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  1. Etherton

    No contact names on incoming calls

    My Samsung Note 8 yesterday quit displaying my contacts names when I receive a call. I've tried rebooting and toggling "only display contacts w/ names" (was recommended from a Google search). When it is paired to my company truck it displays the names on the radio as normal but only the number...
  2. Etherton

    Mr. Prepper

    Anyone else following this game? Looking forward to playing it. Not a lot of information out there but maybe soon? May 2019 is listed as its available release on Steam.
  3. Etherton

    weBoost Home 4G Cell Phone Booster Kit

    Service provider: ATT/ATT Prepaid Anyone here have any experience with these? Paying for a service that is barely usable at home. Seems like we have signal but it is weak. Missed calls, dropped calls and I can hear the caller but they can not hear me. It takes 20 secs or more to connect an...
  4. Etherton

    Yet another advice thread...

    edit: Going with the Razer 2018. My only concern about the ASUS Zephyrus M is the battery. I travel back and forth to Nashville and it is about a 2.5 hour or so drive, depending on traffic. If I had to, normally don't, would it make it down there - web browsing. Not gaming in the car. The Razer...
  5. Etherton

    Light bleed?

    Is this normal light bleed for a 15" FHD 144Hz display? It's not mine, yet. I asked for a photo of the backlight and got this. It is a 2018 Razer Blade 15".
  6. Etherton

    Laptop recommendations?

    Looking for a good gaming laptop. Not really wanting something too heavy but capable of playing some games on the go. Not necessarily on battery but for travel. I would like to go with a 15" model. These are the current contenders. I would like something that is well built too. All these have an...
  7. Etherton

    Flash Sale Brings OnePlus 6 Down to Just $399.99

    Saw this over on Pretty decent deal on a great phone. OnePlus 6 carries the price tag of $529, but we have seen regular deals bringing the price down to $499 and even a few codes for $469. However, this is the first time that we are seeing it being offered for just $399.99...
  8. Etherton

    Flickr: Let’s be candid.

    It was inevitable and with that said I will be looking for another service soon. Link: :: Free accounts will soon be limited to 1,000 photos or videos. Flickr isn’t Flickr without the contributions and participation of our free members, and we remain...
  9. Etherton

    No boot. Not enough power?

    My sons friend bought these components (I wasn't consulted) and once assembled it will power on but nothing will boot. Tried both display port and HDMI. Also tried the onboard HDMI. This PSU is rated at 500w and from the specs the GPU needs 400w and the CPU needs 65w. That leaves very little...
  10. Etherton

    Swappa is doing cameras now

    I've used them forever for smartphones and more recently tablets & laptops. Now they're selling (or you are allowed to list) camera gear.
  11. Etherton

    [Help] Windows 10, no audio - SPDIF

    A few days ago my computer lost audio. I have tried everything to get it back but I can not figure this one out. The audio is ran through an optical out on my motherboard. I have a pair of JBL monitors that have noise when connected via a mini jack (or whatever its called). Even my headphones...
  12. Etherton

    The Universim (Early Access)

    There was a very brief thread about this back in 2014 started by Modred189. Didn't want to necro that one. This just went Early access. Looks interesting and has 'mostly positive' reviews. Anyone playing this?
  13. Etherton

    Custom built my own desk...

    Some time back I went to Office Depot and bought one of those glass L-shaped desks. Initially it was OK but I ended up hating it. Shopping around I never really could find anything I liked that wasn't ridiculously expensive. Good Lord, office furniture gets crazy expensive if you do not want the...
  14. Etherton

    Steam games missing audio...

    Random Steam games seem to be missing audio. Checked everything - drivers, ect... Guns, Gore & Canolis - missing audio during game-play but cut scenes work Kerbal Space Program - completely missing audio Earthfall - completely missing audio I know there are several more games but I can't think...
  15. Etherton

    Mouse randomly quits scrolling...

    Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299 System in signature Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) Corsair M65 Pro RGB (mouse) Corsair K70 RGB RapidFire (keyboard) Certain websites like Flickr, FM and Facebook (I know, I know...) just randomly quit scrolling. I have to...
  16. Etherton

    Missing audio on main PC. Steam Streaming Speakers?

    Steam seems to have hijacked my audio on my main computer (signature). I unplugged some headphones and it disabled all my playback devices except XB321HK (Nvidia HD Audio) I went to playback devices and saw options for Speakers (Stream Streaming Speakers) and Speakers (Steam Streaming...
  17. Etherton

    AZ trip in May

    I am going to be out in AZ the third week of May and would like some advice for locations (or local food :D) We'll be flying in on a Friday and can do whatever we want until Monday (thru Thursday) then my wife has to be at a conference during the days. That means I can not really get out and...
  18. Etherton

    ONA Bolton Street (Photography) Backpack $99 @ B&H

    B&H has the ONA Bolton Street Backpack (Smoke or Field Tan) for $99. Regularly priced at $369. I don't need another backpack or I'd grab this one. They make some nice gear. Link:
  19. Etherton

    Irreversible | Frostpunk

    This game looks fantastic! Please be good! Anyone know a release date? Main site: Frostpunk
  20. Etherton

    Walmart STORES Sony PlayStation VR Headset V1 $134.99 +tax AC YMMW

    If anyone is interested saw this over on Walmart STORES Sony PlayStation VR Headset V1 $134.99 +tax AC YMMW $149.99 if you can find it in store (price advertised on-line) my zip has 6-7 @ this price Use HELLO15 for another 15 off...
  21. Etherton

    Iron Harvest 1920

    Anyone else looking forward to this one? Looks like it'll be a good game. Some sites said 2018 but one said 2019. Hoping sooner rather than later but I'd rather have a polished game.
  22. Etherton

    Titanfall 2 (PC Digital Download) $4.99 or Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PC Digital Download) $4.99 & More

    Saw this over on SlickDeals. TF2 is a great game! Skipped ME:C but for $5 it should be good. Amazon Titanfall 2 [] (PC Digital Download) $4.99 Mirror's Edge Catalyst [] (PC Digital Download) $4.99 Dragon Age: Inquisition [] (PC Digital Download) $4.99 Battlefield...
  23. Etherton

    RTS & City/Base Building games?

