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    Silverlight 5, finally IE x64 really usable

    Now that Silverlight 5 is out, using IE 64-bit as your main browser is really possible. Add in 64-bit Flash and 64-bit Java and you can leave 32-bit browsing behind.
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    Digital Picture Frames

    Don't know if this is more properly housed here or in the gadgets forum. I'm looking into wireless network connectivity supporting digital picture frames. I found a few that seem likely candidates, but was looking for more first person suggestions as to which one's people around here had...
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    Interesting trick with Microsoft Vista Screensavers

    While searching around on the net for Vista easter eggs, I came across a neat little trick. If you launch any of the Microsoft supplied screen savers from a command prompt followed by the switch "/p65552", it will run as an application overlaying the desktop. The regular desktop icons and...
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    Seems like an interesting concept. Of course I have my own caching DNS at home and any 3rd party in the DNS chain makes me think twice... You can sure tell when the first articles about them were published from their stats. I've set them up as a forwarder to play with on one of my home DNS...
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    WD 80 Gig 8MB ATA100 - $29.99 w rebates ends 11/14 MicroCenter WD part number WD800JBRTL $89.99 - 2 $30 mail in rebates
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    NUMA, Windows XP SP2?

    I'm seeing a few reviews around the net that are saying NUMA support has been enabled in Windows XP SP2, and some of the benchmarks they are showing look like it has, but I haven't been able to find anything definitive at Microsoft's site. The closest I've found is that the enabling of the NX...
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    uxtheme.dll patcher for SP2 yet?

    Anyone found a patched version of uxtheme.dll to allow non-MS signed themes for XP that works with the final release of SP2? I've been poking around but haven't found anything for a build later than RC2 so far.