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    R7 3700X on X370 with 3600 ram?

    As an aside if the focus is gaming @ 4K or VR rez, from what I have gathered RAM speed, unless needlessly slow isn't a factor. And in the same scenario with the gains considering the Infinity Fabric and CPU, the CPU isn't the bottle-neck so again worthless. If we are talking 1080p gaming or...
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    The Most Badass 120mm Fan? Help me find it?

    48 watts!! What kinda fan controller would you recommend?
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    Actraiser Renaissance

    I used to own a video game store back in the early nineties. We brought in a bunch a Super Famicoms from Japan to get a jump on the SNES release for rentals. Bought a bunch of early titles of which one was Actraiser. It was in Japanese only and being pre internet I learned and played through it...
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    Games are lagging with new setup, please help :(

    I have read and followed this thread but it is too long for me to remember everything, so excuse me if this is redundant. Is the audio out of the GPU via hdmi/display port or analog from the MB? Are we testing with just one drive only and if so have we tried switching sata ports? And to the OP...
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    new to VR and looking for purchase recommendations

    Budget? Preferred style of game?
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    Is still selling GPUs?

    I want to be a real people :( who can buy one
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    GPU Suggestion for while I wait..

    Curious why they haven't. Everyone raves about them in person.
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    New to AMD

    3600X ;)
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    Games are lagging with new setup, please help :(

    Killed a board myself from using the wrong threaded screw. Went in fine but left a shaving of metal and good-bye Charlie :(
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    The new golden age for chip mobile? (SoC)

    Yes they aren't going all in atm, but I feel it would be a wasted endeavor if they didn't have much bigger plans going forward.
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    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    The only time real-world visuals would be even remotely close between a 1070 and and ARM gpu's is when the game is in no way pushing the limits of the PC hardware. Many VR titles are optimized for a broad spectrum of hardware with many titles going very low poly/texture. Granted the Quest2 has a...
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    Offsets, Curves, And Overclocking, Oh My!

    Transparent. Never was a beer bro. Sorry ya Luvs me :dummy1:
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    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    I think you are confussing the chips CPU capability with a GPU or the intergrated GPU of an ARM chip. It is a vast amount of difference between a GTX 1070 and ANY ARM gfx.
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    Your latest VR purchase?

    Funny at first I thought this was one of my posts! Same for me minus the SW stuff I have sworn off of. Just replace it with MSFS 2020 :) So how do you like the new gear? What sticks out to you? What are you underwelmed with and what are you overly happy with?
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    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    There is nothing in the mobile space as of now that is even remotely close to a GTX 1070 8GB in capability. A game may look the same on different platforms, but that is not to say the under laying HW is comparable.
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    Offsets, Curves, And Overclocking, Oh My!

    Hmmm.... that tone. Sounding like someone who has an agenda or at worst trying to sound out as......? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    The new golden age for chip mobile? (SoC)

    Samsung/AMD deal IMHO has to be based on something. Two tech giants in these times and you say "meh"? Bro... come on. Something is up and we are fusing micro cores with high performance GPU tech. How this will play out? Who knows ya? But it aint the BS you are spouting for sure! Personally my...
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    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    Uh? Are you up on this or just throwing out? They did. Odyssey VR/+ It was OLED and had the first No-Screen-Door for VR which some still struggle with to this day (Index) I feel something is up. Maybe PSVR-2?
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    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    Well known that Samsung has Radeon GFX partnership. Being that Samsung is the king of displays and has been more then quiet on the VR front for ever, could a Quest 2/3 killer be in the wings? I don't see super gaming phones being the strategy here.
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    [Microcenter In-Store] AMD Ryzen 3700X $199.99

    Tells me one thing. INCOMING!
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    FSR for PC VR Mod

    Just watched that video and came here to see if anyone posted it. VR will benefit grately from these types of tech. It seems the open source nature of AMD's FSR is already reaping benefits.
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    Do you overclock your gpus? Edit fixed gramar

    Don't we just HardOC the boost now? I mean with bios lock power limits that is all we are doing :geek:
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    So why don't I give a rat's tail about Win 11?

    Going to dual boot for the first time in a decade. Linux for everyday and Win11 for gaming. Thanks for the push MS :p
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    So why don't I give a rat's tail about Win 11?

    We first, then You :LOL:
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    3dfx Making a Comeback?

    Why do i hear UltraTaco referring to themselves in a Morgan Freeman voice?
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    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    Want detachable/repairable controllers. Everything I have ever owned with permanent controllers I have regretted. Switch showed you the way but...nope! Makes too much sense I guess.
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    Steam Deck officially announced by Valve

    That could change. Demand equal change. Not before hand.
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    Remembering deals of yesteryear

    Was buying WD Green 4TB drives for $60 ( $50 USD) Good times.
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    When working on a computer, do you sit or stand?

    I remember seeing a video on this years ago. What they found was that a slopped back rest that was used while standing was the ideal. So think of a slopped wall you lean back on with angled foot rests to match the angle. Apparently it is quite comfortable and offers fatigue relief while the...
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    Win 11 pro's? con's? opinions?

    Workes on my Pi4 4GB. Win 10 with everything moved to the center. The legacy Start menu and pop-up is all center. Woop. Installed a Windows non ARM app with no problem. Made me log-in with MS account. Seems to really want me to use MS web browser.
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    What if the crypto craze never ends?

    You are being a goof. We are talking BILLIONS of people here and the massive server infrastucture to support them. How about YT vs. Mining alone? Stop being so simple and think of reality.
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    I just installed Windows on my Raspberry Pi. I chose the latest build. To my surprise it booted into Win 11!
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    John McAfee

    Well said. Shaking my head at most replies here.
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    The state of VR technology

    No I haven't gotten into MP yet. Still practicing :unsure:
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    What if the crypto craze never ends?

    Was just thinking it was common sense. Just think of all the consoles, PC's and handheld gaming devices, laptops etc... all used for gaming or watching media. I just can't fathom how mining would ever come close to that.
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    The state of VR technology

    Good for you. Have some fun. I guess all-in as always is a variable slider (y) I found DCS hard core on system requirements for me. Never got around to tweaking as I only tried out the demo. MSFS was very surprisingly nice with what I had. Very happy with it. Project Cars 2 and IL2-Sturmovik...
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    The state of VR technology

    All in for sims would be the G2, no? Or PiMax if fancy money.
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    What if the crypto craze never ends?

    Gaming/PC entertainment dwarfs mining by several fold of electrical usage.