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    Listen/watch to competitive Team chats....

    So, I'm working on a research project and trying to find if there's discord channels/recordings or youtube videos that show people raiding in WoW or playing CS:GO or League of legends? I'm trying to see if theres a way to transform what they say in game to a text file for my research..... Kind...
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    Entry VR equipment

    Hey, I'm intersted in VR and have a more than capable PC... (Ryzen 7 w/1080), but was wondering what all do I need for a basic entry level setup for head unit and controls?
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    GPU's not recognized with pci-e risers

    So I have 2 setups, both have 2 available pci-e 1x and 2 pci-e 16x slots. I put GPU's in the 16x slots and used risers for 1x to 16x adapters (powered usb type). On both systems the GPU's in the risers power up (I turn the secondary PSU on right before I startup the main) and the OS never sees...