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    Can some of you test if 1080i (or some other custom interlaced res) works over displayport?

    So over the in the ye-olde FW900 CRT forums, we've had issues getting our AMD cards to display interlaced resolutions over certain displayport adapters. We're not sure if it's an issue with AMD drivers and displayport, or AMD drivers and the adapter we're trying. So I'm hoping some of you can...
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    Want to run second Windows install on external drive. Will I run into activation problems?

    So there are a few games I play that run better on older GPU drivers. I'd like to use an eSATA drive with another instance of Win10 that I plug in whenever I feel like playing these games. But will Microsoft have a problem with me running two separate installs of windows on the same machine...
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    Will increasing base clock (BCLK) give better crossfire/sli performance?

    Say I have a mother board where the PCIE 3.0 drops to 8x with crossfire, could I feasibly be bottlenecked there and thus help myself with a faster BCLK? Because right now I have my CPU and RAM on higher multipliers while leaving my base clock untouched.
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    Crossfire profiles with least input lag?

    So I just upgraded to a crossfire system, thought I'd play a little Rocket League at downsampled 4k (85hz, same framerate I ran before adding the second card) and I noticed the input lag instantly. It's really off-putting, so much so that I'll probably end up playing rocket league on one card...
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    Hewlitt-Packard motherboard suddenly not POSTing after messing w/ hdd's and screwing up system files

    So this is the PC I've been using for the last 6 months or so, a used HP business-class PC with a i5-3470k. I had 3 HDD's hooked up to it a couple days ago, moving around files to get ready to put on my new PC. In the process, I had messed with permission settings and ended up screwing up some...
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    Moved previous OS drive to new PC for storage, now everything is read only? + more crazy crap

    So first, I'll be talking about three PC's, I'll call them New PC, Old PC, Oldest PC. I just built new PC with SSD, installed Windows 10. Take drive from Old and Older PC's, since they have my Steam and other games on them, and put them in my new PC. I open them up, and most folders (including...
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    Um, what's up with this batch file in my startup folder? points to FC: Blood Dragon

    Name of the file was fcbd.bat, ran at startup, here are the contents: what's up with that? Virus or something? Google search isn't returning anything.
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    Tripple buffering broken in Mantle starting in 15.7

    Thought I'd let everybody know that AMD somehow broke triple buffering with v-sync enabled sometime after 15.4 (I think 15.7 but I'm not totally sure, it was definitely broken in 15.8) Here are the frametime graphs: 15.4 notice how the CPU frametime stays near the GPU frametime when the...
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    can't hit shift and capslock at same time, how to fix?

    So I use capslock as my VOIP button, since it is in a convenient spot. Problem is, shift is my sprint button, and capslock presses won't register while I'm holding shift. So no running and talking at the same time. This is on a a Dell USB keyboard and Windows 10. About a month back I had a...
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    Windows 10 still forcing driver updates even though I opted out.

    Is this happening for anybody else that's done the opt-out via the System sub-menus? I had AMD Catalyst 15.4 installed, because 15.7 introduced a bug for one of my games, but Windows still updated the driver to 15.7 yesterday. I guess maybe it wasn't correctly identified as a driver by...
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    Windows 10: How to force Update Delivery Optimization (update sharing over network)?

    So my internet at the moment is pretty slow, so updates are taking a while. However, my laptop is already up to date, so I was hoping this new torrent-like update delivery thing would allow my laptop to stream updates to my PC. But the update download is still going really slow on my PC, even...
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    Anybody getting 5.1 surround sound from Windows 10?

    About to upgrade to 10, but I see reports of people with Realtek audio not getting surround. Can anybody here (realtek or not) confirm whether they can get 5.1 sound from their Windows 10 PC? I have a Creative card I can throw in if my on-board doesn't work, so I just want to make sure this...
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    Still possible to hack component video support into Catalyst?

    I was reading this thread from back in the day where some guys hacked the registry to get component video out of the VGA port on their AMD cards. Do any driver/registry wizards...
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    How to delete refresh rate or resolution from Windows/CCC?

    So I have my PC hooked up to a 1080i TV, but for some reason Need For Speed Rivals keeps trying to launch at 25hz (lowest available) instead of 30hz. 25hz simply doesn't work with my TV. Anyway to delete this value, like in the registry or something?
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    Do any modern monitors support Sync-on-Green?

    I have a spare Dell 1707fp from 2006, and hooked my PS2 up to it for just to see if it would work, and I got picture. All I needed was a component cable and a RCA female>VGA male adapter like this. Only works with 480p and higher resolutions, of course, and you have to have your PS2 in RGB mode...
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    Any way to extract a monitor driver from built-in windows/graphics driver?

    So I have an old monitor that only has 32-bit drivers available online, but Windows or CCC (not sure which) is correctly identifying the monitor and installing drivers for it. Is there a way to extract this driver and install it elsewhere? The problem is, I'm trying to run the signal through...
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    Used PC outside for over a year, now mobo isn't POSTing

    So for a about a year and a half, I've had an old PC, just the mobo/vid card and hdd all laying out on top of a piece of cardboard, inside of a shed with no climate control. So it's been exposed to fluctuations in humidity/temperature. I've just been using it to play fitness videos, and have it...
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    Adjusting color via drivers vs monitor

    So, if you were to lower contrast via CCC, because your whites are too bright, are you losing information in the sub-white zone? In other words, are some of the steps on the 0-255 RGB scale being merged? What are the pros/cons of doing it on your monitor's OSD instead?
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    Crossfiring 7850 with 290x for analog out?

    So I might be able to score a 290x on craigslist for a good price. I use a CRT monitor though, and the 290's have no analog output. I think I remember reading somewhere that you can crossfire two cards from different series, but it will only give you more outputs, they won't actually...
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    Has anyone ever damaged their motherboard by changing settings/hardware too often?

    I've been changing memory settings, moving DIMMS around, and clearing CMOS a lot. Suddenly, it's getting hard to get my computer to boot after adding/removing DIMMS when before all I had to do was clear CMOS and I'd be fine. I haven't been able to get it to boot with more than two for a while...
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    Which pre-Battlefield 2 game currently has the largest player base?

    I'm going to be moving for a year internship in march and won't have my desktop anymore. So my only gaming option will be a laptop with intel HD 4500 integrated graphics. So any Battlefield from the last decade isn't really going to be an option. So which of the older Battlefields has the...
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    Anybody with experience mixing two different sticks of RAM in dual channel?

    As long as they are the same speed, voltage, and capacity in each bank, then they should work, right? I ask because I bought a quad channel kit of some fast Geil DDR2, but one turned out faulty. Could only get refund for the faulty one, so now I have an odd one out. I can't find a single...
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    Looking for good multipurpose sound card with no dynamic range compression

    So the Realtek HD sound that is on my motherboard is terrible. I need a 10 band EQ to tweak my vintage Pioneer CS-63DX speakers on the low-end, but the Realtek drivers implement dynamic range compression and kill the full sound I used to get out of my Audigy 2 with Kx Project drivers. So, I...
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    Any programs that can clone a hard drive but leave out specific directories?

    So I want to clone my XP OS for my old computer to a smaller drive I have, but in order to do that I have to exclude the 300 or so GB's of music I have on it. Any software that would let me exclude a folder or five during a clone?