    Please recommend me some great RTS or city/base building games. An older one but one of my favorites was C&C: Generals/Zero Hour wish they'd update it - not counting the more recent sci-fi updates. Recently I've been playing They are Billions and X-Morph: Defense, which are a great games...
  24. Etherton


    Coming to the PC, XO and PS4. Looks good. I never played the original.
  25. Etherton

    In the Valley of Gods (2019)

    Looks amazing! From the developers who made Firewatch - not sure if that was any good, missed it. A little more info over on Engadget.
  26. Etherton

    Upgrading the XOne HDD

    My son has the original Xbox One 500gb and is running out of space on the HDD. I have a 1TB drive and am planning on swapping them out. Question is though, can I migrate the current games without having to re-download everything? I think the X360 allowed this but I don't think the XOne was...
  27. Etherton

    Stopping Windows 10 from updating?

    Device: Huawei Matebook E - Windows 10 Home, build 1607. OS Build 14393.0 Can it be done? I've used several different "guides" and all have ended in auto-updates. This has became ridiculous as I am reformatting the device once a week. Yep, once a week or so because I am stuck using IE and can...
  28. Etherton

    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL $15.30 (Save 69%) @scdkey

    Saw this over on for anyone looking. I've used their site for some games before with no issues. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL $15.30 (Save 69%) @scdkey Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL
  29. Etherton

    Windows 7 64bit hangs on reboot?

    Any idea what would cause a Dell e6430 to hang upon reboots. It makes it to the Dell logo and freezes. Hitting the power button shuts it down and then it starts normally every time. No other issues, well other than I can not seem to get all the drivers reinstalled. USB, ect... Windows 7 64bit
  30. Etherton

    [Help] SSO log in issues

    I don't know if this is the right board so apologies in advance if it's not. I've been using a company website for about 5 years now. It is set as my homepage in Internet Explorer (have to use it) and a few weeks ago when I go to log in it gives me the following error. My bookmark also stopped...
  31. Etherton

    WOL and an MSI Z170A (GAMING M9 ACK)

    I am trying to enable WOL (wake on lan) on this motherboard. I've went into device manager and followed these instructions. There doesn't seem to be anything WOL related in the BIOS though... Trying to set it up so I can access the computer via SplashTop on an iPad, after it goes to sleep...
  32. Etherton

    Flashing RGBW screen?

    Whenever my Acer Predator XB321HK gets ready to go into sleep mode it starts flashing red, green, blue, yellow and white. Just started yesterday and I can not figure out what's going on whit it. If I move the mouse it wakes up but won't go to sleep anymore. Any idea to what would cause it...
  33. Etherton

    Splashtop to connect to a Windows PC

    Anyone here using this app? How well does Splashtop work for connecting to your Windows 7 or 10 PC's? Specifically, I need to connect and browse a work related website via Internet Explorer. I know... IE, :vomit:. I need it to work though. Would be a solid Comcast connection on the PC side and...
  34. Etherton

    High-res monitors and scaling

    Anyway to fix the scaling issues on certain website? You can't easily tell from the screenshot but certain text - drop down boxes in particular - are tiny. Very difficult to read, especially on my laptop. Real time, it's a big difference. This is from a website called Siebel eChannel (DirecTV...
  35. Etherton

    Dell XPS13 - audio issues

    I am trying to use headphones, MDR-XB950BT, via a wired connection and when I plug them in I am getting a pop up asking me what I just plugged in. The problem, audio is coming from both the speakers and headphones. The headphones sound faint though. Ran the troubleshooter and blah, blah...
  36. Etherton

    Dedicated water-cooling case...

    If you were going to build a dedicated case for housing radiators, fans, pump(s) and reservoir(s) how would you go about it? I'd most likely toss a PSU in there too to keep the wiring clean. I have a Corsair Air 540 that is being unused - perfect for this project. Would more than one pump be...
  37. Etherton

    Dedicated water-cooling case...

    moved to water-cooling
  38. Etherton

    Custom back-plate for 1080Ti

    I ended up ordering a Watercool HEATKILLER IV for my Nvidia 1080Ti FE. Right now Watercool is having supply issues due to outsourcing the plating/finish work (per their rep over on OCnet). Decided to play around with the factory backplate that came with the 1080Ti and came up with the following...
  39. Etherton

    Water-cooling and Nvidia warranty

    I've asked in the thread but it keeps getting Also sat on chat for a little over 20 mins and ended up getting disconnected. Their warranty page does not specifically mention water-cooling. So, does water-cooling - removing the factory heat-sink - void an Nvidia branded 1080Ti FE or...
  40. Etherton

    Steep is Free to Play This Weekend

    Saw this over on WCCFTECH and didn't see a dedicated thread here. Played the hell out of some SSX back when on the Playstation. Could be fun - preloading now. Going to try out the open weekend. Yeah, yeah... Ubisoft sucks...