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    Windows 7 beta on an USB stick?

    DeaconFrost: Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't considered an VM install before. Actually, I'm writing this post from an VM install via VirtualBox. Everything seems ok, so far... ;)
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    Windows 7 beta on an USB stick?

    I've downloaded both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7 beta. Nowadays I only have one rig and I don't plan to trash my rig just to test this OS. Does anyone know whether I can install and boot Windows 7 beta from a USB stick? Thanks.
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    this other relative computer computer performance Dhrystone 2.1 9895 11682 kDhryst. 84 percent Whetstone 2261 2522 MFLOPS 89 percent Eight queens problem 14601...
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    Help with my dual machine please!

    For a modern-day duallie, the PSU is probably the hardest thing to get just right. Nearly every name out there has EPS12V PSUs, but not necessarily what you really want. IMHO, (listing alphabetically) Antec, Enhance, PC Power & Cooling and Tagan are the PSUs that you should look at. Again, IMHO...
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    Theoretical System specs... with a few gaps.

    Echoing what others have said already, you really should take a look at Quadros. Keeping things along the nVidia theme, you'd do well to take a look at Iwill's DK8N which uses the nForce3 250 chip rather than just AMD's 8xxx set... nForce just has so much more up-to-date features that the...
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    If you are a hardware geek...get ready for this !!

    Well, the concept is interesting and the theories behind it appear interesting and possibly valid. However, as others have kindly pointed out, where's the 'hardware'. The day this can be done is going to be big, but until it is done, it's just hot air, I'm afraid. :(
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    Looking for a good Dual Xeon board

    From a complete unbias point of view, I'd say that the Iwill DH800 looks a pretty good board to work with... :p
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    Dual Optetron vs Athlon 64 3400 for gaming purposes

    Well, with the introduction of nForce3 Pro 250 (Iwill DK8N uses that), there is now a dual Opteron platform that can be compared on a level playing field as single CPU platforms (single Opteron, AthlonFX and Athlon64). Chances are, with NUMA and 2 CPUs, you'd get a slightly better performance in...
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    win2k server only see 1 Xeon CPU

    Hmmm... This is very strange. :( Ok, get yourself a copy of CPU-Z. Install it and load it up to see if you see the following in the drop down box: If you do, you don't have a problem. If you don't, you need to install the SMP(DP) HAL... ;)
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    win2k server only see 1 Xeon CPU

    First of all, AFAIK Windows 2000 Server (as in plain vanilla) only sees 2 CPUs, no matter physical or logical. So, you're not going to see the other 2 CPUs. Whether you're seeing 2 physical CPUs or 1 physical and one logical, I don't know, but that's all you'd see... I know for sure that...
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    New Supermicro Boards

    I built my first Xeon rig using the Supermicro X5DAL-G last year and I have only good things to say about the board. The new boards that supports the new 800MHz FSB Xeons look pretty solid to with PCIe and other nice features - worth a look! ;)
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    Here's an SMP friendly program that I really like.

    Hmmm... I also like Buzzsaw! :) Thanks for the link, mosin. ;)
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    HELP! Xeons won't POST!

    400W? No... For a PII duallie, you'd be looking at 300-350W tops, even with 3-4 HDDs and couple of optical drives. I ran a PIII 500 duallie with 3 HDDs and 2 optical drives with a generic 300W for years.
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    what are the benefits of a dual cpu rig

    Duallies vs. Singles... That's the eternal question for those who're curious but not yet converted... ;) To be completely honest, if it's speed that you're after, go with the fastest, baddest, most overclockable single CPU with the most flexible board and the fastest memory will get you most...
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    does dual cpu sys have to be the same cpu?

    Filter's answer is pretty accurate. Once upon a time, there were people found a way to run a Pentium II with a modded and overclocked Celeron (I think the mod was to make the Celeron SMP-enabled via the PCB and bump the FSB from 66MHz to 100MHz). Of course, that was a long time ago and the...
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    Quick Question

    Give it up man... Xeon 2.5GHz will get walked all over by even the slowest Opteron! All Xeon MP are 400MHz FSB parts and the fastest Xeon MP is only 3.0GHz. Given that Xeons with large caches (1MB) fast FSB (800MHz) will have to run at least 1GHz faster than the Opteron to get to the same level...
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    New rig, could a dually be good?

    Prices based on MSI K8T Master2 FAR (MS-9130) = $215 Opteron 244 1.8GHz x 2 = $601 Kingston ValueRam PC3200 DDR400 512MB ECC Reg (KVR400X72RC3A/512D) x 4 = $480 Gainward PowerPack! Ultra2100 GF6800 128MB Golded Sample = $311 Total = $1607!!! That leaves you with just...
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    Quick Question

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    Quick Question

    No only are 4-way boards are expensive, but they're very rare. Chance are that you'd see 4-way boards (for Xeons and Opterons) being part of a racked server, as the boards are designed to be that kind of application, and no sold as 'retail' parts.
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    Right Up The Middle

    I've to agree that the folks over at are probably the most dedicated people around the web. No only do they run the site in their spare time, but they genuinely care about what they do. They're enthusiastic and they, in their own way, gives the place an unique buzz, even without...
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    Good, Bad or Ugly...

