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    Most complicated monitor cabling ever?

    Can someone beat this? For driving the vp2290b (3840x2400 display) i gave my sister via 2x dual link DVI @ 60Hz (vs driving 4x single link). That is: Computer -> 2x Dual link DVI cable -> 2x matrox triple head 2 go (DL-DVI -> 2x Single link DVI) -> 4x DVI cable -> 4x DVI...
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    New Seiki 4k displays (HDMI 2.0) 2014 Q2 (55/58/65/85 inch)

    For those of you who haven't heard it looks like seiki announced the newer models that should have upgraded electronics/hdmi 2.0. Link to the story: Those are some damn low MSRP's. Makes me wonder what they will really go for...
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    27 inch Seiki 4k

    This is interesting. One of seiki's partners says they are coming out with a 28 inch version soon: Maybe they are coming out with a 28 inch version that will probably be extremely cheap and even better-sized as a monitor for many folk who think the 39...
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    Looking for a real PS/2 port

    USB has limitations on how many keys can be pressed at once. Unfortunately with my last upgrade I have lost my PS/2 port as supermicro finally stopped putting them on some of their boards (which made me very sad). Anyway I am looking for an actual PS/2 port (PCI or preferably PCI-E). Two I...
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    Supermicro X9 dual socket (2011) i2c/sensors driver?

    Anyone know what chip these boards use? I am trying to get fan control and temperatures from linux on my X9DR3-LN4F+. I used to be able to get this no problem on my old X8DTH via the w83793 driver on linux but unlike usual supermicro does not list what chip they use. Also the BIOS doesn't list...
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    Asus 39 inch 3840x2160 60Hz panel.

    I know its been mentioned in the other asus 4k thread but I thought it deserved its own thread. No model number yet. Due to the fact its VA its almost certain it uses the CMO 39 inch 3840x2160 S-MVA panel which is basically the 39 inch version of the panel in the seiki displays. Article about...
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    Active DP -. HDMI 1.3 or 1.4 adapter

    Does anyone know if these exist? Ever seen one? I have found a passive one but I need an active one.
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    Seiki SE50UY04 3840x2160 50" TV ($1300)

    Anyone get one of these yet? The 30Hz refreshrate is problematic. I wonder if it can do 1920x2160 x2 for 60Hz like some other quad HD TV's/monitors can do? If I could drive this via two HDMI and get 60Hz I think I would jump at it. Has anyone got one of these yet and what has their experience...
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    16/20 disks in RMA Receiving inferior model (Seagate)

    Very annoyed with seagate right now. I did two RMA's with them one for 20 disks and another for 11. I have not seen the results for the 11 batch yet. I sent them 31 drives that were ST31000333AS drives that are 3 platter 1TB drives. I got an email to see that 16 of the 20 drives they are...
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    Gefen Dual link DVI KVM switch works with 2560x1440@100Hz

    Not able to test higher refresh since I am running linux and can't exceed 400Mhz but I am able to verify (for anyone else who wanted to do what I did) that the gefen dual link DVI KVM switch so far has worked flawlessly with my Yamakasi. I am pushing 400 Mhz on it so I wasn't sure especially...
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    Need a ps/2 switch.

    Basically I need a simple device that can take a single PS/2 keyboard input and electrically switch between two output ports. Kind of like a KVM except I want one for just ps/2 and I would rather not use a KVM as I want something that is not going to do any emulation or cause latency or other...
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    How can legacy windows be switched to EFI?

    I have a macbook pro retina and apparently when installing Windows 7 via bootcamp it did so using legacy BIOS and not EFI. My main OS on this machine is actually Linux and not Mac or Windows. In order to get proper graphics support I had to use the newer grub/EFI mode. The downside of this is...
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    Going from non GPT 2TB drive -> GPT 3 TB array Windows 7 x64

    I am building a new workstation for my dad. His old machine was a core 2 quad with 8 GB of ram. The new one is dual 6-core xeon's with 64GB of ram. One of the other changes is he is going from a single 2TB drive -> 3TB hardware raid array. One of the things I forgot about was to use 3TB (he...
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    Anyone used CrashPlan?

