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  1. Tahoe916

    Mobo pairing for a 3900X?

    Second vote for the ASUS ROG X570-E, it has a crazy amount of features, ports, 2.5Gb ethernet and Intel 1Gb ethernet. Really solid board so far.
  2. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    The board just seemed higher quality, it was probably nothing material...but the LEDs were better placed and better quality, the matte black board was gorgeous, the M.2 heatsink design was much easier to use. Little thing...honestly, nothing major at all, but if they were the same price, I'd...
  3. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Going great, I actually like the Gigabyte boards better, but the inability to not set straight CPU voltages is a disqualifier. For $190 the ASUS Strix has been a great performer, has done everything I've asked of it. Still sitting at 4.3GHz @ 1.4v, OC's my ram from 3000 to 3200 and am working on...
  4. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Microcenter didnt have the Gaming 7 in stock, so I ended up purchasing an ASUS Strix X470 Gaming-F for $190. It has everything I needed and more for OC'ing. Currently at 4.3GHz on all cores, but have a lot of tweaking to do still and still haven't even started on the RAM yet.
  5. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Yea, I can only find the Gaming 7 (which allows you to set Vcore) and the Ultra Gaming (which only allows Vcore offset of up to +0.300)....I can't find anything about the Gaming 5. I'm guessing it will be like the Gaming 7, but would like to know for sure before I return it. It works fine if I...
  6. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    My AM4 waterblock should be here tomorrow, soon as I slap it in I'll come back with my results on the OC. Still debating if I should return it and get the Gaming 5 as i "think" it allows you to set the Vcore manually in that BIOS.
  7. Tahoe916

    Motherboard reviews?

    Can you set your Vcore voltages in the BIOS on the Gaming 5? I have the Ultra Gaming and it only lets me set them via offsets, which is annoying. Edit: I just watched that looks like you can only do offsets with the Gaming 5 as well? Am I missing something, like on the voltage page...
  8. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Just a heads up for anyone else looking at this board. I'm contemplating returning it and getting the Gaming 5 version. Not sure if the BIOS is different though? Trying to OC, and I can only set voltage via offsets. The max offset is +0.300v, and when I boot up CPUz is telling me that I'm at...
  9. Tahoe916

    Quality of AMD Motherboards

    I just bought a Gigabyte X470 Gaming Ultra last night for $139 (and 2700 for $229!) at MC and I can tell you its one of the nicer boards I've ever worked with, especially considering its their lowest x470 tiered board. It comes with a lot of features I wouldn't have thought would come at this...
  10. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Awesome, that's pretty much what I'm thinking...I got such a great price on everything is seems silly to spend $90 more on some BIOS options. I'll roll with it as is and just lock it at 4.2GHz 1.4v Thanks!
  11. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Same mobo I have...its a damn nice board for $139. And the Ryzen 2700 at $229 is a steal...that a boat load of performance for $370. I'm just not sure if the OC options in the higher tiered boards are worth it?
  12. Tahoe916

    Just bought a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultimate...

    Just bought a new mobo and Ryzen 2700 to replace my aging i7 3820. Wow, what a difference even at stock speeds! I got it all up and running and verified everything is working, RAM is running XMP @ 3000MHz, so I decided to look into how to overclock these (I went with the 2700 @ MC for $229...
  13. Tahoe916

    how much AMD GPU power for 34" monitor?

    I've only found one thats silly with 21:9 and its on purpose. Overwatch. Those bastards think its an advantage to have a wider FoV, so you get the same FoV as 16:9....but theres no black bars or anything.
  14. Tahoe916

    how much AMD GPU power for 34" monitor?

    I have the non-curved 2560x1080 LG UW and its paired with an RX480 8GB, its runs this monitor perfectly for me. I absolutely love it. Never going back to anything less than an UW. Your Fury should suit you quite well!
  15. Tahoe916

    What video card? I've been out of the loop a while...

    For what its worth, I do a lot of Premiere and Photoshop, and the video cards do help, but not a ton. I got a much better boost from upgrading my CPU to a hexacore Xeon than I did from using a newer NVIDIA card. In fact I ended up returning the video card and just going with the CPU upgrade...
  16. Tahoe916

    GTX 1060 6gb vs 4gb RX 480

    1060 is a great card too, I just think over time the RX480 will continue to outstrip it with driver updates. Either way, youre getting awesome performance for your $$$.
  17. Tahoe916

    GTX 1060 6gb vs 4gb RX 480

    I dont play any of those games. I've never seen anyone get so irrationally upset about video cards...jesus christ dude, go outside and get some fresh air. This card get 85fps on games I play. Its shown in benchmarks above. Show me otherwise or stfu and gtfo.
  18. Tahoe916

    GTX 1060 6gb vs 4gb RX 480

    I dont want to play any games, wtf are you talking about? Show me benchmarks on the 16.12+ drivers, would love to see what you're talking about. Edit: You said those claims were ridiculous...yet here we are. In ridiculousland, with 85fps benchmarks...
  19. Tahoe916

    GTX 1060 6gb vs 4gb RX 480

    WTF are you talking about...
  20. Tahoe916

    GTX 1060 6gb vs 4gb RX 480

    Go with the RX480. Every driver release from AMD has seen awesome increases in performance and its the better card for the future looking at its DX12 performance. I have a 8GB RX480 and game with an Ultrawide @ 2560x1080, it maxes at 85fps (freesync monitor) on almost all the games I play...
  21. Tahoe916

