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    Humble Fall VR Emporium Bundle - $15

    SpaceX might control flights to Mars with pilots on Earth wearing VR helmets by then. Elite Dangerous in real life.
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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    How is global warming still a thing with all the recycling Blizzard has done over the last 20 years???
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    Playstation 4 emulator that works and requires Linux

    I bought 2 PS4 games 18 months wrongly thinking I would be able to buy a PS4. Death Stranding which I have been playing on PC for couple months now and Final Fantasy VII Remake which is still only available on PS4 (though a PC release is rumored). PlayStation availability for these 2 years...
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    PSA… Counterfeit SSDs being sold on Amazon

    I usually stay away from unknown (to me) brands just for this fear. I stopped buying batteries on Amazon about a year ago due to issues of counterfeits.
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    Receiver used for PC is dieing. Need a replacement solution.

    I have a secret for cheap receivers. Goodwill Online Auction ( I have bought probably 6 in the last 2 years either for my own needs (like a garage or computer) as well as for friends. I usually spend about $40-$60 (with shipping). Filter for local distribution centers to keep...
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    Renpho Eye Massager

    Best $51 I ever spent on underwear 😏
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    Which Samsung Series SSD for my MacBook

    Something to think about, the ultra high performance SSD’s off the shelf usually have the highest power draw as well. Meaning less battery and more heat. The Samsung’s that came from the factory on Apples has a really good balance. I put an Intel in my MacBook Air after specifically looking for...
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    Microsoft broke Windows 11 injecting ads

    Guess those $8 Windows keys on eBay finally caught up with us. We should have paid the money upfront. Now they’ve googled our windows.
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    WD Caught Swapping Inferior NAND In SN550.

    It’s Western Digital, you should be grateful they arent using SMR NAND in it yet. They will find a way. Look for a new model, called SN550 Plus, to know it happened.
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    Alphabet's Wing to pass 100,000 drone delivery milestone this week

    There are plenty of drones that can drive and walk.
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    Judge Says an AI Can’t Be an Inventor on a Patent Because It’s Not a Person

    Pertaining to this specific story, this sounds like it's an attempt to create patent "mining". The inventions listed are a flashing light and a beverage container. These are just random things. The goal is for a human to mine ideas and then get rich. But there are other ethical questions. If...
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    8 states to allow iphone and apple watch to be used as drivers license/state i.d.

    I wouldn’t turn this into an Apple vs Android war. This is the progression of the smart phone. Or, at a more basic level, the progression of having unlimited information readily available to nearly every human on the planet. Most people’s entire life can be represented in some way or another on...
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    External 4 Bay JBOD with Windows Storage Spaces vs External RAID / NAS enclosure.

    While I wouldn’t directly say you can easily switch between computers, one of the main reason I have been using Windows Storage Spaces for several years now is because in the event of a computer upgrade, the pool works with zero issues. Make new computer, install windows, pool is available. I...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    They may be testing out saturation capability as well. Choosing People based on location in proximity to other users.
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    Are External HDD's 'safer' than Internal?

    I’ve gotten to making custom harnesses that convert the 12V wires on the 4 pin molex connector of a PSU into a long DC power cord…usually a 2.1mm or 2.5mm DC barrel ending. That way you are getting the same quality of power everything else in the computer gets. You can get a ATX PSU power...
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    Best Wireless hard drive ?

    We have a Seagate Wireless drive for watching movies. It’s been working for about 5 years now. Little bulky, but it works. I copy files over USB2 cable. App on all the kids iPads. We got the 500GB version. Plenty of space since I handbrake the movies down to constant quality of about 20 and just...
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    Crucial X6 4TB External SSD Performance

    36MB/s is slightly above what I would expect from USB 2. Especially if it is "flat lining" at that speed. It means the drive is easily able to keep up, but the port would be artificially limiting the bandwidth.
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    Suggestions for an 8 Bay or 2x4 Bay Enclosure

    I had 2 of those, the 4 bay units though. ProBox with eSATA. They worked great for many years. But then I started periodically having issues with discs disappearing. And it's getting hard and harder to find eSATA cards. I finally had a drive completely disappear no matter what slot I put it in...
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    Ukraine police close down Mining operation that uses 3,800 PS4 consoles

    Post 5 was probably a better explanation. Being in the article was of no consequence.
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    Right to repair executive order

