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    FlexRAID shortcomings. NAS? Other Software?

    I have been using FlexRAID's RAID-F for a couple years now. For the price and ease of setup it was great. However I have been having horrible stability issues. Support for FlexRAID is at a minimum and the developer is less than helpful in most cases. I constantly have problems with the pooled...
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    Angled or Flat Patch Panel?

    Working on a server room retrofit and have a question. When do you use angled patch panels versus standard flat? Just when density is needed?
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    Shielded CAT6 in Teal?

    We use teal CAT6 for our iSCSI traffic. Throw in shielded, and it is impossible. Anyone have a good resource? Needing 20ft cables.
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    Tablet Interface for light home control?

    I have an older Dell Latitude tablet I have been toying around with mounting in the kitchen/entry. I want it to be able to have a quick dashboard to display things like the weather, link to our security cameras, and some light web browsing. Any programs out there currently that will do this...
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    Best Label Maker?

    Buying a portable label maker for work. Anyone use the Dymo Rhino line? Brady? Looking for the self laminating.
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    Solarwinds Orion and APC NetBotz 200

    Anyone add a NetBotz device to Solarwinds? Since it is an environmental monitor, I want to monitor temp. Having a hell of a time finding the correct OID. I have added a Universal Device Poller but no data is present. Any tips?
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    "NOC" view w/ SolarWinds Orion

    Does anyone use SolarWinds Orion and monitor it similar to a NOC? New manager wanted a view, got a quote from a local coder, and bailed due to 'lack of maintenance in future'. Was just curious if anyone has used Orion as a back end. Our problem with the current Top 10 lists in Orion is it...
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    HP Thin Client T5740E Atom N280 1.66 GHz - Ends 1/18 @ 5:26PM PST - $75

    HP Thin Clients This listing is only for one, however I have about 25 available.
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    Atrix HD Cases?

    I usually am not a fan of cases on phones, but I dropped my Atrix 4G last week and finally shattered the screen. Luckily I was up for upgrade and grabbed an Atric HD for $29. Anyone have one and use a case they like? Worried the Otterbox line will be too bulky.
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    New ATT Phone: Suggestions

    Looks like I am due for an upgrade. My Atrix 4G now has a cracked screen. Great condition otherwise :D I was saddened that they pulled upgrade for ICE/JellyBean on it as well. So what android phone would you go with on ATT? At first I was going to go with the Atrix HD, but was stopped looking...
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    FC Drive Enclosure/Adapter?

    I need to secure wipe a decent amount of drives (50+). I have a FC HBA card, but having a hard time finding an enclosure/adapter. Anyone have or know or a vendor that markets an adapter? Just want to be able to plug in the drives and wipe them.
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    Extend wireless to garage for IP Camera

    Here is my current setup: Cable Modem>WNDR3700>CAT5E>WNDR3700 The last WNDR3700 is in my media closet at the other end of the house essentially serving as an AP. I get weak signal in the garage on a standard WiFi card. Thing is I am installing an IP camera soon, so I need ethernet connect...
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    Help me Design a 'Budget' File Server

    I currently have a Windows 7 Pro box serving as my home file server. This is used to stream media to an HTPC and a WDTV Live box. It also houses any paperwork we have (Warranty, house stuff, tax info, etc) and pictures. I am a complete newb at storage so that is why I consult the experts...
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    UPS Spare Batteries: Best way to keep them maintained

    We have ~6 UPS units at work left over from a project. What would be the best way to keep them as spares? Right now they are BNIB from APC and stored in our warehouse. I am assuming I will want them charged but I am having a hard time finding specific information. Do I do it monthly...
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    WDTV Live Tips?

    Just picked up the newest version. Already have a full HTPC w/ XBMC downstairs, just wanted something to play movies via network share and Netflix. Any tips/tweaks? I read about the added USB Keyboard support, so I will def be getting something for it. Anything else?
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    560ti or Driver problem?

    I just purchased a MSI Twinfrozr 560ti from a member here on the forum. Have had it 1-2 weeks and it seemed to play awesome. I go to play BF3 last night and horrible texture issues. So I loaded up the newest beta drivers and I get the same thing. Tried a restart, and now I sometimes get an error...
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    Low Power File Server

    I currently have an old S478 P4 system as my file server and am looking to go a bit more efficient/lower power/quiet. Useage: Web browsing via LogMeIn/RDP File server for HTPC (Includes 1080p HD Content) Print Server Download Box I am currently using a three HD system: 1x250GB for...
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    BF3 Amazon Preload Broke?

    Pre-loads opened at 7AM PST using Amazons Games Downloader. I keep getting 'An unkown error has occured'. Anyone else having problems? Google has not helped in this case.
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    AD user locked out multiple times a day

    I have an AD user who is locked out multiple times a day. User is not inputting PW incorrectly. In fact I had the user change the PW to no avail. When the computer is locked, comes back, tries to log on it is locked out. I tried using the MSFT Lockout Status tool but it is not helpful. On the DC...
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    Wall Mount Speakers

    Currently I have some older, large polk audio speakers. Larger than PC case big! I toy with the idea of getting some newer speakers but with a 2 year old, anything 'new' will be too easy to play/pull over. So i was thinking of getting something that is wall mountable. Here is the area...
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    3rd Party Apps for Atrix

    So I just side loaded Netflix and Amazon App Store on my Atrix. What other apps have I been missing out on due to AT&T's 3rd Party app lock out? I browsed around XDA but everything seems to require root.
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    XBMC: What resolution?

