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    House to Garage Fiber Worklog

    Here I am, searching the internet for other people who have run fiber between their house and garage, and it leads me to another guy from Saskatchewan. Looks mighty fine. I do have one question. Why single mode instead of multimode?
  2. J

    Audigy2 zs & Logitech z680 5.1 problems

    I'm also very interested about how to get from that digital output to a 5.1 decoder, and get all 6 channels, and not just 2.
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    Monitor Modding

    Let monitor sit off and unplugged for a few days... a few days later press the power button on and off just to make sure it's as discharged as you can get it... Remove back of Monitor... set aside... If you REALLY want.. take a screwdriver or preferably a resistor and discharge the...