tried out the 32" sony display? Microsoft store was selling them for $300 a couple of weeks ago which seemed like a pretty good deal.
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    Any devour users out there?

    I picked up a devour a couple of weeks ago. I've had some problems with the devour randomly turning off. Anyone else encountered this problem?
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    Anyone used a dq57tm?

    Someone just gave me a dq57tm. I realize that its a server mobo but I'm wondering if it's a decent mobo.
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    Anyone used x3450 Xeon CPU?

    Someone just gave me a x3450 CPU. Is it a pretty good proc? I've heard that it's similar to i5 750.
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    Change Win7 Serial Key?

    Has anyone tried changing the serial key after Win7 is installed? I was dumb and purchased a key off of eBay. Of course it was fake and now I need to change the key. I have a valid key but when I type it in, it comes up as invalid. Thanks for your help.
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    Win 7 Serial Key Question 32/64

    Does anyone know if a Home Premium key can be used for both 32 and 64 bit OS? Thanks!
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    M3A778-T Onboard Video Question

    I have a MoBo with the 790GX chipset. It has onboard HDMI and DVI output. Will the onboard video work when I have a GPU in the PCI-E slot? I can't get it to work although I haven't tried removing my video card.
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    HD 3870 x2 CF Question

    Could I do a CF with a HD 3870 and a HD 3870 x2?
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    6gb DDR2 vs. 4gb DDR3

    Which one is better? I'm comparing 800mhz DDR2 and 1600mhz DDR3.
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    Athlon II 620 Oced

    Does anyone have any experience overclocking the 620? I have an AM2+ Mobo.