    No sure if I'd agree with you on the Kingston RAM - I'm using a pair of HyperX 1GB PC3500 with my dual Xeon and they work just fine... Very aggressive timing and all. Absolutely no complaints. :) However, I've never seen them in action in a dual-Athlon rig, so I may be wrong.
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    K7D FSB Issues

    Lots of people have the K7D series of boards and found them to have issues with 133MHz FSB... :mad: That's myself included. :( I've a pair of 1900+ that are running at 1600+ speed (@ 114MHz FSB.
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    Well, I bit the bullet...

    That's more like it! :D
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    my dual xeon OCed

    I went with a pair of Swiftech MCX-604V-rev2 with my DH800... The pins fan out quite a bit and I had to take out and then bend some pins from the h/s that was closer to the AGP slot or the card won't go in! :eek: These are partnered with a pair of YS-Tech 2.9W ball bearing fans... The DH800...
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    has this ever happened to you?

    Just a quick question: What PSU are you using? Have you trying swapping it out?
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    Upcoming Dually MoBo Happenings?

    Yummy!! I'd think I better start planning a 2nd mortgage...
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    I Bit the Bullet 2.........

    Impressive!! :cool: And bl00dy expensive!!! :eek: I'm particularly impressed that you use the Tagan TG480... I'm using 2 of them and one in my main rig. :D And seeing how much components in your rig, I'm confident it will do a good job keeping the rig humming and stable.
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    my dual xeon OCed

    Nice rig! Iwill's DPI533 series are good performers and I've a couple myself. What I didn't realized was that the S-ATA part is equally good overclocker... Excellent! I always thought the S-ATA made the board less overclocking-friendly. Clearly my view was misinformed. ;) BTW, are those...
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    Well, I bit the bullet...

    That's a pile of sh!t! :p ;) No, seriously, that's one heck of a rig and it has all kinds of potential. I like it. I'd imagine you'd be very excited building it an a heck of a good time using it... Personally, I'd like to experiement with the Opteron also, but too chicken sh!t to bite the...
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    Dually AMD64 ??

    Well for SMPers like ourselves, there's always the hope that developers will see that SMT (or HT in Intel-speak) has created a 'critical mass' where multithreaded applications have a proper platform to perform... ;)
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    Ordered My New System

    That's a nice set of spec for a new rig. :)
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    Ineed some info on MooseModding etc

    Yeah, that thread over there is a little long... :( AFAIK, the PC-DL Deluxe can't get to 200MHz and it maxes out around 165-170MHz FSB... Modding or no modding. :( That's why so many people have jumped on the Iwill DH800 wagon. However, I have to warn you that you still need to so some...
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    huge heat problem

    It's all about airflow!! I don't care what HSF combo you've gotten, if you don't have good airflow to take the heat away from the case, you've gotten nothing! :)
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    Darn!! That's MY rig!!! :D
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    xeon overclock?

    In terms of overclock, the Asus PC-DL Delux is good up to 160MHz FSB range, but to get to 200MHz is highly unlikely. I don't know that for sure as I don't have the board. However, the Iwill DH800 actually supports 800MHz Xeons when they come out so you can quite possibly get the FSB up to and...
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    Connecting multiple computers to act like a SMP system?

    Likewise, here! I've a bunch of rigs that I hope I can use more efficiently and distribute the workload better... :)
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    Upgrading my dually (pics)

    Nice box!! :cool: Good work also - very neat! Thanks for the pics... It's kinda similar to my main rig before I upgraded to dual Xeons. :D
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    2x 2.4A or 1x 3.2E (P4 xeon vs. prescott)

    If you want to see a nice comparison between the Xeon and the P4 in equivalent speed, you really should check out this page over at's review of the Xeon 3.2GHz with 2MB L3. In the article, the Xeon 3.2/2M was put up against the Xeon 3.2/1M, the P4 3.2 Northwood and the Opteron 246. I...
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    PC Upgrade!!!

    Oh, it's a completely different class of board! :) The DH800 has a pair of PCI-X slots which the PC-DL doesn't and it supports 800MHz FSB Xeons, which the PC-DL can only dream of. While I only 64bit/66MHz PCI, it's nice to have the PCI-X. The 800MHz FSB is just such an excellent opportunity - Ok...
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    best render farm for $500

    That is actually a very well config'ed rig for $500! Good spec... I guess you need to blow another $50 on a modest HDD also. ;)