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    Windows 7 beta on an USB stick?

    I've downloaded both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7 beta. Nowadays I only have one rig and I don't plan to trash my rig just to test this OS. Does anyone know whether I can install and boot Windows 7 beta from a USB stick? Thanks.
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    PC Upgrade!!!

    Hehe... I've just finished upgrading my main rig with the following changes/additions: Motherboard: changed to Iwill DH800 (i875P dual S604) CPUs: changed to Xeon 3.06GHz 512kb 533MHz SL6VP (D1 stepping) HSF: changed to Swiftech MCX-603 Rev. 2 x 2 (with GlobalWin 80mm fans) PSU: changed to...
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    Not enough server storage...

    Recently my network developed a problem... Most of my network resources are base on my main rig and some are based on my server. Every other rig of mine looks to my main rig for one thing or another. Recently, I discovered that I can't access my resouces on my main rig from my other rigs...
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    Duel CPU rig troubleshooting

    What kind of cooling are you using? Also, what motherboard are you using?
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    Xeon Mobo Question

    You'd do well to take a good long look at Iwill's DPI533... Not a single PCI-X in sight! Also, you can't actually run this board with registered DIMMs! ;) The other board you really should take a look at is Asus' PC-DL Deluxe... Good features and uses the i875P chipset instead of E7505 that...