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    Path of Exile (diablo competitor) expansion: "The Betrayal" where you hunt the "Immortal Syndicate"

    For those unfamiliar with Path of Exile it's an excellent ARPG game very similar to Diablo made by a small publisher Grinding Gear Games (GGG). Some would say it's the spiritual successor to Diablo 2. Ironically, the Diablo fiasco at Blizzcon 2018 revolved around the new game Diablo Immortal...
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    Samsung UN43KU7500 43" Curved 4K - $449 - BACK ONE DAY ONLY on 5/13

    UPDATE 5/12/17: Looks like it will be back for 1 day only on 5/13/17
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    @Fry's B&M - Samsung 4k 43" UN43KU6300 - $497 no tax!

    $597 with $100 off w/ special promo code when you sign up for their email alerts Email Campaign 08.19.16! I personally have this TV running as a monitor and it's amazing. Does 4:4:4 chroma and has pretty decent ~30ms response time.
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    Advice needed: Large format 4k screen size, 40" vs 48"

    Anyone here have experience with larger format 4k screens? I'm going back and forth between getting a 40" or a 48" curved Samsung. Both are within my price range so that is a non-issue. At home I have a 27" 1440p. At work I have 2x 24" monitors so I am trying to just imagine what it would be...
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    Question: Samsung UN40JU7500 Custom Resolution

    Can anyone who has a Samsung JU7500 or maybe any other Samsung 4k confirm whether this supports custom resolutions? Was thinking that instead of buying a 34" ultrawide I could get a 40" JU7500 and just do a custom resolution of 3440x1440. I heard on some 4k monitors, doing a custom resolution...
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    Who makes the best mouse software

    Right now I have a G9 which I'm pretty happy with but I think the new logitech software sucks. Can't remap scroll buttons, the scripting support is limited, and sometimes it just refuses to recognize what game I'm playing. Oh and sometimes I have to close and restart the process from task...
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    USB device that points to network location

    Right now my TV has a USB port where I can plug in a thumb drive to watch movies. Does anyone know of a USB device that I can plug into the TV that will trick the TV into thinking that it's looking at a USB drive but really it's a network device pointing to a network share. I know I'm...
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    What's a good oc'ing 775 mobo < $150

    I'm looking for the fastest overclocking socket 775 mobo I can get for < 150. Right now I'm looking at a Abit IP35-pro and I think that seems like the deal. I would have gone for an IP35-E but for $40 more I might as well get heatpipes, more sata, etc... Plus, I have owned 3 abit boards and all...
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    What pump to use with new conroe waterblock?

    I'm trying to figure out what pump I should use when I upgrade my waterblock. I'm looking at a the TDX, MP-05 Pro, or Swiftech Storm (anyone have opinions on these?). Right now I have a single CSP-750 which is running with a Dtek Spiral block for my socket A (yes, I totally skipped the...
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    AM2 with SLI or Crossfire?

    When I heard about the pricecuts I immediately planned to get an AM2 with dual Nvidia cards. But now that AMD bought ATI, I wonder if I should get a crossfire setup instead. To be honest, I hate my ATI card because of the slow-ass .net drivers. I feel like Nvidia's drivers are 100x...