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    Beam Remote "ez remote" app

    Does anyone have the beam remote from this specific packaging? The normal Beam app breaks on later android and want to know if this product offers alternate app. I am assuming the original beam remote did note sell well and it was repacked / resold as this "as seen on tv" thing. I can not find...
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    Asus Maximus IV Extreme PCIe usage

    Asus Maximus IV Extreme PCIe usage Does anyone else have one of these who can tell me if it is possible to use non video cards in the red PCIe slots? This board is a whole mess of weirdness. I got it thinking I can load up all available slots with TV tuners.
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    Help with LOREX LNB4173

    I found one of these in the trash, looks like some one just cut off the cable so i am looking for a pinout and to figure out what is possible a missing board inside is. thanks ;) Photo pulled from ebay for ref, mine is terrible looking. I can post actual pics if enough interest
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    The Last Windows 7

    Anyone know where I can get a trustworthy universal ISO of windows 7 with all the updates up to MS's discontinuation. I would prefer to not have to go through the trouble building it myself.
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    Anyone in the know who can get sim unlock for a note 7?

    Anyone in the know who can get sim unlock for a note 7? yes I said note 7. this one did not receive any decommissioning and yes, the battery has been changed out for one less explody. ;)
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    Netgear WG302 and the "ctrl-C" at redboot.

    IS it possible for something in device to break and not acknowledge the ctrl c or break command? Having a huge issue getting into redboot to upgrade to better firmware.
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    Does anyone here own a Samsung Notebook Odyssey?

    ~~ Never mind, I was editing the files wrong ~~ Does anyone here own a Samsung Notebook Odyssey? I got a chronos from some one and the downloaded driver is missing the NVSM.INF (the samsung specific INF file) which is necessary for the software to detect video card. I dont know how to create...
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    A serious OS stuttering issue

    I have no idea where to post this; Windows 10, my entire OS completely stuttered with certain internet traffic websites streaming etc. video audio mouse and keyboard stutters. Latency mon points to dxkernl.sys and ndis.sys anyone else have it this bad? here is a short demo; losing my hair...
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    Help me power a thing! (a 3com wifi AP)

    these seem to litter the internet and now one has found its way into a box of crap that I received. Though it is POE, I really am not equipped to utilize that. SO I am wondering if anyone has one of these with the original PSU that plugs into the barrel connector so I can find out the actual...
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    The Scraplet.

    Some one on the FSOT forum was giving away some old ram and he had already offed it and offered me some alt ram for a little bit of cash. After finding out what it was for, he donated it to the cause..... in return for pictures.. :p here are some picture and a little bit of explanation. This...
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    Playstation 2 demo disc

    Do you have this demo disc? I need some files recovered off of it because mine is damaged where it counts. Please contact via PM. THANKS! Please, no speculating in comments below.
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    Help my choose the next title layout for some ones page

    I am in dispute with some one who thinks they're better at laying and designing web sites. Granted im no pro, I still want to see who's better to finally silence him about this subject. Just look at the images HERE and choose your favorite in the poll. Despite me making the graphics, the...
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    Reloading 3g Ipod

    I put a new HDD in my 3g ipod I go through the Itunes motions, it tells me to plug into wall, battery dies thats all she wrote.. Now I was able to squirt power into the battery but now all I get its the little plug in icon. Wont charge, wont play, nada... **I manually charged battery...
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    ""Stupid edits""

    I (and im sure plenty of other ppl) are having trouble with (unknown) admins editing my posts and topics. This is getting annoying. like changing "lo-ballin' " to "lo-allin" (context as low balling in 4sale area) I would have understand a bit better if it were changed to "low balling" which is...