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  1. pigwalk

    Motorola SB 6141 + SB 6121 Docsis 3 Modems

    Motorola SB6141 Motorola SB6121 - No Power Supply, No Comcast
  2. pigwalk

    GreenmanGaming 20% off Codes?

    Are there any active ones right now? I almost bought BF4 Premium 2 days ago for 32 bucks, don't remember which code I used, but I can't find any today?
  3. pigwalk

    660ti - Sell now or wait?

    I've been waiting for the 960/960ti for a while now and they seem right around the corner. Was wondering if I should sell my 660ti now and just use my htpc's 5770 for LoL until I pick up a new card or just wait it out? I figure if the 960's are underwhelming and the ti's are overpriced I...
  4. pigwalk

    Dragon Age 2 Question

    Yeah, I'm going to finally play it against my best judgement, but I need a break from my PS3 after a gazillion hours on the FFX remaster. Question is, should I play it on my main PC with KB/M, or on my HTPC with a controller? I never, ever, EVER would have played DA:O on a controller, but is...
  5. pigwalk

    LA Noire DLC Bundle - Who wants it?

    I just bought it off Gamefly.... Without realizing I had already bought LA Noire complete..... First post gets it, don't PM por favore.
  6. pigwalk

    Will the Wireless 360 Controller for PC work on a 360?

    Convoluted sounding I guess. I'm about to pick up this guy here in prep to move one PC over to the living room TV. But yesterday I found out my 360 controller is dead too. Can this guy be used on both my PC and my 360?
  7. pigwalk

    Build Now or Wait? Gaming PC Overhaul time.....

    So it's a week before black friday, and I've had the itch to upgrade for a while now. Not sure if to go for it right now, or just wait it out a little longer and just grab a SSD in the meanwhile to prolong the current rig in sig? I don't have any HUGE need to upgrade, but I built this current...
  8. pigwalk

    Deux Ex PC - Augmented Edition?

    Anyone able to pick one up? I waited it out to pick up a physical copy locally. Went to BB today, no copies in (didn't find a single PC copy either). Searched in their system, website shows backordered 1-2 weeks, not a single BB in SW FL has a copy. Went to Gamestop, just one reg edition, no...
  9. pigwalk

    LA Noirse Rockstar Pass Question

    Saw that LA Noire was on sale for 39.99 at BB, so I was thinking of picking it up along with DX:HR tomorrow. What does the rockstar pass get you exactly? Was it limited to copies activated before a certain date? I was told it enables you to get all the DLC's for free, but that doesn't sound...
  10. pigwalk

    Dead Space Series - Chronological Order?

    Hey guys, just bought DS2 at Sears for 20 bucks. I've already beaten DS1 and watched Downfall. I guess for games I have Ignition, Extraction and DS2 to go. And for movies just Aftermath right? Skipping the books and comics, but what order should I be playing everything else in?
  11. pigwalk

    CoD Player - Do you buy Map Packs?

    Just a quick poll to get an idea. Also added a "I HATE ACTIVISION!" poll option for everyone who doesn't play CoD.
  12. pigwalk

    Backlogs Blow - Whats Next Vol.6734

    Alright you bunch of meatsacks. What's next on the q? Just finished up The Force Unleashed, trying to figure out what's next in the list. Shorter the better right now, I don't really want any 20hr+ epics right now. Want to whittle the list down a bit first. PS3 Enslaved 3D Dot Heroes...
  13. pigwalk

    Monday Night Combat Free Weekend!

    Looking forward to trying this one out for a while! Pretty much a FPS Dota right? Some of the Demigod guys were involved too? I loved that game, but the community blew ass, the netcode wasn't fixed until too late and all of 3 people play it now.
  14. pigwalk

    Playing STALKER:SoC for the first time! Tips?

    Hey guys, I bought STALKER like 2 or 3 years ago, need to get around to actually playing it. Already have the Complete mod installed, any kind of pointers or tips to make me actually stick through playing it this time?
  15. pigwalk

    PSP Favorites

    Has anyone found any place, B+M or online that has the new PSP Favorites pricing? I'm looking for Killzone Liberation, but it's still 19.99 everywhere. FF:Crisis Core is the only game I've found at the new pricing. Are retailers just trying to keep the price jacked up to cash in on the KZ3...
  16. pigwalk

    Enslaved 360/PS3 - $15

    Link I just picked it up for that price in store. I loved Heavenly Sword, and from what I gathered from the demo this is more of that Ninja Theory quality.
  17. pigwalk

    Xenogears on PSN FINALLY!!

    Tomorrow they're finally releasing it as a PSone classic. I've never been able to track down a hard copy and I've never felt like dedicating enough time into PSX to get it running. Am I going to love it or be disappointed? Only loose ties to the Xenosaga games right? Unfortunately KZ3 ALSO...
  18. pigwalk

    The Force Unleashed - PS3 or 360?

