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  1. Warrior

    Intel DC S3710 1.2TB, Internal, 2.5" SSD

    Weeee!! Let the bidding begin! Intel DC S3710 1.2TB, Internal, 2.5" SSD (SSDSC2BA012T4) Solid State drive
  2. Warrior

    Motherboard says it can take 1Rx8 modules.... Can it take 1Rx4??

    I got a bunch of Samsung 1Rx4 8GB ECC DDR4 modules, and I acquired a Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P Now, the board manual, and product page, both state that it can take ECC memory modules, and be in non-ECC mode. It also says 1Rx8/2Rx8... And the manual also lists a bunch of 1/2Rx8 sticks as...
  3. Warrior

    New Nexus Specs Leaked

    Oh, yes.... Oh man. This is exciting.
  4. Warrior

    HP P410 SAS/SATA controller not detecting SAS drives, but detects SATA fine...

    So, I just upgraded our HP ProLiant DL120 G7 with a P410/512MB SAS/SATA controller and it wont detect our SAS drives (Seagate 2TB), and gives a yellow/orange light on them, but when I throw in a SATA drive (Seagate 500GB), the light turns blue and it can detect the 1 drive perfect. I don't...
  5. Warrior

    Best Non-Mechanical Keyboard?

    I'm a father with a baby that sleeps on the other side of the wall from my computer, and also games in the same room where my girlfriend sleeps. There is no way in hell I'm going to get some loud clickety keyboard, lol. I'm looking for a quiet gaming keyboard. Any suggestions? I'm currently...
  6. Warrior

    Where is my HDD space going??

    I usually can figure this stuff out, but I got my head scratching on this one... Here is a screenshot of WinDirStat saying my drive is taking up ~36GB, and Windows showing ~104GB being used... I can't find either where this space is going, or if Windows is wrong... Which I assume it is...
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    So, uhm.. a Woot-Off is going on right now...

    If anyone still does these...;)
  8. Warrior

    HOT: South Park The Stick of Truth $24.65 w/ Paypal

    Damn good price for a steam key.
  9. Warrior

    Cleaning up some files... Wallet block data?

    I'm in the process of cleaning up my C drive and I was noticing some mining/wallet folders that were pretty big... In AppData\Roaming\Dogecoin there is a folder that's named "blocks". And it's over 3GB in size... Do I have to save this information? 'Cause I don't want to...
  10. Warrior

    Frontier FiOS went from ethernet to Coax?

    I moved from an apartment where they had run ethernet to a jack for me to plug it into my own router, it was nice. My new apartment the installer came over when i wasn't there (my gf was there) and he installed a coax jack next to my router and supplied a huge frontier box (wireless...
  11. Warrior

    Do you have an HTC One?

    I just ordered mine last night, and I AM, SO EXCITE! :D:cool: If you have one, tell me about it. :D Like it? Love it? Hate it? Rooted? ROMed? What ROM? OCs? I can't wait to crack the OS apart and make this phone a beast! Sound off!
  12. Warrior

    Is the iPhone a hipster phone?

    I feel the iPhone is quite the popular hipster phone... And, I know a lot of people agree. But, how many? It's interesting to note that Samsung thinks so too. And, Urban dictionary thinks so too: What do you think, [H]?
  13. Warrior

    Learned my lesson about cleaning waterblocks...

    I was in the process of cleaning a DangerDen TDX block so i could sell it. I wrapped it up in ketchup and accidentally left it over night, and into the next day, and after work, at 8pm. I pretty much left it "soaking" for 24 hours. When I unwrapped it, it had a lot of green in it. So i guess...
  14. Warrior

    CS: Global Offensive, I have no shadows!

    I have been thinking this game has looked like crap ever since i started playing the beta, because I haven't seen the shadows that this game is raving about. I thought by the release it would have them. Well, I decided to look at some YouTube videos and they all have nice graphics with...
  15. Warrior

    HOT: Amazon $20 giftcard with EVGA 670 Purchase!

    IDK if this has been posted, but Heres the link with the info. Amazon $20 giftcard with EVGA 670 Purchase! Offer ends August 15, 2012, at 11:59 p.m Add the gift card and add the EVGA GTX670, and the gift card will be discounted at checkout. Enjoy. :cool:
  16. Warrior

    DOTA 2 Key + Red Orchestra 2 Guest Pass for your CS: GO beta key

    I have 2 DOTA 2 keys, and 3 Red Orchestra 2 Trials, and I want CS:GO keys for them. Please!!! And if thats not enough, I'll give you Dirt 3, Altitude, or a Magicka Collection Key... :p
  17. Warrior

    Powerline adapters for power outlet networking....

    So, my dad has been wanting me to get the wifi/internet down to his shop so he can fart around on his phone... And, there is a strong signal in the house, but once your outside, its DONE. And the shop is about 150ft away from a wall jack near a router, and also downhill from the house. I...
  18. Warrior

    Will this display port adapter work with eyefinity?

