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  1. m3ta1head

    R5 2600X overclocked to 4.32GHz on Strix B350-F

    I just upgraded my rig - went from a 2600k @ 4.6ghz to a 2600X paired with the Asus Strix B350-F and 16GB of G.Skill TridentZ 3200 cl15 bdie. With minimal tweaks I was able to push up to 4.32ghz stable (1.4vcore 1.15vsoc) before hitting a voltage/freq wall. I was easily able to tighten timings...
  2. m3ta1head

    New 2.1 desktop setup

    Finally got around to upgrading my Swan M50Ws with this new rig (pic of previous setup: The SMSL Q5 Pro is a temporary addition while I save for a nicer integrated amp - that being said, it's a good little performer and a total bargain for $100. Still getting...
  3. m3ta1head

    MSI 980ti Gaming 6G heatsink upgrade

    After waiting for and being disappointed by Vega, I managed to snag this 980ti in perfect used condition locally. This is my first Nvidia card in 10 years - the last was a 8800GTS 320mb. While the stock heatsink was perfectly adequate, I already had a Prolimatech MK-26 on my previous R9 290X...
  4. m3ta1head

    PSA: be wary of cheap molex adapters! (fire damage inside)

    So I turned on my PC (specs in sig) this afternoon and walked away to make a cup of coffee. Came back a couple of minutes later to the strong smell of an electrical fire - to my complete shock the 4pin molex to SATA power adapter connected to one of my data drives was completely lit up. Also...
  5. m3ta1head

    Is this normal for a 290x?

    Have been playing around with a Visiontek 290x and this is after just a day of messing around. Pushed it to 1250/1600/+120mv and it seems to be taking it like a champ. I was under the impression that these cards can't take much more than 1150mhz core... :confused:
  6. m3ta1head

    Scorching [H]OT-Audio Technica ATH-A900X for $129 from buydig ebay store Fantastic deal-the A900Xs have dropped in price recently. Total...
  7. m3ta1head

    [H]OT Audio Technica A900X for $169.95, AD900 for $179

    From, very hot deal on two very different but equally superb headphones. The A900X is a refined version of the closed back A900, known for it's deep bass extension, while the AD900 is an open back model known for it's expansive soundstage, lush, warm midrange, and sparkling high end...
  8. m3ta1head

    Noctua NH-D14 not clearing first PCI-E x1 slot on mobo

    Installed my new D14 yesterday, needless to say it was a bit of a squeeze. I was having problems getting it to sit straight-the darn thing kept wanting to rotate slightly to the left. I remounted both the hsf and bracket several times in an attempt to get it straight. This is as good as I...
  9. m3ta1head

    StartIsBack single license $1.25 XMAS ONLY

    Can't beleive I missed this, probably not much time left to snag. By and far the BEST start menu replacement for Windows 8, it essentially restores the Windows 7 start menu with some added features. Worth every penny!
  10. m3ta1head

    Factory Recertified GSM HTC Nexus One-$79.99+$4 s&h

    Very hot deal for what is still a solid phone. Perfect for upgrading family members.
  11. m3ta1head

    Some useful Windows 8 utilities/tweaks

    I found several of these apps to be of use: They're lightweight and free of charge. Can't really ask for more.
  12. m3ta1head

    Galaxy Nexus GSM price drop to $349

    Looks like Google has slashed the price of the GN by $50. I've been in the market for a new phone, thinking about pulling the trigger...seems like a good deal on an older phone that's still very fast...
  13. m3ta1head

    StarForge - F2P with minecraft gameplay and crysis graphics, plus space!

    Has anyone seen this yet? This game looks to be very appears to be a mix of Minecraft/Terraria gameplay, with much better graphics and a much larger scope...the worlds are randomly generated, but unlike Minecraft they expand almost infinitely-not only that, but you can leave the...
  14. m3ta1head


    Anyone onboard with this fantastic sim? I've been subscribed for just under a year and I've personally never experienced a better virtual driving experience-from the driving model itself to the online structure, servers, sanctioned tournaments, etc. It's all very organized and well thought...
  15. m3ta1head

    How to fix sag on an Asus DCII 6950?

    As you can see in the image above, my 6950 sags ever so slightly towards the end of the card. The 6 and 8pin 12v connectors aren't putting any pressure on the card. I am worried that this will get worse overtime and start bending the pcb, so I'm looking for a solution to straighten the card...
  16. m3ta1head

    Skyrim Modding Megathread

    This thread will focus on modifying Skyrim for the best playing experience. Although the game has only been out for less than two months, the modding community has already released a host of enhancements, including texture and shader overhauls and performance improvements. I will do my best to...
  17. m3ta1head

    Swan M10 and M50w back in stock at AudioInsider

    Grab em while you can. I just ordered the M50w, very very excited to get it! M50w: M10: They also have a good deal on the D1080MkII08...
  18. m3ta1head

    Home theater setup for under $400, needs optical in

    Looking to spend approximately $350 (no more than $400) on an adequate speaker/subwoofer/receiver setup for home theater/music listening purposes. The rig needs to have an optical input so I can hook it up to my TV. Any advice would be appreciated...
  19. m3ta1head

    Gingerbread ported to Galaxy S

    XDA legend supercurio has managed to get the Nexus S kernel running on the i9000 Galaxy S! The port is in extremely preliminary stages, but the results look very promising. This is very exciting news for Galaxy S owners-not only has the community delivered us excellent unofficial Froyo roms...
  20. m3ta1head

    Some pictures with the Galaxy S+Camera 360 Pro

    These turned out p good.
  21. m3ta1head

    taking headphone amps on airplanes?

