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    Wanted: Hundreds of Entrepreneurs to Start Businesses Delivering Amazon Packages

    Your drivers will have to use an Amazon leased and labeled van, your "employees" are going to have amazon labeled uniforms. They also are going to be supposedly helping with finance, fueling and insurance costs as well as business training. Do you honestly believe they arent going to tie you...
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    Wanted: Hundreds of Entrepreneurs to Start Businesses Delivering Amazon Packages

    If amazon thought they could save money over the usps or fedex by buying vehicles and paying the drivers themselves, they would have already done it. If you think about it, the real screwing comes in as you are essentially tied to the company, but not an employee and arent covered by any labor...
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    Convince me to keep the faith for a Ryzen cpu...

    If your mainly using your machine for gaming, i myself would probably go with the Intel i7 8700 and a midrange z370 board. The non k version should be a bit over $300 when it becomes available sometime in the next month or so. Going with the non K part you can get away with a much cheaper...
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    Gambler Hits $1.4M Jackpot, Casino Says Bingo Machine “Malfunctioned”

    All the casinos have the no payout due to malfunction clause, however in this case what bothers me is they didnt have to prove the machine actually malfunctioned. The feds simply shielded them from the lawsuit entirely. That pretty much tells me they are scamming the guy. We have a bunch of...
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    [H]OT DEAL: Acer Recertified Monitors Back In Stock (X34 Predator $730, XR341CK $600 and more)

    Just a quick long term update, I bought an x34 last summer (2016) from acer recertified. It had roughly 40 hours on when it arrived and it had/has some backlight bleed on the corners but for the price i paid im not complaining. Still going strong a year later, no issues or complaints on it.
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    How are you guys liking your X299 CPU's/systems?

    Does anyone know if theres some updated gaming benchmarks for the 7800x now that the early bios issues have been fixed to a degree. Almost all the early reviews I saw were pretty disappointing, showed it losing handily to the 7700k but most of those were done in the first week of release.
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    Ah well, I was hoping we would have a release date on the desktop parts but I was prepared to be disappointed. If i had to guess now, I would think October or November at the earliest to give retailers time to move out as much of the remaining kaby lake inventory as possible. Gives me a few...
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    Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    I sat in the boss and owned the classic (which is just a smaller version of the boss) for a few weeks, their office chairs use a stiffer foam than the racing chairs and I just couldnt get used to it. I am lucky enough to live close to their Michigan showroom so i was able to actually sit in...
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    Elon Musk's Plan to Power the US on Solar Energy

    Well as Chariman of Solarcity I expect nothing less from the guy, even if it is all snake oil. Of course he would love to be the one to sell you that 100 miles of panels, paid for most likely by you the taxpayer. My guess is Trump pulling out of the Paris accords has him worried here in the...
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    Classic Edition Super NES with 21 Games

    I can't see spending the money on it to be honest. I was hoping we would get a switch virtual console announcement over E3 but still nothing from Nintendo. As badly as everyone trashed the wii-u, it was great being able to play older snes and N64 titles on the tablet and have an entire store...
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    There has been a job transition but it hasn't been an entirely positive one, at least here in the states. When you start looking at all the big Midwestern cities/states/counties that used to manufacture stuff back in the day you notice that some of the biggest employers now are in the public...
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    Its interesting to read all the viewpoints on the left/right and socialist/capitalist sides of the aisle on this. I myself get why a business needs to keep costs under control, but the ongoing elimination of direct human interaction to me isnt a good thing in our society. The next 10 to 20...
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    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    I've never been a fan of the damn kiosks anywhere they install them. I like to interact with people not keypads. I figured this was going to happen though with the whole push for a $15 living wage making its way through the service industry.
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    Intel Core i9-7900X CPU Reviews

    I get it, the 7900x is the big flagship product so its getting most of the press, but why all the 7740x reviews and almost nothing on the 7800x and 7820x. I find it hard to believe people are more interested in a rebadged 7700k rather than the new 6 and 8 core parts. Those 2 are going to be...
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    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    I just dont see much value in this. I get people want to have a wireless vr setup but a solution involving game streaming seems to me to be the way to go rather than strap a whole pc on my back.
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    Skylake-X (Core i9) - Lineup, Specifications and Reviews!