    I have been looking to get into eyefinity and was looking around for adapters to try and get it working with what i have... And i was looking around and found this adapter on ebay, and i was wondering if will work with my HDMI TV/Monitor. If so, that would be sweet, because this little...
  19. Warrior

    Video Card Museum Opens in Kharkov, Ukraine

    Check this out! If you're on your way to Ukraine anytime soon, you should go see this Video Card Museum!
  20. Warrior

    Change Origin/BF3 Login name

    I'm sure this is posted, but I wanted to make it be a thread people can easily search and find, because it is important. Just click the official EA link, Sign in to origin, and pick a new name. It was easy. Change Origin ID Hope this helps someone else, like it did to me. Add me on...
  21. Warrior

    Headphone amplifier question

    Is one needed if I connect my headphones to the volume unit on my Logitech Z-2300s? I can definitely get an amplified sound through the unit, compared to my audio output my computer has. But, would a headphone amp be different? Basically what I'm asking is, will there be a difference in sound...
  22. Warrior

    Network monitoring software

    So, I'm going to be going to PDXLAN 18 later this year and its going to be on a huge network. I and a few of my friends like to go to these to leech off people over the 1Gb network. I know I'm going to get leeched off from, and thats fine with me. I'm all for file sharing. But, back in the...
  23. Warrior

    SHOCKER: Duke Nukem Forever delayed, again...

    Anyone else not surprised?
  24. Warrior

    Microsoft Exchange gurus! GAL Question

    I work for a nursery that ships plants out to over 2000 different stores. And I'm not really the "IT" guy, but I do a lot of work on the server, and I have taken on a what seemed like an easy task... We would like to make a GAL (Global Address List) in Outlook that has all of these stores in...
  25. Warrior

    WOOT OFF!!

    You know where its at.... :D
  26. Warrior

    New RAID0 setup is sllooowww!!

    Okay, so I just setup a WD Green RAID0 on the Jmicron controller on my Motherboard.(specs in sig) Something that i have been wanting to do for a long time. And I want to transfer some data from my other drives, which aren't on the controller, to the new RAID setup, but the transfer rates are...
  27. Warrior

    Optional playback out for Pandora/browsers

    My girlfriend just likes Pandora a lot, and i like to play games, a lot. And i have my computer hooked up to 3 playback outputs. TV, Receiver, and PC Speakers. And as you figured i want to be able to play games on my PC Speakers (which i can plug headphones into), and play a browsers music on...
  28. Warrior

    Dual Display Windows 7 - legacy?

    Getting to the question first (back story after): Is the X1950Pro compatible as a secondary card with the 4890 as a Primary on Windows 7? So, for a little Back story: All I want to do is watch shit on my old ass TV, and the 4890 doesn't have the outputs the TV uses. They're all Digital Outputs...
  29. Warrior

    Hauppauge blue screen

    Okay, so I haven't asked help on the forums forever. But, this new build i made for someone, I just don't get it! I'm running out of options. I built a Media Center system with these specs: i7 920 ASUS P6T SE LGA Patriot 12GB (6 x 2GB) DDR3 ASUS 9800GT Wireless-N PCI card...
  30. Warrior

    So I just got a new sound card.

    I'm a person that loves his sound quality. That's why back in the day, I purchased my first High quality sound card, a Sound Blaster Live! And soon after I got a Audigy 2 ZS, and after that I never looked back. I tried using the optical and digital outputs on my motherboard's on-board audio...
  31. Warrior

    HDMI Brand Loyalty...

    What i would like to know is HDMI quality based on brand. Now i have been only buying Monster HDMI cable, and the last one i bought was about 40 bucks shipped from ebay. Now i was browsing around Newegg and i see em go for as low as around 20 shipped, but they arnt the "name brands". Does...
  32. Warrior

    does anyone have a freehosting123 account? has free hosting with ftp and cpanel 150mb and 5gb bandwith a month. Am i the only one that has this? I acquired one through a gmail beta group and i have been useing it for my image hosting for years. Never had to use photobucket. I used to be a member of the support...
  33. Warrior

    just started to use vista.... my only issue...

    I installed vista on Saturday in the system in sig. And when the installation was finished, i was impressed and all giddy of my new OS. Then after a bit of time went by i started to get used to the OS. Now, I normally don't turn my computer off. And vista does the right thing and turn my...
  34. Warrior

    new ram be a problem?

  35. Warrior

    a spot for one more smilie!!

    there is a spot left for one more smilie... and a special request... i would like it to be a :S cause there is situations where :S just says more.....
  36. Warrior

    how does ipod do repairs?

    Ok i have 2 ipods that need repairs one being a mini 4gig that needs a new battery, the other is a cracked screen 60G video that i just broke. I was getting into my car and it slipped out of my pocket and i shut the door in it.. OUCH!! and so the screen is really cracked... so what i want...
  37. Warrior

    i tryed gaim and it crashes...

    so i heard about gaim and people say it owns trillian. but i have been using trillian for about 3 years. So i decided to close trillian and get gaim installed. I proceeded to create accounts for my logins. I have a yahoo, MSN, and aim acount that i use more so i thought i would start it off...
  38. Warrior

    NEW AUDIGY 2 and 4 drivers!! FINALLY!

    i just first found it here: then i found it on there support site as well.... enjoy.. discuss what you think?
  39. Warrior

    HOT!!! PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 $159.99!!!!!

    You got to admit thats a AWESOME DEAL! Original Price: $169.99 Instant Savings: -$10.00 $159.99 Free Three Day Shipping free shipping... for a pretty heavy PSU...... i had to post this....
  40. Warrior

    Have you seen a difforence in your electric bill?

    We all know AMD is going for the performance over power consumption and is really doing a great thing by cutting cpu wattage down. And Nvidias 7 Series seems to be a great power friendly series. But has all this power friendly hardware actually paying off? Is anyone seeing an inprovment in...