    Games on the cheap, Goozex has it for 300/500 points and I'm on the fence about which version to get. According to Lens of Truth the PS3 version run much smoother but the 360 version looks much better. Is that skipping they mentioned removed if the game is installed to the 360 HDD? Which...
  19. pigwalk

    Alan Wake - NO SPOILERS

    So just got the CE that Amazon was selling for 40 bucks. KICKASS package for the price, looking forward to playing the game. Wondering if it's ok to read the book that came with beforep laying through, or if I should skip it and all the bonus material until afterward? Thanks!
  20. pigwalk

    Free Gears of War 2 Flashback Map Pack

    My copy came with 2 map pack cards, I used one for the single player mission, and I have this one left over. First PM gets it, I think it's like 5 maps or something.
  21. pigwalk

    1 Xbox - Multiple Gamertags - DLC Q

    Since I'm ICS sharing off my HTPC, and doing so breaks Remote Desktop for me (is there a fix?) I have two Gamertags on my 360. The online one is the same as my GWFL account, and the other is an offline all my game data is saved to. When I want to access the marketplace, I use my GWFL...
  22. pigwalk

    PSP Video Conversion

    Whats the best program to use for video conversion? I've been using PSP Video 9, which does a great job, but I have to reinstall it before running every time and I can only do a single file at a time. Best would be a program that A - I don't have to fucking reinstall every time I run it, and B...
  23. pigwalk

    Dantes Inferno - $25 +/- Shipped

    I didn't bother getting the exact $$$ amount (tax and all that). But use that BF:BC2 PAXEAST842 code to get the game for appx 23 bucks before tax. Link
  24. pigwalk

    Best GC Mario Party?

    What'd be the best one of the series for a bunch of drunken morons?
  25. pigwalk

    New Releases - Midnight @ Wal Mart?

    Hey guys, anyone ever successfully pick up a release at midnight at a Wal-Mart? All the BB's that are doing midnight releases of FF13 are about 40 mins away, and I don't think Gamestop here is doing a midnighter. I'd rather give Wal-Mart my money anyways.... Anyone?
  26. pigwalk

    God of War 3 Demo

    So it's finally out on PSN, even though I'm sure nearly everyone that's really cared has already played. What's the final consensus? I'll admit, it seems like more of the same, not much except better graphics. A little disappointing in that regards, I was expecting something different...
  27. pigwalk

    37" Westinghouse Refurb w/FREE Ship

    Seen this one a few times, not with free ship though!
  28. pigwalk

    Playing MGS4 for the first time

    Gameplay tips anyone? I've gotten past the first chapter with 76 kills so far. I'm not doing too well stealth-wise it seems. Anyone give me any tips or pointers?
  29. pigwalk

    Reuse Laptop Optical in SFF Build?

    I guess the question is in the title. Ordered a Shuttle X27, wondering if I can reuse the drive out of my Inspiron 1501 in it?
  30. pigwalk

    Streaming to PS3 w/o WMP

    Hey guys, any tips on streaming shared media without having to use a WMP Server? I have all my music and video stored in shared folder in my HTPC, but none of it is loaded into WMP. Any way to just access the shared files directly for playback or some other sort of media sharing prorgams to run?
  31. pigwalk

    Tex Murphy 1+2 - FREE at

    Merry Christmas all you freeloading heathens!
  32. pigwalk

    Who else waits before buying new releases?

    In this week alone we have MW2, L4D2 and AC2 coming out. And I know most of you guys are going to jump on em and buy them as soon as possible for full new price. Does anyone else here just wait until prices drop before jumping on them? Last 3 games I bought brand new were Sup Com, Demigod...
  33. pigwalk

    NoScript for FF - Latest Update breaks [H]?

    Not only the [H] forums, but photobucket won't load, won't load and I'm sure there are more. Disable, everything is loading fine. Anyone else having the same problem? All the sites above are set to allow, just won't load.
  34. pigwalk

    Clearning the neverending backlog - What game next?

    I'm sure with all the Steam and Target clearance deals I'm not the only one with this problem right now. In fact I think I made this same thread a few months ago, with different games! Same story, finally finished off GTA4 PC (loved the world and story btw) and there's a whole backlog of...
  35. pigwalk

    Demigod - 19.99 Coupon Codes

    Hey guys, I got 2 of them in my e-mail. Anyone interested?
  36. pigwalk

    Multiple Steam Accounts on 1 PC

    Hey guys, I have one login here, and another friend that'll be stopping by the house for a few days. If he jumps onto Steam and logs on as himself, will he have to re-download games I already have installed? Example, I installed Steam on my Wife's PC and I'm installed L4D on it to see how...
  37. pigwalk

    Huxley Open Beta

    Anyone had any luck or try this one out yet? UT3 powered MMO FPS, alot of talk about a year ago, trying to install it right now.
  38. pigwalk

    Fast Remote Desktop within my home network?

    Hey guys, I have TightVNC running on my HTPC and main Desktop over a wireless connection right now. It's just kind of slow and sluggish.... Any better recommendations? Viewer is running Win7 RC and the remote machine is using Vista Home Premium. Streaming media is ok, but the remote...
  39. pigwalk

    Cheap PCI Card w/RCA Outs

    Hey guys, just noticed my new board doesn't have digital RCA outs to hookup the receiver with. Are there any cheap cards you guys can recommend with RCA outs? Lots on newegg with SPDIF, none cheap with RCA's though. Has to be Vista compatible too.