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    How to enable AHCI to use hotswap without reinstalling OS for Windows XP

    Well, I wrote this guide because I couldn't find a good one on google. I don't know in what subforum I should post this in, so please move it if it doesn't fit in here. How to enable AHCI to use hotswap on an Intel P45 motherboard with ICH10 southbridge under Windows XP 32/64 without...
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    Calculator pops up

    Hello. I've just made a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 and when I type on my keyboard, the calculator pops up randomly. I've never had this problem and I don't know if there is some kind of key combination that I do. Thanks a lot and sorry if my English is bad.
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    5,25" switch mod

    I've put my Netgear GS605 v2 gigabit switch in one of my 5,25" spots. Nice to have on LAN parties I hope. Haven't tried it on a LAN yet, but hopefully it will be easier to carry. I'm thinking of putting a 80mm behind it so it will be a better airflow over the switch and into the case. I took...
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    Why buy a new case?

    I've noticed that quite a lot of you guys here buy new cases quite often. When you buy a new case, what do you do with your old case then? Just read about someone who changed case from a Stacker 830 to a newer case (don't remember which). Sorry if my English is bad, I'm from Sweden.