    My Dad recently gave me a 12.9" iPad Pro with a cracked screen, said I could have it if I wanted to bother fixing it. Looked on eBay....just the screen assembly is $600. Apple charges $600 to do a full replacement.
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    Ukraine police close down Mining operation that uses 3,800 PS4 consoles

    In case it wasn't clear yet, the reason the operation was shutdown was because they were stealing electricity. Probably tapped off the main service or something (IE: an unregistered meter).
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    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

    Is it scalping if that's what EVERY retailer charges? :( I saw them at Microcenter and thought they were some new special high end card. Nope just a regular gaming card being sold for 2-3x the stores.
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    Matching Epic, Microsoft is slashing what it takes from developers to 12%

    I’m fine with Steam or Apple or google taking 30%. Why does the platform itself not deserve to be compensated? What kind of audience would these game developers have otherwise? The reason Epic charges 12% is probably because they can’t justify a value of 30% to the developers. What’s it worth...
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    Matching Epic, Microsoft is slashing what it takes from developers to 12%

    Even if you have 2 Xbox’s sitting right next to each other connected to each other with a gigabit cable, you will only get about 280mb/s (lowercase mb) between the 2 of them using network transfer. I think it’s more of limit of an interface or something inside the console.
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    Man Sues Apple for Terminating Account with $25,000 in Purchases

    This is the only reason I click on Apple threads around here, to see exactly these kinds of comments. It’s humorous, yet as certain to be on [H] as the sun rising in the morning.
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    Alienware Really Doesn’t Want You to Buy an AMD Ryzen PC

    I’m so outraged, I don’t even need to read the article. Outraged I tell you!
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    Apple fundraisers $50M for independent artists

    It means if Apple doesn’t like what you are saying, they will remove you from their platform. The coordinated deplatformings are particularly nasty. As I said, don’t be too independent. You can use curse words and depict many vices. Just don’t be independent.
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    Apple fundraisers $50M for independent artists

    Just don’t be TOO independent....cause then you will have to be removed entirely.
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    UK system builder launches "No GPU" range of gaming PCs

    This is just my wild assumption, but I would think that large companies like Dell, HP & Lenovo can put in orders of like10,000 units at a time, so they get direct allocation from the manufacturer. They don’t pay the markup. Where as these small boutique builders may only order 10’s or a hundred...
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    Microsoft Nier: Automata port is a marked improvement over the Steam one

    Nier Automata is a game that is so good you’ll want to beat it. Then beat it again. Then beat it again. Then beat it again. Then beat it again.....
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    Rocket Lake Benchmarked by Anandtech - Pleae leave your gaming performance at the door!

    RAMBUS DDR4 is needed for optimal performance 🤫
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    Taiwan drought could drastically cutback TSMC production

    Somehow, Maricopa county is the 5th most populated county in the country. It defies logic :confused:
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    Samsung to build 3nm node in Texas? Yeehaa!

    TI is a foundry now. The calculator and (did you mean DLP?) business has always been what the outside world see’s, but it is completely insignificant to the over all output. We now focus on making products for companies that are fabless as well as allocating most of our capacity to analog. We...
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    Taiwan drought could drastically cutback TSMC production

    "TSMC said it needed 156,000 tonnes of water per day, even though it reuses more than 85% of it." They should go waterless urinals like we have :eek:
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Got Xbox Series X at Walmart today, but had to do the “All Access” version (pay over 24 month period). I guess that is one way to keep the scalpers at bay. It comes out to almost $900 over 2 years (since you pay for Game pass as well). That’s a lot of overhead for a scalper to overcome.
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    Samsung to build 3nm node in Texas? Yeehaa!

    Texas Instruments did not loose any power at any facility through all of that. City knows what’s good for the coffers 😎
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    Japan uses Hello Kitty to fight against priacy

    Well, I can tell you a couple reasons people pirate Japanese content. Specifically from the music perspective. 1. they don’t sell it outside of Japan, which makes it pretty damn prohibitive to buy legally and practically. 2. Albums are still 80-90’s era prices. New CD’s are easily $30-$40...
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    just ordered Starlink

    You got it all the way down here? They let you order and sats are available? I had heard there was a school district in Texas that was getting it as a beta test, was that prosper? I have U-verse and pay $130 a month for 85/16 ($30 for unlimited). The down is decent, but the up doesn’t fit my...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    Jokes on you! I’m a townie that cant get cable AND I pay more than you do. 🤪 on a serious note, as more satellites are added, the bandwidth will go up.