    Dell PowerEdge T20 Xeon Server - $249

    I just bought an E3-1240v2 cpu on eBay for $100. They are pretty awesome cpus for the price.
  22. Tahoe916

    NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 - $150 walmart/160 Bestbuy (can price match though)

    I just bought this from amazon for $148. I wanted to pair it up with my R7000, making the 7000 a wireless bridge or repeater. Doesnt look like there's any custom firmware available though, and connecting my R7000 to the R7500 as a client bridge or repeater bridge causes all sorts of issues...
  23. Tahoe916

    I keep hearing the windows disconnect sound when my monitors sleep

    Damn, I had an old logitech mouse charging station plugged into one from a long ass time ago. I just unplugged it, hope thats it! Thanks for the suggestions guys. If this doesnt fix it, can I tape or nail polish over the hot plug pin?
  24. Tahoe916

    I keep hearing the windows disconnect sound when my monitors sleep

    This is so annoying. I just replaced my mobo/CPU/RAM and installed windows 8. I was having this problem before with my old setup and Win7 so I'm guessing its my monitor or my card. When my monitors sleep and turn off, I constantly hear the windows chime for something disconnecting. I believe...
  25. Tahoe916

    Complete project work log - Aurora by Fraze (water cooled CM 690 II)

    Sex. I wanna have it with your case.
  26. Tahoe916

    Best video card under $150? (Also how is this build overall?)

    I got a 5870 2gb eye6 card for $160 shipped a few months ago, if you can find a deal like that its definitely better than the 68xx cards. Oh and I would go with the SB over the AMB any day if you can swing it. Good luck on your new build. :)
  27. Tahoe916

    Wow ho! i7 960 is $179.99 at MC!!!

    I want to get one so bad, but I'm not really sure why. My i7 C0 920 is at 4GHz right now...and I might get what, 4.2GHz? Not worth $200 me thinks. Great effin deal tho! =)
  28. Tahoe916

    Advice needed - trifire 6970s way too hot

    This is [H], we aren't about needs here. e-peen and gratuitous amounts of processing power just for the sake of it is our MO. Don't sully that. =p
  29. Tahoe916

    Woot: ViewSonic gTablet 10.1" = $269

    I bought one of these and promptly returned it for the Acer Iconia a500 tablet. Cost me $150 more, but man did that screen suck balls compared to the Acer's. Not worth the money to me, only 1 person could look at the screen at a time and even then you couldnt lay down and read or play games on...
  30. Tahoe916

    Warm? Micro Center 64GB Sandforce SF-1222 SSD $99.99 deal is back

    I've had 2 of these in RAID0 for 6 months without a single problem, no joke, not a single BSOD or sleep problem. Wonder if it's just because of the RAID array? I love these things. 120GB of 550MB/s read for $200 is pretty hard to beat imho.
  31. Tahoe916

    Advice needed - trifire 6970s way too hot

    Obviously, if money were no object, water cooling would be far and away the best bet. But since it seems like buying 3x$100 blocks, pump, fittings, cpu block, rad, can get out of hand fast. Watercooling is actually a pretty good investment for the CPU side of things, GPUs on the other...
  32. Tahoe916

    Seagate Momentus XT 500GB 7200RPM SATA 2.5" Solid State Hybrid Drive - $99 shipped!

    I've had my XT for a couple months now, its whisper quiet, never hear or feel anything and man does it open 3DS Max and Photoshop/Dreamweaver CS5 a HELL OF A LOT faster than the WDC Black I had in it before. The poor black is a backup drive now, but its in a nice USB 3.0 case at least =) Boot...
  33. Tahoe916

    How do I make my computer operate cooler?

    I've got a 920 and I render 3ds Max and xcode video a LOT, my max temps are 63C during that. 1.34v on my C0 i7. If you want to spend some money, watercool, its a pretty good investment IMHO. Lower temps, dead quiet, better performance, and it only cost a block or sometimes a new mounting kit for...
  34. Tahoe916

    Amazon Cloud Player and ditching iTunes

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up about Amazon. Gonna check that out now.
  35. Tahoe916

    Purchasing a CubeStormer

    Why would you buy one? Just to watch it solve a Rubix cube? Isn't the whole point to build something that does something greater than its parts? Not trying to be a jackass, just wonder if it does more?
  36. Tahoe916

    Nook color owners: Does this worry you?

    Not worried at all, sad that I might not be able to fork out for an NC2 maybe. But I have kindle,nook,and Google books already installed on my rooted NC with CM7. That and I've washed all my books through Calibre and removed the drm :)
  37. Tahoe916

    Cheap tablet = Nook Color + Honeycomb?

    Im typing this on my nookcolor with CyanogenMod7 Final on it. Seriously its the best @$250 bucks I've ever spent. I get 12hrs of actual usage, its fast, play videos, YouTube, read kindle/nook/Google ebooks on it everynight and the screen is as good as my HTC Thunderbolt. There is seriously...
  38. Tahoe916

    X58 boards and 3.99 GB RAM

    I get that once every few months, a reboot or CMOS clear usually fixes it right now. Try a ECDI refresh. Force it to refresh on next boot. Should be near the IRQ settings. Once I did that I dont see it till I change something in my hardware setup.
  39. Tahoe916

    P5B Deluxe: Upgraded rom, now RAID is gone

    Did you try downgrading back? Seems like it might have updated the Intel ROM as well as the bios and that doesnt like your RAID array. Did you compare the Intel ROM versions?
  40. Tahoe916

    i3 540 OC'd or i5 2500k for more $?

    Core i3 is a waste when you could have a 2500k for just a little more, huge waste.