    Has anyone ever been hassled before for carrying their headphone amp in their luggage while traveling? I have a fairly compact hybrid tube amp (see sig), but I'm still concerned about being raped by the TSA because everything with a circuit board is suspicious....any advice would be appreciated.
  22. m3ta1head

    Is this an acceptable way to ship hard drives?

    I just received 3 1.5TB Samsung F2 drives from ewiz. I noticed something was wrong as soon as I took delivery of the package, as the contents were literally moving about loosely as if there was no packaging material at all. I opened the box to find 2 of the 3 hard drives out of their plastic...
  23. m3ta1head

    Post your mobile device homescreen/wallpaper

    So we have a thread for clean desktops...why not clean mobile desktops? Here's my setup on my Galaxy S. To capture pics in Android I use ShootMe (believe it requires a root). Other platforms-you guys are on your own.
  24. m3ta1head

    I/O lag fix for Samsung Galaxy S-performance through the ROOF APPLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. KNOW THE POTENTIAL PERILS AND MAKE A BACKUP/HAVE A BACKUP ROM READY TO FLASH IN CLOCKWORK Just applied this fix on my Vibrant. Essentially it creates a 1GB EXT2 partition on the internal memory and moves all apps...
  25. m3ta1head

    [H]OT-refurbished HP ENVY 15 $786 and up

    HP has some refurb machines listed for sale here: Some really HOT deals on that list. (HP ENVY 15t W7HP-64 i5 430M 2.26GHz 2-160GB SSD 4GB 15.6HD(1920x1080) $786.75 This machine has 2 Intel...
  26. m3ta1head

    HP Envy 15 Discussion

    I know a bunch of you guys ordered this machine during the crazy $450 off sales that HP was having, so I figured we should have a central thread where we can discuss this awesome notebook. I've had my 2nd gen (specs in sig) for a little over a week now and it has been an absolute joy to use...
  27. m3ta1head

    HP Envy 15 Discussion

  28. m3ta1head

    640gb 5400rpm>320gb 7200rpm?

    So I got my new 2.5" storage drive in-the WD Blue 640gb. I'm currently using it in an ultrabay HDD caddy in my T400 (see sig). Imagine my surprise when I fired up HDTune only to find that my tried and trusted Scorpio Black 320gb was outpaced by this new drive! :eek: The 5400rpm drive has...
  29. m3ta1head

    1.8" SSD-what are my options?

    I'm not up to date on the 1.8" SSD market-what is the best drive out there circa 2010? I'm looking for a quick, 32gb/64gb PATA/ZIF replacement drive for a Macbook Air...the stock 4200rpm drive is slower than sin. My budget is sub $200. What is the best drive I can snag for this kind of money?
  30. m3ta1head

    Just bought a new laptop...what do y'all think?

    So I have been scouring the internet for sub $500 laptops the last few weeks. I finally decided to go for a used machine, and checked out what ebay had to offer. I had it between a few machines, mainly a HP 6910p and Dell E6400. I ended up, however, with this machine...
  31. m3ta1head

    bright spot/random lines across display?

    I ordered a laptop, and it arrived with the screen in this condition. It's a 14.1" WXGA+ 1440x900 screen. There is a bright spot in the lower left hand corner, and random streaks/lines in the lower center portion of the screen. The rest of the panel appears dim and lackluster. Is this LCD...
  32. m3ta1head

    quadro+gaming card?

    Is it possible to run a Quadro FX580 in dual card config with any of the new gaming cards in Win7? The Quadro is CUDA enabled...
  33. m3ta1head

    torrents-there's an app for that.

    but only on symbian S60 :D No joke. Just gave it a whirl on my N97. How awesome is that? (I own this album, btw. Everyone should.)
  34. m3ta1head

    Dell 1510 Draft N card-device cannot start?

    my netbook (see sig) was working fine until a couple of weeks ago, when it dropped all wireless connections and refused to connect. The computer didn't recognize the card after that, so I installed a fresh copy of W7. It now shows in device manager, but Windows can't install the driver for it...
  35. m3ta1head

    Picked up a Nokia N97

    Just picked up a N97-gorgeous device, really. The interface is really slick-maybe not as flashy as the iPhone or HTCs offerings, but fantastic nonetheless. The phone is really speedy-there's no lag at all in the menus, everything loads instantly. I'm aware Symbian is known for its...
  36. m3ta1head

    Just ordered a MSI Wind!

    Got the 3 cell 120gb version for $499 on newegg-it'll be here on Tuesday :) Planning to buy the 9 cell battery from lion battery in October when it comes out-hello 9+ hours of battery life! :D This notebook is going to be used strictly around campus/class. Does anyone know of any good note...
  37. m3ta1head

    Decreased ppd when moving card to a new machine (gpu2)

    Having an odd issue here. First, some specifications: Main machine E3110 4ghz SMP client 5.92b Abit IP35-Pro 4x1gb Ballistix DDR2-800 Corsair HX520W XP SP3 Server E4300 3ghz SMP client 5.92b Abit AW9D-Max 2x1gb Ballistix DDR2-800 OCZ Powerstream 600w XP SP2 Both machines...
  38. m3ta1head

    Issues with Q9550 and Asus Maximus Extreme

    Got an issue with a client build here. Computer boots fine with E8400. Went into BIOS, reverted all settings. Installed latest BIOS from ASUS (for updated CPU listing) Tested computer. Boots fine, games work, no problems. Installed Q9550, plugged in everything, computer turns on for...
  39. m3ta1head

    [H]OT-Elemental Designs 13Kv.2 Dual 4ohm subwoofer $50 Grab em while they're around! :eek: