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    Post your workstation 2010!

    Happy new year from Sweden! Been waiting all year for this thread :D gogogogogogo
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    Help me find the perfect case!

    Antec p180 mini and just pull the door off. I really like the look of it, but I've never put my hands on one.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Beautiful case
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    bryce: That didn't really answer my question. What do you use all those computers for? And when do you use them all at the same time?
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Well, I'm both a geek and an owner of several computers. I asked the question because I have some computers in my garage that I don't know what to do with. What do you use more then one computer at a time for?
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    What do you use all those three computers for?
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    Replacement Panel

    Have you visited
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    Moving from the Silverstone Raven to RV02 (semi-review w/ lots of pics)

    How did you mount that SSD? Does it come with the case or where do you buy it?
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    That's a nice machine. Do you get high temps with all those HDDs blocking the airflow in the front?, or do you have like 10k RPM fans?
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    SirHarlock's PC-K7B Plus II Mod (WIP)

    I've got a LiLi PC-7 Scand and I've been looking for modding ideas for a long time, but hasn't found any that I want to use. Mainly its the harddrives I want to relocate to make them more quiet and let the graphics card and motherboard have more cold air. Subscribed.
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    Silverstone RV02 hands-on Review

    Great review! Sorry to say, but that case will never be able to compete with an aluminum case from Lian Li or Silverstone.
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    The hunt for a Lian Li PC-201a

    I've got the PC-101b and I don't like it. The board that goes through the whole case in the middle makes both the upper and the lower section too small for good airflow and I got crappy temps. The PC-X01 does the have the same measures as PC-x100 which I thought it would have.
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Enlitence.Systems: Do you use your Dell monitor to play PS2? That's just what I want to do.
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    CypriUm - The Ultimate Water Loop Case

    Maybe someone has asked already, but how are you going connect monitor and such things when you have fans in the way? And are you going to use some badass pump to do the pumping?
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    120mm and 92mm fan suggestions?

    Nexus all the way.
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    One of the baddest PC's I've Ever!

    That one has been posted here before iirc.
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    +10*C increase in CPU temps w/ case side panel on vs. off???

    When I used my LiLi PC101b, I installed a for intake air. It helped out a lot. IIRC the PC1010 has holes in the 5,25" bezels, so you can theoreticly mount a 120mm fan behind the 5,25" bezels for intake air.
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    shh... I can hear you Antec P182

    I can't sleep if there's a noise and I've got a Antec 1200 with 5xNexus 120mm and when I run them on 5v, they can't be heard from a meter away. Nexus is cheap and great.
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    Cooler Master RC690 Gallery

    waseem: I like the dual fans on the graphics card. Where does that fan come from? And have you considered to manage your cables a litte better? I think that would help out with temps a little.
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    Project: Devil's Dark Side

    Are you going to have the top mounted fans blowing air into the case? That will be a real dust eater. Looks great!
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    post pics of ur p180/p182/190s

    Nice build. Why isn't the lower HDD cage painted? Welcome btw.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    NukeULater: Really good looking. I wish I had an Lian-Li 2X10 case. ar09: I used my HX520W to power up my main computer (specs in my sig) and 8 hard drives in it. No problem at all.
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    what do you guys use for 'heat shrink' on cables ?

    I've always used a lighter, but it didn't work on the heat shrink that came with my Nexus 120 mm fans.
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    Need a full tower

    Full tower isn't about accepting E-ATX, if I've got it right. It's about the size inside the case. And the PC1010 just doesn't qualify as a full tower, atleast not in my eyes. There is also more space for HDDs in the Antec 1200 (if you use backplanes), and I bet that the Antec 1200 is a lot...
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    Need a full tower

    I own an Antec 1200 and it's great, but I would absolutely trade it for a Lian-Li PC2x10 with a window. Probably just because I'm not watercooling. If I did, I'd have better use for the 5,25" spots. jason_str: Lian-Li PC1010 isn't a full tower.
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    Looking at the HAF

    There are lots and lots of pictures in other threads. Try the search function or look in the Cooler Master show off thread. <- The Coolermaster Gallery. I think you will have to jump to the later pages to see HAFs.
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    A Different Kind of HDD Rack...

    Ghettomod FTW. Just pull out the 3,5" cage from some old case and make it look good and put it whereever you want it:)
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    eab16hatchie: Nice man! What do you use the left keyboard for? Looks really hi-tech :P
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    A quiet antec 902. Is it possible?

    Well. My Antec 1200 with Nexus fans on 5v is silent (only the HDDs that makes noise), so yeah, it should absolutely be possible.
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Damn your builds are wicked sick, but I must say that I did prefer the old 4+ disk thread beacause then there were more people being able to qualify.
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    Post Your Workstation 2009!

    Here is my Photosynth of my workstation/bedroom:
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    Ikea desk gallery

    I live in Europe and I bought BF2 when it was like a month old, and I got a cardboardbox with a BF2 headset and a BF2 CD.
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    Great 5 1/4 Drive Bay Device

    Nice, but man, that one is really old. There's already a thread about it on the forum. Nice anyway.
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    whats teh best way to clean finger prints off a lian li ?

    jstenuf, bigdogchris: Hehe, yeah I'm sure they are my friends and they did act immature, but being mature 24/7 isn't too fun, is it? :D
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    whats teh best way to clean finger prints off a lian li ?

    Hehe, they did it only because I told them to not touch my case, and when I stopped whining about finger prints they stopped touch it.
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    whats teh best way to clean finger prints off a lian li ?

    Well, when I got my first Lian Li case a few years ago, my friends smeard butter all over the case so it was really greasy, I just took some washing liquid on a piece of cloth and wipe it clean. Worked great.
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    [PROJECT] "The"

    Looks great man. Keep up the good work.
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    How to enable AHCI to use hotswap without reinstalling OS for Windows XP

    Well, I wrote this guide because I couldn't find a good one on google. I don't know in what subforum I should post this in, so please move it if it doesn't fit in here. How to enable AHCI to use hotswap on an Intel P45 motherboard with ICH10 southbridge under Windows XP 32/64 without...