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    Mionix website???

    Are they ok?
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    Kaby Lakes available tomorrow or Thurs.?

    Wasn't sure if they were announced today then available tomorrow or just on Thurs. Help a brother out.
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    Logitch G410 @ Staples for $79

    Picked it up yesterday here in Charlotte. Check here: Logitech Gaming G410 ATLAS SPECTRUM USB Mechanical Keyboard
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    Steelseries Rival 700 release date?

    I think I want this. Anyone seen a release date? Newegg has had it on there site for about 3 weeks, but just keeps saying COMING SOON. Rival 700 | SteelSeries
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    Transparent and mirrored Samsung TVs

    Samsung Transparent & Mirror Displays Revealed
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    Just ordered the MAD CATZ R.A.T. Pro S. Hope it's worth a crap.:)
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    Fury X will be AMD's new top tier card?

    I just read that at Tweaktown here:
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    Nvidia drivers 349.65

    I've got these on my system, but cannot locate them on Nvidia's site. I'm assuming others have it as well?
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    Can not get Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-5 to OC

    I have an i7 4970k and the Gigabyte board. It seems the main options to do the overclocking are locked. I've tried all different types of configs to see if they'll unlock. Does anyone have this board or an idea of what the hell I'm doing wrong? And yes I have done overclocking before. I'm not an...
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    Where is the Corsair m65 RGB black edition?

    No store seems to have it. Best Buy did a one point so did Newegg, but now just no where. :eek:
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview is available
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    Roccat Tyon Review

    In French though.
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    Anyone use this site? I think it's legit. It seems to take you to the actual companies domain, but trying to double check it. They have some good prices.
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    NIS 2015 beta

    Anyone running it yet? I like it so far. Does not seem to slow system down. I usually run Webroot, but thought I'd try the beta. I know there are those who still HATE Norton, but I think it's actually a pretty good security program. The whole package if you will.
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    Samsung 850 Pro
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    4790K up for pre-order at NE
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    EVGA Torq X10 mouse up for pre-order

    Sorry if this has been posted:
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    Max fan running after driver install.....

    I've seen a few others on Nvidia's forum with this issue. I installed a fresh copy of W8.1 and then installed the latest drivers from Nvidia and after my PC came out of sleep the fans on my MSI GTX780 are running a max. Only way to fix is to fully uninstall the drivers which works some times or...
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    290 vs. 780 in Trine 2

    290 looked horrible. The 780 I just got looks incredible. It's almost like a new game to me again. :D
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    4 different R9 290's with issues

    1~ MSI Reference when it was still $399. Fan made weird rattling noise that just got worse. 2~ Gigabyte non-reference started screen tearing and rebooting PC 3~ Sapphire non-reference fans made strange whirring sound when they ran at higher RPMs 4~ Asus non-reference makes coil whining noise...
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    EVGA Torq 10

    Sorry if this has been already posted. I want one!!
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    Rattle noise from 290....

    I sometimes here a rattling noise coming from my MSI 290. At least I think that's where it's coming from. It's not constant, but I can hear it every now and then. Any ideas?
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    After market fans for 290x/290

    Sorry meant fan/heatsink in title. I've seen the Gelid and the Arctic I believe. Besides getting waterblocks and such are there any other heatsink/fan options out there?
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    I wonder what V803 means?

    MSI R9 290 4GD5 (V803) is the one I got from NE. I wonder what the V803 means?:confused: After some research it could possibly be part of the model number, but not sure.
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    Afterburner and 290's core voltage

    Just got my 290 and AB does not allow changes to the core voltage. I even modified the .cfg file to no avail. Any ideas? Just found my answer. Doesn't support it yet.
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    $400 for 290...say what!!!!
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    AMD Radeon R9 280X core voltage??

    Anyone know what this should be? Asus Tweak shows 1200 default, but Afterburner shows 1140.
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    They're here.....
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    Launch of 290x and 290's delayed?

    From Quote: According to the information we received from manufacturer AMD has postponed the launch of the Radeon R9 290X. It’s not October 15th Long story short it is not October 15th and the final date has not been disclosed yet. Of course I’m talking about the embargo on...
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    Here we go.....280x starting to show
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    Acer B6 B296CLbmiidprz - 29" for $429

    Any reviews on this? I couldn't find any.
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    Newegg has all the R9's listed now....

    but 'Coming Soon'.
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    Are the R9's 3.0 PCIe?

    I always thought the HD 7970 was, but according to AMD's info it's 2.1. WTF. Why did I think that?
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    Anyone seen a R9 280x for sale yet?

    Is there a timed release for these?
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    R9 290 release?

    Anyone seen the date yet. Is it along with the R290x?
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    Got the Logitech G602

    I like it overall. Feels nice in your hand. The DPI buttons on mine were not on it very well. The back one especially was flimsy as hell. Going to have to RMA it I guess. Maybe a second try will work out.:confused:
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    Korean 27" monitors at NE

    Not sure if this has made it here yet. Sorry if it has. Newegg takes care of returns.
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    Got the Corsair AX760....question on split 28 pin

    Ok, this thing has the standard 20/24 pin on one end and then a 18/10 on the other. I'm assuming the 24pin goes to the MB and 18 goes to the PSU. There isn't a place for the 10 pin that I can see. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Corsair instructions on this are non-existent.
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    Micro ATX and watercooling

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    Best add on controller for newest SSD's

    I've got 2 Samsung 840 Pro's 128 gb in RAID0 on my MSI board. I have a Samsung 840 Pro 256 on the secondary SATA III controller (Asmedia). The Asmedia only benches the thing to around 340 seq. Is there any add on SATA III cards that would do better?