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  1. pigwalk

    What is the most violent game you ever played

    Marriage was pretty violent. Glad I Alt-F4'd before getting a perma Game Over.
  2. pigwalk

    Sony Finally Enables Two Factor Authentication

    I just had my account compromised Tuesday. Perfect timing......
  3. pigwalk

    Battlefield 4 & Hardline both $5 bucks right now.

    What's the current state of Hardline? People still playing? Is it any more interested than the beta was?
  4. pigwalk

    Any games like Doom or Bioshock on the horizon?

    Ummm.... I don't expect either of those games to be anything at all like what OP is asking for.
  5. pigwalk

    Comcast Charges Family For Porn Rentals Made After They Canceled Service

    Can happen easy enough. If a installer removes a box from one account, and uses it for another install instead of returning it to warehouse the PPV Manager still sees it at it's original location.
  6. pigwalk

    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    Wasn't expecting this game to be THIS much fun, having a blast!!! Longevity worries me a bit though....
  7. pigwalk

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    I don't think the Steamlink had gigE ports anyway.
  8. pigwalk

    Fan of the band?

    Fan of the band?
  9. pigwalk

    If you own more than 10 games on Steam, ‘you don’t matter’ to the $99.3B gaming industry

    I can see people getting butthurt if they only read the title and first paragraph, but the rest of the conversation is right on point. Trying to separate people into "Core" or "Casual" gamers because of the medium they play on absolutely ridiculous.
  10. pigwalk

    Ashes of Singularity 1/2 off till 2/29/2016.

    Which would be a better RTS right now? This or HW:Deserts of Kharak?
  11. pigwalk

    Ashes of Singularity 1/2 off till 2/29/2016.

    If I absolutely adored and loved SupCom1 I'm guessing I'm going to enjoy this right? Getting kind of sick and tired of LoL, want something new.
  12. pigwalk

    Is The Price Of A Video Game Really Right?

    Yep. If you have a problem with the price of a game don't buy it. It's as easy as waiting for the price to fall where you want it to. Has the pricing on digital games ever gone up after release?
  13. pigwalk

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    Didn't have the Client set to Beta. Works like a charm now! Super thanks!!!
  14. pigwalk

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    Can you elaborate how you got it working? I have a 2.1 setup on my PC, but want to stream at 5.1 to my Home Theatre, but every game just gives me 2.1 options.
  15. pigwalk

    Sex Tech Could Threaten World’s Oldest Profession

    If the head is good does it really matter?
  16. pigwalk

    EA Access arrives on PC as Origin Access

    Does this give you DLC Access to those gameS?
  17. pigwalk

    Anyone here play either Doom or Wolfenstein 3D when they first came out?

    I used a Gravis Gamepad for Doom. Control pad for Fwd/Back L/R, Red+Green for Strafe, Yellow Fire, Green Action if I remember correctly. Anyone remember poor ole Blake Stone? Thought that game was going to be hot shit. Until Doom came out the week later. :'(
  18. pigwalk

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    My steamlink over hardwire is straight up perfect. Besides stupid game launchers (fuck you LA Noire) the experience has been absolutely flawless.
  19. pigwalk

    Lawsuit Demands The Right To Resell Steam Games

    I don't care about reselling Steam games because I'm not one of those chodes buying new releases for 60 bucks.
  20. pigwalk

    What are your favorite sad games?

    Yes, goddamn yes. So depressing from beginning to end. I heard To the Moon will make anyone tear up. That's going to be played soon.
  21. pigwalk

    Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5 GHz Quad-Core CPU

    Don't want to be a dick.... But how do you know it's 4.6 stable if it's never been OC'd?
  22. pigwalk

    FF VII remake game play video

    How are those recent re-releases anyway? Do they still have that shitty midi OST straight out the box?
  23. pigwalk

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    LOVING my Steamlink, was way cheaper than building a second gaming PC which I was originally planning on doing.
  24. pigwalk

    PC games on living room TV, how practical?

    Steamlink over ethernet saved me a nice chunk of dough. Loving it.
  25. pigwalk

    Struggling to play video games .

    Wrong. Ding ding ding right on the money. Still love gaming, that's never going away. But I like (and attempt) to sate so many other interests as well.
  26. pigwalk

    Struggling to play video games .

    Welcome to not being a kid anymore. You now have more money to buy games you won't have time to play.
  27. pigwalk

    Alien Isolation.... Any good?

    Just started it on Steamlink last night. Looks great, but I got that damn Bridge Briefing bug on the first level... Will try again tonight.
  28. pigwalk

    So I watched the Warcraft trailer...

    I dig it, looking past some of the overly CGI stuff, tons and tons of classic WC1 lore. I'm interested.
  29. pigwalk

    The rare games that are better on console (since 2005)

    Are any of those really any BETTER on a PC though? Super Meat Boy really look or play any better on a PC vs playing on a calculator? Right now I'm playing Guacamelee on PC, because backlog, but if it was the same price would I really be missing out if I bought it on PS3? First person to...
  30. pigwalk

    The rare games that are better on console (since 2005)

    Shank, Guacamelee, sidescrollers in general, Telltale Games, twinstick shooters, fighting games (me personally), I'll take on a console over a PC. Kind of disingenuous actually, it's more about rather playing them on a controller in front of a TV vs playing sitting down with a KB+M. I could...
  31. pigwalk

    The Last Audio Cassette Factory

    I just bought this a month or few ago. Darkest Hour
  32. pigwalk

    Netflix Is Actively Becoming Just Another TV Channel

    Are they going to get rid of their disc based service? I'm kind of thinking of going back to 2 Blu-Ray at a time. I miss their unlimited movie selection vs their now very limited movie selection.
  33. pigwalk

    Until Dawn, cinematic ps4 horror adventure game.

    Funnest LAN's I ever had were Left 4 Dead lans. Why? You get 2-3 real gamers, 3-4 non gamers, and all those horror movie cliche's come to life. The run off, fuck these guys loner who dies far ahead all by themselves. The white knight trying to lead the girls who haven't figured out WASD...
  34. pigwalk

    Logitech Harmony 650 $38.99

    Not bad at all. And after smashing 4 Harmony One screens over 3 years, I figured it was best to get one of these instead.
  35. pigwalk

    Verizon Tests Superfast 10 Gigabit Internet Service

    I've seen properties of ours that do 1gb for 40-60 bucks over bulk 100/100 pricing.
  36. pigwalk

    Are Time Travelers Stealing Our Stuff?

    I guess he's the perfect FP poster tbh. But still......
  37. pigwalk

    Are Time Travelers Stealing Our Stuff?

    Who let Megalith post to fp?
  38. pigwalk

    Remember in 2015 we will turn it around... #nopreorders

    You could just.... Wait until release date? Are you scared the games going to sell out or something? Have you ever NOT been able to get a game because you didn't pre-order?
  39. pigwalk

    Is Stress Driving Tech Pros From Video Games?

    Aren't the unions and guilds still pretty tight and tough in the entertainment industry? I can imagine the gaming industry eventually getting swept under the same rug, much to the benefit of it's employees.
  40. pigwalk

    Any new, solid ARPG loot fests to play offline?

    Grim Dawn is awesome, but I just wish it had a the brighter and more varied color palette that Titan Quest had.