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    VMWare build for small client

    RAID 5...............................................
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    Network pics thread

    My super simple home network. I just moved here so this is the start, but eventually I want to have a cabinet that's wall mounted with a small VMWare host.
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    VMWare build for small client

    Tell him how much it costs to do it right and lay out your reasoning. TBH if he's still not willing to up the budget, walk away. This can be done inexpensively and done right, but not on such a shoe string budget.
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    Network pics thread

    That's right! Actually, as of right now this server is being used as an application server running Equorum Plot Station. Basically what the software does is act as an intermediary between SolidWorks and the print driver to be able print SolidWorks prints very efficiently and automatically (a...
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    Network pics thread

    Racked this DL320e the other day which basically filled out one of my secondary racks (not located in server room): It's an HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 with a single quad core E3-1240V3, 24GB of RAM, Server 2012 R2, and a 240GB Samsung 840DC SSD. Pretty awesome little server for the money. This...
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    I think it is time to sell

    I sold off all of my GPUs but kept everything else (since I'd get pennies on the dollar), so if things pick back up this winter and new cards are out, I'm ready to start again.
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    I just turned off 3 rigs

    I sold off all of my rigs. That basically ended up being my profit after nearly breaking even on mining since February. I'll get back in if profits increase enough, but with my farm only making $8 a day it wasn't worth the time investment, and I had already had my fun.
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    ERP Software

    You really need a deep understanding of their usage of the software, the style in which they manufacture (job shop vs. batching is going to be completely different work flow), and requirements for interfacing with other software, etc. How do they keep track of labor? Is it built into the cost of...
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    Gateway 2000 SOLO 2300

    This thread... it makes my head hurt.
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    Is GPU completly dead?

    No power costs, so yes, the $10 a day is worth it. Rigs aren't paid for, so something is better than nothing. Scrypt and X11 here.
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    Linksys or ASUS router?

    Why not consider something like Meraki? If you're going to have to support these things all over the place, a single pane of glass to manage the configurations/assets would make life very easy. It, of course, comes at a cost. A Meraki Z1 would be a good option though I only have direct...
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    Cashing Out

    What exchanges do you guys use to cash out your BTC to USD? Coinbase? BTCe?
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    new X11 kernel / 25-30% increase in perf with no power increase

    Which X11 pools that payout in BTC are you guys using?
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    Nvidia GPUs are awesome on x11

    Is there any way to mine X11 in Windows with AMD graphics cards in a pool that pays out in BTC? Edit: Derp...
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    My switch from scrypt to X11

    How do I mine X11 with SGMiner? I assume there's a way?
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    Nvidia GPUs are awesome on x11

    Maybe this has been answered, but which pools are you guys mining in for X11? I'm looking for something with automatic BTC payout.
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    Cryptocurrency and taxes

    Yeah or sales tax for online purchases for business that don't collect it at the time of checkout.
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    HP Laptop for work

    Look at what just showed up today...
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    need business router recommendation

    Pretty nice. Just make sure you get a good price on it. I was able to get my XTM 515 with 3 years of advanced security for the same price as 1 year would have been. WatchGuard lets you demo for 30 days before committing so that might be a good option for you.
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    small business antivirus/malware

    I really like VIPRE. We use the Business Premium version (only $1 more per Agent than standard) and it's amazing because it patches all common products including Java and Adobe products. I think that alone keeps infection low. We have about 80 workstations and I haven't had to remove an...
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    HP Laptop for work

    820 G1 user here, which is really just a smaller version of the 840. I have deployed 6 840 G1s here as well. We also have ZBook 15s for engineers (only 3 right now as they were recently introduced), so hopefully I can offer some sage advice. As you know, the form factor difference between the...
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    need business router recommendation

    I agree on the reliability front, ours was rock solid. However, it was very light on features. This was a Balance 210, perhaps the newer ones have more features. We now have a WatchGuard XTM 515 which is been amazing, but way too big for this application.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Also interested in this. I have 6 rigs so I can mine a lot of stuff at any given time, but have a tough time wading through all of the garbage.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    So then, what do you think is the next big thing? I've been mining BC for a couple of weeks now, but that has been getting less "profitable" from a quantity standpoint.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    ^That's awesome
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    Blackcoin... Who else mines @ the multipool?

    Been mining it since last week, currently holding 550. I'm just going to hold it long term at this point.
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    [$Invested into Mining] / [$ Made from Mining]

    I have about $2,500 "invested", with 1.4BTC in holding, .6BTC spent on video cards, and 600 odd BC as well. I have no electricity expense to everything I do is "profit". I started in the middle of February, so pretty late.
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    Exchange alternatives

    Exchange Online :D
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    Sub $400 here we come!

    I welcome the people turning off their rigs.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    I'm using BTW, I thought that this was pretty funny:
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Moved 3.6MH/s over the BlackCoin just to see what happens.
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    Article presents insight into the IRS ruling & more concerning the future of Bitcoin

    Yeah, and I'm not really worried about any of it. No sleep will be lost.
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    Secondary PSU randomly shuts off

    Yeah... that's probably the reason my M12II works so well with 3 cards - 1 70a rail.
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    Secondary PSU randomly shuts off

    Just FWIW, I run 3 280x overclocked on a Seasonic M12II 850w with no problems at all. I use the paperclip method of powering up the PSU.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    No, the CX750 has 4 6 pin PCIe power connectors which satisfies the 2 280Xs it powers and the Seasonic has 6 6 pin PCIe power connectors which satisfies the 3 280x that it powers.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    Not a dusty environment so no issues with that. 1 Seasonic M12II that runs the 3 280x cards and 1 Corsair CX750 that runs 2 280x cards and the motherboard/CPU/SSD.
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    3/31 where's everybody mining?

    Do you guys mine Doge in a pool or by yourselves? If a pool, which one? Right now I'm mining with Waffle but considering switching to individual coins.
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    Post your mining rigs!

    I added a 5th 280x to this rig to bring overall hash power to 3.6MH/s. I had to swap out one of my CX750 PSUs in favor of a Seasonic M12II 850w which handles 3 cards and risers like a champ.