    Has it been confirmed the NDA expires today?
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    Xbox Scorpio Design Leaked

    I'm not sure if they even care that much. It's a high end product meant more for bragging rights than sales. I think the real danger is if Sony goes with 199 PS4 slim and 299 PS4 pro price combo.
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    Xbox Scorpio Design Leaked

    My guess is they will keep the next gen Xbox on a Windows based platform and have some kind of backward compatibility. There's been a lot more talk lately on doing pc style upgrades to the consoles so that you can release these "upgraded" versions every few years rather than an entirely new...
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    Google Reveals When It'll Stop Supporting Pixel and Nexus Phones

    They aren't offering updates for a longer period. Thats been pretty much the standard for Google phones and tablets. It would be great if they offered longer term support, my comment was skewed more towards if they ever shortened that support window.
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    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Listed on Amazon

    Good to see another game in the Franchise coming out. I liked The New Order, but ive been wanting to try out the one from 2009 just called "Wolfenstein". Pulled from steam due to a rights issue i guess. I may try to find a copy for the 360 and give it a shot.
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    Google Reveals When It'll Stop Supporting Pixel and Nexus Phones

    This is pretty much standard for the google phones, 2 years on the os, 3 on security updates. If they ever changed it, there would be no reason to buy them over any other OEM. Still disappointed in the pricing model they went with on the pixel line up this time around.
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    HD 7870 or HD 6950

    If its being used as a gaming rig, is it possible your buddy might kick in a couple bucks for a card upgrade? Im not sure either of those cards would give a decent experience at 1080p unless you were playing older titles.
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    At long last, I'm back in the game.

    I generally find when i have the money to upgrade, I dont have the time to game....
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    What's your fallback card?

    I still have my old asus radeon 7850 sitting in a drawer. Debating putting it in a second rig or just selling it at this point. Served me pretty well right up until last year when i bought gtx 1080.
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    Microsoft Announces Its Own E3 Week Price Cut for Xbox One S

    Theres been better deals, they have had the 1tb consoles on sale for 239 via newegg/ebay usually once a month.
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    New 2.1 setup

    I have heard the Klipsch set and it was a little better i think than my logitech model. As far as the cheaper studio monitors go, i have not heard the m-audio models but my friend has the mackie cr4's which should be similar. They sound ok, but definately need a sub. When my logitechs blew...
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    Building a Gaming rig for a friend, I Has socket 1155 CPU

    If your not overclocking the stock cooler is fine.
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    Are you talking about the 4c/8t or the 6c/12t coffee lake part. I havent seen final clock speeds for coffee lake released yet.
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    Switch: The Re-Release Machine

    Give it some time, nintendo is kinda known for slow launches. I bought my wii-u a year after launch and at that point there was a few decent games for it, plus donkey kong and mario kart were being released around the same time if i remember. It seemed like they were catching some momentum...
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    New 2.1 setup

    Honestly no. But at that price point nothing is really built very well. I had the Logitech z623 and they lasted about 2 years before dying. They did get loud, just didn't sound very good. The klipsch is probably your best bet if you just want a cheap 2 in 1 setup for under 150 bucks. As has...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    I suspect it may be gimped more with a lower clockspeed so as not to make the 7800k look like a weaker part.
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    Or they are going to keep clock speeds on the lower end so that the HEDT 7800k doesnt look like a wasted part. Its going to be interesting to see what the final specs are going to be. Realistically, kaby lake-x and the 7800k should not exist alongside x370 skylake unless intel intentionally...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    If you figure that the cheaper x299 boards are still going to be roughly 75 dollars or more over a decent coffee lake board, plus another 100 bucks for 2 more sticks of ram and the higher cost of the skylake-x chip itself, the 7800k starts to look a lot less appealing.
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    I was set to go x299 but it looks like Intel really gimped the 7800k. Still waiting on reviews before I decide what to do. If coffee lake 6 core comes in faster than the 7800k and the platform is cheaper the only advantage i see for x299 is quad channel memory or if you actually need 8 plus...
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    Z270 Upgrade

    Congrats, Have fun putting that together. I've been itching to replace my old rig but I'm waiting for x299 reviews and prices. I'm probably not going to like motherboard pricing but maybe microcenter will run a decent promo on launch.
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    ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero Ryzen Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I get it that the board makers didnt get a lot of time to prepare for am4's launch but I expected asus to get their ROG board issues worked out by now, especially for what they are charging for it.
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    The Definitive AMD Ryzen 7 Real-World Gaming Guide @ [H]

    Great article guys, pretty much solidifies my stance on waiting for threadripper or intels skylake-x/coffee lake updates before I decide what to do. I've gotten 4 years plus out of each of my last two intel systems, I just dont have the confidence that this first generaion of Ryzen has the...
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    PlayStation 3 Production Officially Ends in Japan

    They didn't kill backward compatibility when PS2 production stopped. 2nd gen ps3 consoles had software PS2 compatibility built in. I had one of the 80gb models that had it. PS2 comparability ended with the slim units and ultimately with sonys plan to sell you PS2 games via their store rather...
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    Anybody have problems with Cherry MX switches?

    Not sure if that's the switches or the keyboard but my Corsair strafe just died. About a month ago it just started doing random keystrokes making it impossible to log in. Updating the firmware fixed that temporarily. Started doing it again a few days ago, after reflashing the firmware again I...