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    FCC Mistakes Angry Americans for Hacker DDoS Attack

    you have no idea how any of that works.
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    PayPal Hates on Hate and Haters that get Paid for Hate and Hating

    I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to get across here. Are you saying that paypal is cutting off everyone who promotes violence or only those on the "right"?
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    All of mine are made in Thailand. Disk 1 === START OF INFORMATION SECTION === Device Model: WDC WD80EFZX-68UW8N0 Firmware Version: 83.H0A83 User Capacity: 8,001,563,222,016 bytes [8.00 TB] Sector Sizes: 512 bytes logical, 4096 bytes physical Rotation Rate: 5400 rpm Form Factor...
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    nice. I'll give that a try.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    sure i can do that. I got half of them pulled out tonight. Not sure how anyone does this with out breaking the clips.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    if there are specific test you want run...let me know.. I got my 6 today and can use my hot swap bay. If not i'll probably build my zfs pull in about a week. I can compare them to my old drives. Toshiba 2tb and 3tb
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    Samsung KU series TV clearance - B&M YMMV

    brickseeker says the one near me should have 3 UN55KU6300. But they arent able to find them.
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    Samsung KU series TV clearance - B&M YMMV

    do we have a list of which ones are on clearance?
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    and just like that...2 of the 3 orders have shipped.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    For those that bought the first and/or second time around. How long did it take for them to ship?
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I'll be shucking mine. They should be reds.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    got mine finally. will be a nice upgrade for the zfs pool.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I can add it to cart, but not order it.
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    out of stock again
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

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    Senate Votes to Kill FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules

    But both sides are the same right?
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    Humble Bundle Freedom

    I guess I'll wait to see if it comes back in stock. that was driving it for me. Should have gotten it the first day like I planed.
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    15% Of U.S. Broadband Households Have Antenna-Only TV Service

    Alot of times its not cheaper once they add in all the fees for TV service. I've been OTA + streaming/plex for a few years now. Would never go back.
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    GPU for 3-way 1440p

    That was not my experience when running surround. The side monitors went black when I went to full screen. I could only see the desktop if I ran the game in windowed mode.
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    GPU for 3-way 1440p

    your right...I focused to much on "normal".
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    GPU for 3-way 1440p

    Why is everyone assuming he is going to be gaming in surround? There is nothing stopping him from using 3 monitors for work and then only gaming on the center one. at which point a single 1070 or 1080 would be fine.
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    States Sue To Block White House Plan For Internet Transition

    Do any of you people know how the internet works?
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    Torrent Site Founder, Moderator and Users Receive Prison Sentences

    I dont understand people in this thread. Its ok to send the owner and mods of a site that hosted no copyrighted material to jail for 10 months? Copyright infringement is not theft.
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    [HOT] LG 34UC98 - $899.99 @ Costco (MSRP $1,199.99)

    worth the extra 130 for the 34UC98-W vs the 34UC88-B?
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    [HOT] LG 34UC98 - $899.99 @ Costco (MSRP $1,199.99)

    I would guess its the same panel.
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    [HOT] LG 34UC98 - $899.99 @ Costco (MSRP $1,199.99)

    Amazon has it for the same price with thunderbolt and 130 bucks less with out. both free shipping.
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    Random [H] Sighting In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Has this happened before?
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    Charles Schwab Goes with Chromebooks

    Are we sure thats the fault of the chromebook and not the fault of a webpage not supporting standards?
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Sounds good. I"ll add you guys in game. I'm under El__Nacho. I'm just now starting to fill out my gear. Sitting at 200 GS with my weapons only being 182
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Are you guys doing any [H] groups? I pug as much as possible but would like to find regular people to play with.
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    AMD Radeon R9 380X CrossFire Video Card Review @ [H]

    Does the division actually support SLI now? There where many reports (and my experience was similar) at launch that it did not.
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    WARM: MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G LE - $539 (AR) + Division

    in for one. Hopefully I can sell my 670's for a decent price.
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    What Sucks About HardOCP Video Card Reviews

    At the end of the day, I think you have to include FPS data for both apples to apples and the settings you feel are best. I know this isnt possible right now with dx12, but someone needs to find a way or I'm not sure I"ll read the reviews. I would like to see you test more ranges of cards. I...
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    Redbox Attempting To Launch Another Streaming Service

    I'm not sure you can call them a dinosaur. They haven't been around that long.
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    Uber Says Airport Ride-Share Plan Won’t Fly

    how does the airport even know if someone using uber gets a car?
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    GIGABYTE GTX 970 WINDFORCE 3X OC EDITION + The Division $289.99 AR Newegg

    Is there a coupon? I'm seeing 329 AR
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    Steam Winter Sale: Recap By Valve

    The old format made me buy more. I've added alot to my wish list, but bought very little.
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    Coming in 2018....Psychonauts 2!

    I played it just fine with a 360 controller. steam version.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved

    the videos are out there. No matter how secure you make it, they can destroy it in less than 10 minutes. I like the idea, the balance just needs to be made. I also want to know why I'm dead when I log back in. Player? Dino? bug?