    Poking around my HTPC last night I noticed I was running on a rather small resolution. The highest I could go is 1366xSomething. I keep reading I should be able to chose 720p or 1080p in XBMC. Am I missing something?
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    Forum Anniv Wrong?

    Just noticed my tenure count says 8 years. However my join date is 05-17-2003 per my profile. Forum having trouble doing math? Not a huge issue, I could care less but just figured I would post.
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    Network Simulator?

    I just got moved over to a Fibre Channel SAN group and am looking to try and ramp up my skillset ASAP. Are there any Network Simulators out there? Specifically just looking for a simulator I can test out create targets, initiators, LUNs, etc for a Fibre Channel network. Any ideas?
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    Atrix Update: Do it now!

    The first official update for the Atrix was released OTA today. It is actually pretty awesome. Phone works good still, but the changes made to the finger print reader make it much more enjoyable. Actually the past week or so I have been using the password only and not the finger print reader...
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    XBMC is great but..

    This is my first HTPC and I am running XBMC. It is great, looks good, so far has been stable, and my wife likes it (Most important). However I am finding it is lacking. We really want a streaming radio app and would prefer Pandora, it does not support. Same thing with Hulu, no support. So we are...
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    Keyboard Ranges

    Looking to get a keyboard for the HTPC. I use the Harmony for 90% of it but sometimes we want to load up Pandora or do some surfing. I have been pirating my wifes Logitech 2.4GHz combo and the range on it sucks. The couch is about 10 ft. from where the receiver is and the keyboard cuts out. So...
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    Stupid GPU Offloading Question

    Just got my first HTPC together and working somewhat properly. I am using XBMC and am unsure if it is offloading HD content to my GPU. What is the easiest way to tell? Specs for reference: Intel C2D 2.4GHz 2GB DDR3 Radeon HD 5570
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    Atrix Cases

    Thinking about getting a case for my Atrix. I usually hate cases but the back to this thing is incredibly fragile and is starting to scratch up. I pocket it 99% of the time so something not sticky preferred. Anyone use a case and reccomend it?
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    HTPC only, no premium TV, how do you find new shows?

    We have never been without premium TV; Sat or Cable. We are switching in a couple months to HTPC Streaming only but I just had a thought. I often find new shows and air dates via commercials. So if I am getting everything via streaming, how do I know when new shows start? How about shows that...
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    30% off SteelSeries

    Just found this: Now, take 30% off the SteelSeries webshop with code SWAGAWAY30. *Excludes World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm™ MMO Gaming Mouse and SteelSeries Scope. While supplies last through 3/31/11.
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    Bridge Wifi w/ WNDR3700

    I have a Netgear WNDR3700 and it works great. However our house is pretty long and the 802.11n signal is pretty weak in the living room area. I also have all of my home theater equipment in a closet on the 'weak' side of the house. I can possibly run CAT5 but still need to extend the 802.11n...
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    Starting From Scratch: New Build

    Well after finding the board I was going to use is dead and reading around I decided to start from scratch. This is my first HTPC and will be used to stream from my file server and BluRay playback. No gaming, but some internet surfing occasionally. Thoughts on the specs? Case: Silverstone...
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    First HTPC Build: Existing Parts Work?

    Come June we are ditching DirecTV and going to pure HTPC. Currently my equipment list is: -Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP -Phenom 9550 Quad Core -2x1GB of DDR2 (Not sure of the speed) -Onkyo TX-SR605 -Asus EAH4350 Graphics Card -Cables To Go 40430 IR repeater -Logitech Harmony 1) I need a case...
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    GIT behind proxy while compiling

    Working behind work proxy. Trying to compile the kernel for Xen. However during the 'make world' process it barfs when executing the git command. Proxy settings is set on my box for http, and that works if I sub the git:// for http://. I also tried finding the conf file that specified the git...
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    Win 7 Minimize Programs Odd?

    I cannot for the life of me recreate and fix the issue above. Thoughts? Edit: User never restarted. NM, fixed.
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    Cisco 101: Where to start?

    I am beginning to set up a test domain here at work. I have an ASA 5505 to play with and am having a hell of a time with finding the right commands and what I need to do first. Any good tutorials or places to go? Cisco has the list of commands but it is exhausting. Any assistance from a newb?
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    BES Express vs BES

    We are up for TSupport renewal and my boss thinks that going BES Express would be better. Are the TSupport prices for both products the same? Anyone regret switching? We are a modest ~25 user BES and do not use IT Policies or anything.
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    Zenoss 3.0 Dashboard Not Saving

    So I found how to add objects to the Zenoss Dashboard, but it will not save. If I click off of the dashboard and then back on my objects are gone. I am clicking 'Save' when I config the objects. Anyone else ran into this?
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    Office 2007 Mail Merge: Flagging and Default Reply

    Been going round and round trying to found this out. These are things that were in Office 2003 but have since changed in Office 2007. When you do a mail merge in Office 2007 that will be emailed out, how do you set the Default Reply Address to another user? Also how do you flag the messages...