    Is it really unlimited? I am guessing its not gonna go through but I am currently in the process of uploading 10+TB to them. What should I expect?
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    Nvidia gtx 600 series with tripple DVI

    Does one of these exist that isn't a GTX 690? I don't really want a SLI setup because I run linux but I do want a video card that has 3 DVI ports. Also don't need the 690 as it would be overkill and not to mention more power hungry.
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    lsi 9260-8i and multipath I/O

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to actually verify its using mulitpath or anything needs to be done other than hooking up two cables to the SAS expander? Please let me know for anyone who has successfully did multipath I/O on the LSI-9260
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    2560x1440 on 13.3 inch

    So it looks like 'Retina' displays will be coming to 'ultrabooks.' I really must thank apple for getting people to understand the advantage of high resolution. Pretty sad that my IBM T221 9503-DGP with a panel designed in the early 2000s is still the highest resolution LCD model that can be...
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    LSI 1068 and 3 TB disks.

    Apparently this controller doesn't support 3 TB disks (atleast old firmwares). Anyone know if LSI came out with a newer firmware which has proper support for > 2 TB?
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    HP SAS expander in motherboard with no CPU.

    Anyone know a specific model of motherboard (hopefully on the cheap) that can power an HP SAS expander with no CPU/memory installed?
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    Blank (no holes) I/O shield

    Anyone know where to get these? Basically looking for an I/O shield that doesn't have any wholes in it (place holder?) as its for a chassis being used as JBOD and won't actually have a motherboard in it.
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    Christmas came early this year

    So aparrantly we are junking a ton of stuff at work (e-waste company). Well I found out one of the things we are junking are some old coraid hardware which the disk shelves use this chasis: These things even have redundant...
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    Areca raid reliability

    For quite a while I have praised areca controllers for their reliability compared to other brands. Unfortunately recently some things have happened which has caused me to have a change of heart... We have had major issues with raid controller failures with both LSI and 3ware which is what...
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    ARC-1880i on Linux/Open Solaris

    We have about 450 areca controllers where I work and I wanted to get the jump on testing the new ARC-1880i as we might switch to it if its compatible with the various drives we use and if it comes down in price a little bit. My firsts test will be testing 1.5 TB drives using the SAS expander...
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    Stay away from OCZ storage products

    I apologize in advanced for the rant. So it looks like OCZ is refusing my warranty due to some BS about authorized reseller? WTF? It listed nothing like this in the manual (nothing about an authorized reseller). I can understand that they might need this for proving the date of purchase...
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    I haven't seen too many threads or mentions of this specific card. It is the UIO supermicro card but is the SAS 2.0 and PCI-E 2.0 version of the card. I got this specific model (vs the L8I) due to the fact that I will be using it for opensolaris and I heard the L8E uses the mpt_sas driver (card...
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    Areca Failed Volume Revived

    I gotta say I was kind pf plesently surprised by this. I use 4 cheap as hell OCZ SSD's in my server that I use mainly for reads. I got an email notifying me that the SSD volume had failed (its in raid0). I ssh into my server thinking its gong to be possibly dead due to the volume rejecitng reads...
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    SUPERMICRO MBD-X8DAH+-O CPU compatability

    I decided to upgrade my system and today I ordered this supermicro board: I initially ordered it with a Xeon W3520 but changed it to a Xeon E5530 which is almost twice as expensive and only 2.4 Ghz vs 2.66 Ghz. I do believe I...
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    55.2 dBA is really loud

    I got two of these fans to replace the back two fans on my norco RPC 4020: I gotta say these were louder than I expected. My norco case's loudness is almost comparable to my 2U supermicro case (almost). Sounds like a vacuum...
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    Video compare of new norco 4020 and old

    Got a new norco case and here is a vid comparing the old red LED's to the new version of the case (which has two non hot swap drives slots and no floppy as well as blue LEDs). Unfortunately youtube would not convert these videos correctly (the framerate was halfed)...
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    SuperMicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 (8 Port SATA controller) - pretty decent performance

    In case anyone was interested in the 8 port supermicro card: I did some tests on it with software raid (mdadm). So far the results were very respectful (in my opinion). Here are the results of raw sequential read/writes in raid0...
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    Accusys = Areca clone?

    I just noticed this new brand I have never heard of on newegg. They are significantly cheaper and look exactly like areca controllers: compare with: I am...
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    Project: Disk space expansion.

    Funny enough it wasn't from any forums but I randomly found a norco 4020 case on ebay (not that it was labeled as such) and after looking for the model by the dimensions listed on ebay I found the case. This was a great deal since I was looking to go from my CM stacker to a hot-swap setup and...
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    A ? For those of you that have the norco RPC-4020 case

    Do you have any issues with the caddy activity lights not working? I heard it uses the SATA signaling to show HD activity and thus doesn't need any additional cables (and I don't see any on the back plane) but i also got a different version from the one I normally see (with two sets of data...